Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Sock update

So the sock that I am knitting is coming along great. However my one worry is that it is a bit too small... because there were two sizes.... regular and large... and the large was for 'curvy-er' feet it said. So I thought instantly ok cankles! I don't have cankles~.... I have small ankles etc. So then I am knitting it and I didn't consider that I have angle-ier feet, I have a high arch in my foot.... so when I finish this, I will find out how it is. If not, I have learned tons in knitting this sock, I doubt I will un ravel it. This is a perfect test sock... heck I can even felt it (since it is wool) and make it a cat toy for my cats to attack or something. :D

My mother wants me to knit her a pair of socks for her to wear around the house, because her feet and my feet are always cold. But then when I think about that, even my Aunt Jennie's feet are cold, I can knit her a pair of socks like that too for her to sleep in with.

:D I <3 knitting socks, and I cannot wait to pick up the Liza Souza yarn in the Lime and Violet color way and the Violets Pink ribbon.

I am totally going to get it in the four ply fingering weight, I think it is Sock Merenio. I am so excited.

I also need to finish my clapotie for my Farmor.... which is ok, it is good car knitting... but so is my sock~ ;p lol Such a conflict~.

I need to finish my college swap partner's stuff. I am going to knit her legwarmers (she said she wanted those)... I am just trying to figure out what type of yarn to use for it... Wool for the elasticity.... or Wool-ease/mix so it can be washable, but would it lose all its elasticity?! I don't know, I need to look into it. I could possibly do some round swatches because I have some left over yarn in both of those type of yarns.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Iam in total Sock Knitting Heaven! :o I can totaly see why people love knitting these things! I cannot wait to finish my first pair! :D

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Wow this is lame. I cannot sleep. :L This is what happens when I go to sleep early, like 7pm. But Iam too tired to do anything like read or knit.

Friday, February 1, 2008

So far so good.

So, I am in a knitting college swap thing on ravelry... and my partner is a Junior at Texas Tech. She is cool.

So when it comes to knit something, I am not sure what to knit for her. She likes cables, lace, and light ocean type blue. Which is fine, I can do both. I am a very good knitter, I just do not get a chance to show it off as much.

I did decide that Iam going to knit a light blue dishcloth.... and embroider in ravelry on it. :D Just for the cute factor. I made one dishcloth and it is nice but there were 1 or 2 mistakes so I am keeping it (and it was black) for myself and maker her a better one. It was my test dishcloth and I finished it in one night! :D Instant gratification~~~

Then I found the Molly Headband pattern from interweave knits online... and I made one and finished it yesterday. (took about a day total I started late at night) Where it is super cute, but I made one noticeable mistake and the last part of the lace I messed up, where it is not to the chart lace but you wouldn't notice the difference. So I am going to keep the lace headband for myself.... and make her another one. :D

So two items, where I have extra yarn.... and they are about a day project each... which is great. I seriously need the instant gratification projects right now. My Roam sweater has been sleeping next to my desk for months now (due to holiday knitting). I am also working on my grandmother's claptois which of course is a forever time consuming project.

I need to go take a shower and get ready for work. I go in at 9:30 and am leaving early.

I do get a cup of coffee this morning though! :D

Also it is my friends birthday dinner today (it is a surprise shhhhhhhhh ;D) I rarely see him, and granted there will be several people there tonight, I won't be demanding his attention, but I want to let him know that he has friends that care~ ^^* He needs change and that is always the topic we talk about, even if we chit chat for a few minutes. He really isn't getting any that are beneficial to him (but nothing terrible either btw).... but I hope he gets some changes he needs and wants this year. He is a great guy~~~ and totally deserves it.

I really do not want to go to work today... for eight hours.. I could probably finish those two projects if I sat down for those eight hours and did nothing but knitting! :( boo.