Saturday, September 4, 2010


I have imported and moved this blog onto wordpress.

I wasn't a fan of blogger to begin with... and wordpress seems rather nice. To post things via my phone and on the web as well.

Here is the link for my 'new' blog. I already did a new post too!

Hope to see you there! :D

Monday, April 12, 2010


CIMG0048.jpg, originally uploaded by hsailormoon.

Yep... I have been swamped with school and work... and school... and yep work again.

I've said yep twice, in a poorly constructed sentence. wow.

Anyways, I am procrastinating here verses writing my credential writing sample about "the applicants interest in teaching children with the diversity of languages and cultures represented in California schools".

So... 500-600 words, never seemed so easy and yet so ... ... can't think of the word...

Why couldn't I just write about my personal pedagogy... but if anything, I probably can work that into my 'interest'... oi... I need to think.

Ok Heather... time to be smart... I can do that~... yep. ;p
- - -

The scarf is what I made for Jimmy when he went to his trip to Japan, for his class, he used it~ I had never been more happy to see a nice pilled scarf in my life~ :D

Knit Picks, Swish DK, Marbled Heather and Storm colorways, US 8, 320 stitches repeated 10 rows of garter stitch, alternating between the colors, knit length wise. Came out great~ (also yes I am aware of the 'mistake, I mean design feature' I view it as a cute intentional little heart shape I left for him. ;D

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Stuffed Condor

Stuffed Condor, originally uploaded by hsailormoon.

Finally, this semester seems to have settled in. I have had my first 'accomplished' day since classes have started.

This semester is going to be a TON of reading... more then I have had before.... seriously. These classes depend on our reading the material from the textbooks etc. There is no way around it. Which is good... but man... seriously time intensive. ( I am starting to wonder when I would have time for WoW, I may suspend my account again. *sad face*)

Work is also taking time... 15 hours a week about. I am kind of in limbo with work. I am hired, ready to go to OCC but... the STEM Center there is not completed... which is the place I would be working. So I cannot go to the campus and do my job... until that center is completed. I have been keeping busy on campus, in the office creating Advising documents that I can use later on.

- - -
Lots of knitting is getting done tough! It is the only thing I can just bust out and relax for a while between classes or during some lectures.

I am knitting my very own Winding Rivers Cowl:

Plus, I am part of a Dishcloth KAL, for KrisKnits:
(I am waiting for the rest of January's directions... I already figured out what it is! :D)

I then have an order placed with for Jimmy's Japan Scarf. I am using the Cerus Scarf pattern:

Jimmy picked out the yarn, we are using Swish dk in Storm and Marble Heather colors. :D I am knitting this for the Ravelymics. I have joined Team Knitmore:

I also finished the IHeart Toe up Socks, for the Wendy Knits KAL too.
They came out ok, only downside is that there was a knot in the 100 gram ball, and the dyelot completely changed. So I am going to spend an afternoon doing some dying (Koolaid probably) to help it kind of match the rest of the sock and the first one.

I am going to be doing the Heats and Flower Sock for this month too!
I am going to use the other 100 gram ball of Knit Picks Essential Kettle Dyed yarn, in the Ivy colorway. For my mother! :D I bought that yarn to knit her a pair of socks. :D I hope she likes it and doesn't mind the lace work.

I will also do February's KrisKnit's Cloth KAL... whenever she finishes posting the Jan. Cloth and starts the Feb. Pattern.
- - -

Today is going ok thus far. I got 9 out of 10 correct on my History/Econ course... where I was frantically studying for this morning. I will not slack again~ it is too much material.

I also have appointment at the Student Health Center to see about another type of medication (beyond the antibiotics they gave me a week ago) that I can take for my chest congestion. They were talking about an inhaler medication, and every 'nurse' type relative I have, suggested the same thing. So step 2 of meds for me please.

