Wednesday, January 20, 2010

11 Textbooks Later

11 Textbooks Later, originally uploaded by hsailormoon.

11 Textbooks later... And I am $443 poorer. Thank goodness for the wonder that is Financial Aid.

I am actually missing one of the textbooks, from the pile... It is on order, so I paid for a copy and will pick it up when it comes in.

These books are for only 3... THREE Classes!!!! Ugh. Dude, I could have bought so much yarn with this 400 dollars. *tear*

However, all the books are reasonably priced. They are mostly reading books, so ranging from 20 to 30 dollars. The true killers are the Spanish 1 book and work book, almost being half of my puchase, $ wise.

It is what it is... I am not complaining. Who knows, I may be able to do a lot of reading and knitting at the same time this semester! ;D

In the background, is the view I have of our massive rain storm. We had a little bit of lighting and quite a far share of thunder. Today is suppose to be the worst of it.

Us, So Cal folks, are not used to this rain weather. ;p Apparently some people cannot remember to put their car lights on while driving in the rain. Other then that tho, it is not too bad where I am at. We haven't had any tornado warnings like Orange County has... Apparently Long Beach had a few twisters too.

Just a lot of wet... Which is nice to have, because I actually get to see my cats in doors for once... Granted they are sleeping most of the time. But I am a crazy cat lady, so their company is welcomed.

 I just cannot wait to get home, start my antibiotics and do some reading and knitting. I am thinking, with this much reading for the semester... I may have to cancel my WoW acount for a bit... Because I am not sure if I will get much time to play. (As for the anti biotics, I went to the health center yesterday. So I am on antibiotics in hopes of getting rid of my neverending sinus infection)

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