Tuesday, October 28, 2008


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Plus Hungry!

So I just had 1 class today. My English class and my group went last. No biggy. However all the other presentations TOOK FOREVER not in a bad way, they actually had outstanding activities and some were a lot of fun. Also in comparison to our presentation, hah! there was no comparison. These presentations had tons of hand outs, directions, relation to their text, some made board games, using different languages, scavenger hunts, etc. They were impressive. Our's was rather simple... and when comparing, kinda dull to theirs.

However, with all the other presentations taking forever, we only had 20 minutes (the allowed time *ahem*) to do our presentation, before the class was over. So even though we were limited to time exactly, we knew from the beginning we were not going to go over it. So we do our 'activities' to convey our points and are done.

Except one group, bailens group *grumble grumble* somehow did not understand the directions, and had to 'make it known' on their turn that the directions were not 'clear' *my ass* and yet still did the required response correctly. Yeah. Rip our group a new one... even without comment cards. Nice. Yet everyone understood it clearly. Right. Whatever. The other presentations blew theirs out of the water anyways. Their presentation only made sense to me because Heather (the other Heather lol) gave lots of examples that it clicked. Otherwise I was lost. What-ev. lol

Moving on. I am exhausted (mentally) with all these presentations being so 'active'. That I do not want to even bother with homework. Yet I know I have my Psy homework due tomorrow. Stupid crap, in moving everything around. ugh.

Also I am hungry. But we are going to the Volante thing... and there is hope (hopefully ><:) that there will be food. *crosses fingers* I am attacking that snack area like no tomorrow.

I want to sleeeeepp... and skip the psy class. Because then I have to talk to my team mates in planing our presentation for THAT class... in two weeks. ugh.

Homework in AM

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This is how I do my homework~ or how I would love to do it each day.

Have Ravelry opened up, looking at my knitted goods~ xD With coffee in my pretty thermos and some yummy vanilla creme cookies. My dad would be proud, I bought a large black coffee (for $2!! Dx) and just added cream and sugar. It is decent.

I finished my English homework, that was in front of me. Which is great. I met with my classmate to talk over a few details for our presentation today (at noon). It should go well. I prefer going off the cuff and with this group we work well together doing such.

Knitting~ <3 I finished the baby blanket! However, the mother that I was going to give it to... I just cannot stand what she says now. I feel sad for her son (the mom is my age, one day older) to have to deal with his mom when he gets older. What she says and does now is just not fair. Especially to the babies father. They were 'together' and yet she broke up with him, because he gets her so 'pissed' etc. It's just so sad really, I feel bad for the guy, he never asked for this, especially to be treated like this. Now I know it is not an easy picnic for her either, being a mom at this age, but 'she wanted it' so like... ugh. There are just better ways to deal with a situation like this, being young, not married (she at least had the <3 of the guy through all of this), with a child. I've seen it growing up with my cousins having kids under the age of 18. It's tough, no matter how you go about it, but there are just 'easier' ways to handle it.

I asked my mom if she knew anyone that had a baby boy (since it is orange) at work. But then she suggested that I give to our church, which has a program called Tender Life, which is aid to mothers with babies that are alone etc and go to the church for help. They would appreciate it. Plus it being orange, it is themed for the season. I am just happy that it will go to someone who appreciates it. :D

Which reminds me, I need to send out my other charity knitting. xD lol I've had it put away for awhile now lol.

I was thinking of doing other homework before class... but opted not to, because I would need to check out a text book, and once I get settled to start, I will have to pack up and leave soon after to go to class. So blogging was a good alternative.
Today Jimmy, My mom, My Dad, and I are going to a Volante campaign social thingy (ie free munchies hopefully) today after school/work. Hopefully it will go well and Jimmy will not get attacked by old ladies wanting a nerd. I mentioned to him that "We should get you some paper for this even for you to write your info on. Because once those old ladies find out your a nerd and friendly, they will swarm to you like..... old ladies to.... sweaters." God it was a dumb joke! xD

Time to pack up soon, Have to get in the presentation mode. ;D

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Audio Books are amazing

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So I've discovered the wonders of audio books! I have always wanted to get more into it as time went by (and the tons of podcasts I had kept decreasing) but never wanted to dish out the $60 dollars or so at the book store! (Seriously, that $60 could be yarn! xD)

Then I discovered libiovox.com. Amazing. So what is great is that they also can give you small links to listen online of the audio of the book, before you download the entire thing. So I decided I want to 'read' Pride and Prejudice. There were three readers I could choose from! I chose the third person Karen S or something. So I did this yesterday.. and I am already on chapter 15! Amazing! xD Granted there are over 60 chapters, but still... one night I was able to knit tons and 'read' a book too! So great.

I already downloaded Sense and Sensibility and um Jane Eyre. Which is exciting! I've wanted to read these classics... and now I can! While getting my knitting done too! Two loves at a time!

- -
About the photo... I was knitting and listening to my audio book... and wanted to take a photo of the new bottle sock I've made for my water bottle. (My mom took my other one this past weekend, but I have it back now, I just need to wash it, soda got on it) But Socks was in my room this morning and wanted to be in the photo! So she jumped on my desk and put her face right into my hands (and camera). It was super cute.