Umm, I picked up my work 'Student Outreach Advisor' polo shirt today ... it looks good~ and l like the red! ;D

Oh! I have something exciting to mention! I PASSED my LAST 2 CSETS!!!! :D I got the online scores yesterday~~ So that means I am DONE with all my STATE TESTING~~~ for the Teaching Credential program~~~~ THANK GOODNESS~ xD I am so excited about that. Now I can look forward into getting the rest of the application requirements met for Credential program. My To-Do list keeps getting bigger and bigger. However, since I have taken all of the pre-reqs, a lot of the list is already checked off. I.e I have taken my TB test, the Fingerprint scan/background check... etc. I am getting there~ :D

I also added my last NEEDED class~ this morning. History of Chicano Art... for me to graduate. I sadly made a mistake in my schedule and did not have one last upper division history course.... otherwise I would not have graduated!!!! ><; I cannot believe I missed that and made that mistake. Fml. But I figured it out and fixed it... and this teacher is kind of a trip in her passion for the subject... but she is good... no joke. I am going to like this course. It may kick my butt, as will the rest of my classes... but I will take it... haha.
- - -

Umm... Oh I should probably mention the bird in the glass case. It is a stuffed condor that is on display in our Library, from OCC. OCC works in a condor preservation group ( I remember when it started I knew a girl that was working on it) and this is one of the birds they released into the wild... and sadly died. :( It drank anti-freeze, so it was poisoned. Poor thing. But... LOOK AT THE SIZE OF IT! I took the photo intentionally took the photo with the person next to the bird, just to compare the size~ Crazy. This condor was only 1 year old! O.o; I didn't know birds got this big! This is far different in comparison to my turtle neck doves and thinking pigeons were big birds. lol
- - -

I should end this and get to writing some emails. I need to get some paperwork filled out for my field experience work for the application requirements. :) I love feeling productive... its depressing otherwise.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

11 Textbooks Later

11 Textbooks Later, originally uploaded by hsailormoon.

11 Textbooks later... And I am $443 poorer. Thank goodness for the wonder that is Financial Aid.

I am actually missing one of the textbooks, from the pile... It is on order, so I paid for a copy and will pick it up when it comes in.

These books are for only 3... THREE Classes!!!! Ugh. Dude, I could have bought so much yarn with this 400 dollars. *tear*

However, all the books are reasonably priced. They are mostly reading books, so ranging from 20 to 30 dollars. The true killers are the Spanish 1 book and work book, almost being half of my puchase, $ wise.

It is what it is... I am not complaining. Who knows, I may be able to do a lot of reading and knitting at the same time this semester! ;D

In the background, is the view I have of our massive rain storm. We had a little bit of lighting and quite a far share of thunder. Today is suppose to be the worst of it.

Us, So Cal folks, are not used to this rain weather. ;p Apparently some people cannot remember to put their car lights on while driving in the rain. Other then that tho, it is not too bad where I am at. We haven't had any tornado warnings like Orange County has... Apparently Long Beach had a few twisters too.

Just a lot of wet... Which is nice to have, because I actually get to see my cats in doors for once... Granted they are sleeping most of the time. But I am a crazy cat lady, so their company is welcomed.

 I just cannot wait to get home, start my antibiotics and do some reading and knitting. I am thinking, with this much reading for the semester... I may have to cancel my WoW acount for a bit... Because I am not sure if I will get much time to play. (As for the anti biotics, I went to the health center yesterday. So I am on antibiotics in hopes of getting rid of my neverending sinus infection)

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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Another year


I am still alive... meaning that survived last semester. Which was a challenge, Finals this last semester were the toughest I have encountered. The entire week went by like a blur, I only knew the days passed, by having lunch every day be Ramen (chicken flavor) lol.

This semester seems to be fun, like I always say at the start of every semester. I do think this is the first semester, at CSUCI, where I am not taking any Edu course. I finished them all. I am taking two History/Business courses... and oh my goodness, I have not had this many guys in my classes before. I am used to having like at the most 4-5 boys in a class, here for my History of Business and Economy of North America and there are 23 boys and only 13 of us girls!!! O.o; So this is the major that all the men are in... lol I knew they existed on campus. ;) I wonder what the ration of my History of Modern Japan will be like. I am also taking one class, with my favorite boy~ Jimmy. We finally have a class together (after close to 5 years of dating and going to college together!), we are taking Spanish 1... so romantic. ;D lol I am excited for that class, it will be fun to touch up my Spanish and be goofy in it again... I took 3 years of Spanish, I think this will be fine. My last course is a Library study course, where from what I gather from the syllabus, we will take trips to various libraries, Ronald Regan Library, CSUN Library, etc (even my old high school was on the list, but that got changed to an elementary school one due to various reasons, my high school was state of the art when it was built in 2001, still is nice).

- - -
I've been knitting a ton lately... I finished my Aunt Jennie's socks for her by Christmas, she LOVED them~ she was stoked that her feet were not cold at all when she wore them on Christmas. Mission Accomplished. I also made a cowl for her, if she likes it, in a light blue, from Rowan Damask, it is the Winding River Cowl from the last Interweave. I want to make one for myself, when I get to make a trip over to Micheals and try the Lion Brand Superwash dk yarn.

I also made scarves for Jimmy's Grandparents.
A Palindrome scarf for the Grandfather (which apparently is my specialty knit scarf for gifts lol) out of KnitPicks HW City Tweed.
I knit the Grandmother a scarf in the Seagrass pattern that I bought off of Twist Collective Fall 09.

I do not have the best photos of them up, because I knit them as quickly as I could and blocked them asap and then packaged them and sent them off to Virgina before they all came home. I had hoped that they would be used while they were over there, in this crazy thing called snow, and they were. :)

I think I did some other knitting. I started some Regia socks, which are both finished with the leg and I need to start the heel flap next.

I had finished a few other projects, since I last posted... but that has been awhile. These are the note worthy ones that I can think of at the moment.

I am happy to share that I am knitting these!
The IHeart Toe-up socks from Wndy Johnson, from her book Socks From the Toe Up... no confusion here I think... they are Toe-up socks. My second pair (ignoring my test knit for South West Trading Company, for their second book, that is coming out this summer. More info on that later, as the publish date comes closer, I have photos lol).

I found a KAL on Ravelry, talking about knitting these socks this month... and I loveeeddd this pattern when I bought the book. So I thought kill two birds with one stone, in try to enter the KAL, and get an awesome pair of socks out the deal. I am knitting them out of KnitPicks Essential (now Stroll) 100gram yarn in Burgundy. I already finished 1 sock today! :D So 4 days = 1 sock sounds good to me. I am just started the toe tonight, for the second sock. I cannot wait to wear them, they are super cute and red and has <3's>
- - -

I also got a new toy yesterday...
An HP dv4-2145dx Laptop in Moonlight White!! I don't have a photo of it to post... but if you go to best buy's site and search that model, it has some awesome photos of it! I would post the link, but apparently every time I try to do that, it never works... so I guess they do something to it so whatever. It is SOOOOO pretty! I absolutely adore the white top and keyboard of this laptop, I wasn't looking for a pretty laptop, but this one turned out to be a brand new (just came out last week) model and looks amazing! xD It also plays WoW better then my desktop... no surprise there. 4 gigs of Ram (expandable to 8, so maybe later) with a Great ATI HD Mobile 4200 Graphics card. So I got top of the line... and pretty~ xD I love it.

I am also happy that I have a laptop again... the reason for this new laptop was because my old one kept having issues of the screen not working or the computer booting up. So after the 4th visit it took to GeekSquad, they determined my laptop was a lemon... which is under the insurance plan I bought, which meant that I was able to take the value of my original laptop and use it towards a 'comparable' technology. So I got this pretty pretty laptop, and did not have to pay a difference, it was actually $30 cheaper, after taxes. Where I of course bought the 3 year accidental warranty for this new laptop again! Psh~ Otherwise I would have been screwed so badly when the 1st problem occurred on my laptop years ago. <3>

This laptop will also be helpful in my new job... oh I haven't posted about that... well that will be for another post... it is 9pm... and I should be getting to bed soon. I have school tomorrow~ I also want to get back to finishing that toe on my sock! ;D