Now if only I could teach my cats to knit... could you imagine how many blankets we would have around the house! xD Slave labor Cats! xD Make them earn their cat food and treats! ;D lol

Sunday, October 19, 2008

School related

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So this photo does not exactly relate to what I did today... but close enough.

I had to meet with my classmate Cindy today, to discuss our science teaching presentation. We chose to do the Cali State Standard Grade 3 "2a- Students know sunlight can be blocked to create shadows." Simple enough right?! Well it is and I am happy about that.

Cindy and I are going to set up a huge lamp and have it create shadows in the classroom on the projection board etc. So it will be fun, and the write up (ie lesson plan) will be simple and not difficult to create. Lesson plans use to make me go 'omg' in planning stuff out, now it is just like an outline (with a few added requirements).

She is a burst of energy and ideas, it's cute. I enjoy working with her with this class. :D
- - -
So we met at Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf (its big on the west coast, another type of starbucks, but yummier in my opinion xD) today and 3:30pm and it is now 4:30pm and we finished up in an hour. It went well. Plus I get to drink a yummy Strawberry Yogurt Ice-blended. Win win.
- - -

Today went alright. This week should be better I hope. I have a lot of stuff to plan and worth with/through related to school. Also group projects. u.u; I don't mind working with people, it is the planning and work to get together that is frustrating. But once that is done, it is smooth sailing.

It is getting cold. I should head home soon. Then I can curl up with my CSUCI sweatshirts (I wore it all day at home today, it is so comfy!) and my wrist warmers! xD So cute in pink!! I also have other homework to get done. Like my Child Development class (which is in the photo, I took this while in class last week, that bind is a 3" inch binder and it is full of material for this class that she has us buy for the class, plus the text book! Crazy in the amount of material for this class, but hey I am learning stuff! So that is what counts!) and finishing up my Science written homework.
<3 bye

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Elections Training

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Elections Training is SUPER BORING. Granted that this is the what, 6th or 7th time I've done elections.

We (My mom, dad, and I) go to this each time we can, because they give us monies~~~~~ to go... plus the inspectors (my dad and myself) are required to attend these for each election.

So yeah... just like last time... I brought my knitting! xD

Made some decent progress on my wool sock... I started it last night for about 20 minutes... and am about 2 inches into the leg.

The training was boring... and omg they overcomplicated things, which confused new people and ugh... it just seems to get worse and worse. Then when my mom makes a suggestion (which is lagit, because we've learned over the years of what works and such), they treat her poorly and ignore what she says... which they do to everyone. So then my mother gets pissed/hurt half way through this (lunch break) because she takes it personally. Where as my dad and I are just annoyed because we've hated these people that run this for years. (Also my dad worked with the elections too, and the head chick talked so much crap about my dad that they did not hire him... when he did a lot of work and such.... so lame, Judith is dumb anyways).

Ok rambling.

Then afterwards, we went to school (CSUCI) and checked out the fiber event thing... and as I had worried, by the time I got there 3pm... they were closing up everything and packing stuff away. :( So that was a bust... and a bummer too.

However, I was able to come home earlier and play WoW with Jimmy and the guild and what not. So that was enjoyable.

I am just tired now... there is drama with my family and I about me not wanting to go back to work, at Best Buy. I am getting to the point that I just do not care anymore... because I am not going back... period the end. I wanted to quit 6 months ago and was turning in my two weeks... and they offered me the extension as an offer if I wanted to come back... and I still do not want to come back. Simple as that.
No more rambling for the night. I am going to knit a bit and then go to bed.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Blanket in progress

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I don't have much to blog about right now, I just wanted to post a lovely photo.

I've been working on this blanket any chance I get at home~.

It's getting sooo big!

Thursday, October 16, 2008


I can spell Canada. I tried to go back and change that, but after 3 times of having the html be wrong and it deleting half of my post, I gave up and left it as it was.

- - -
I did however have another great evening. I saw Death Note II tonight with Jimmy. :D It was a lot of fun, I really enjoyed the movies (the first Death Note, and L Saves the World side story). I like how well they clicked with each other... very well done. :D

I wish there were more hours in the day... there is so much stuff I wanttttt to do... but am always so tired at the end of the day, where sleep wins. ;P

Knitting is going well... working on the baby blanket for Amber. I am half way through the 4th skein and have the last one (the 5th) to finish using and I am done! :D I know that the blanket is huge for the baby (he is less then a year old)... but hopefully they will all like it enough for him to keep as he gets older and what not. xD I hope. Regardless I have had so much fun knitting it and really am pleased with the end result.
- - -

Tomorrow I have the Credential meeting at CSUCI and then meeting with a classmate at Coffee Bean to meet up for working on our presentation two weeks from Monday. Fun stuff.

Time for sleep~ ;D Now if I could only find Duo.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Mail <3's me

Well Classes today, eh... I got through them with out any scratches (or wrinkles ;P).

There was a sale at the book store of crewneck sweatshirts~ So Jimmy and I bought two... one gray and red for each of us (came out to $30, which is a steal when zip up hoodies are above $60!).

Then I come home today to a package from Canadia (joke) Canda! My free sock knitting book!!! :D


Book <3! CSUCI! lol xD

I adore it of course! It is filled with beautiful and informative photos! Plus half of the materials used (ie needles/yarn) I use too! Like the knit picks circs and everything! So that is an extra perk, also it was signed too~ :) I feel so honored and lucky in winning that drawning~ Thank you Laura! (cosmicpluto).

I go to dinner with my parents. Come home, cold wishing I had bought my new sweatshirt. (It has been warm during the day and dusty due to the fires... there was one kinda close to the school, that closed the PCH (Highway 1) today, which is about 10 minutes away from the campus.)

Then we cannot find Socks (the young kitten) in the yard and it is dark. So Alex and I are walking around the front and back yard calling Socks, shaking kitty treats (and Faye comes to get some of course) and the UPS guy comes up to the gate and has my Falling for Ewe Yarn swap!!! :DDDD I had talked to swappie about that I should expect it today... and it did come! :D

So fun. Here are the lovely photos. It came with awesome Heathered Cascade 220 yarn! Plus a lovely coffee mug (I always <3 those), with two packets of orange hot chocolate (yum and interesting), some lovely candles (and I was just looking for some last night too), a beautiful card (which is going on my wall of cards!), some halloween candy (which some are too interesting where I have to try them!), plus some TWIZZLERS!! (steal my heard why don't you! ;D), and last but not least an ADORABLE kittnen halloween snow globe dressed as a bat (which is Faye completely, she bites all year round lol, now I just need to make her some wings lol)

total package

Overall it is a lovely themed Halloween swap package and they are all stuff I love and have cute twists on them! Plus the Cascade 22o heathered, I had eyed this type of yarn at my lys and wondered when I would buy some one day! ;D


So today, was fantastic. :) I am very happy. Time to munch on some twizzlers now~.... after I beat up Socks for a bit.... Ah she is attacking my Twizzlers! lol ;D Thank you everyone! :D
Yay! My free Laura Chau book came in today! So exciting. So many different and informative photos! I love this book, there is so much to read!:o

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Blizzcon 08!

IMG_7422, originally uploaded by hsailormoon.

So I am back from Blizzcon! xD

Yes~ I did bring my sock knitting. I did a lot of it in the car ride there (darn LA traffic)... I started and finished the heel flap, turned the heel, and started the gusset. So this is the product of mostly the Thursday. I had just finished the gusset decreases at this point and oi I do not like doing that by magic loop.... maybe I am doing it wrong. I came up with my own method of it and it was frustrating to do in line.

However, it worked out and I was starting the foot at this point. Before the opening ceremonies or a panel, I forget which. :D

For day 2 of Blizzcon I just put this sock off the needles (and a thread of the yarn to hold the sts) because I did not want to get tons of knitting done on the sock, to where it would be too long for Jimmy's foot. (Since this is the first sock I've made him.) So I had started the cuff for day 2 and did not even finish it. Day 2 was a lot more eventful with doing stuff, more then sitting around during the awesome panels! :D

I have home photos and stories and such later. I have homework to finish right now (due tomorrow as always oi).

If you want to look at the set of the photos, check my flicker account, by clicking this photo. :D Bye

Friday, October 10, 2008

I have my lunch (Subway) and chilled coffee. Now Iam set for Blizzcon 08! This is going to be so much fun! Iam so happy that Jimmy are here! :->

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Jimmy's Socks

jsock, originally uploaded by hsailormoon.

So this is a photo of Jimmy's socks, in progress. Via the ever so lovely Magic Loop Method. So far I have yet to check anything online to 'figure out how' to do something. Working on the two circular needles helped a lot. I really like the knit picks cable needles. I have yet to bust out the harmony ones I bought also. The cable is sooo flexible, it's really nice.

Today I got in lots of knitting, while in class~~ amazing. My science class I pulled it out and knitted and paid attention and my teacher did not seem to mind. :) Then in my psy class we watched this supperrr long video that I had watched in my other psy class on monday. So I finished the cuff in science, and did the beginning of the leg in psy today.

The yarn and color are soooo pretty. I like it. :D I will have to keep in mind to do a pretty pattern that will show up nicely in these deep colors! :D Jimmy's socks is going to be plain stockinette.
- - -

I went with my dad for the Volante campaign meeting... let's just say it was 'interesting' but in the end it worked out in our favor and jimmy's site is a go. :D
- - -

I am not 'getting ready' to start packing for Blizzcon. My clothes finished washing and I need to throw them in the dryer.

Every trip I go on I always get nervous and kinda 'not want' to go on my trip. Just because it is outside the comfort zone of my room and what I have around me... also the nervous-ness of not forgetting anything.

However, Blizzcon is going to be great. I know that. I think I am just tired and I always over think things when I am tired. Alex said we are pulling out of here (our house) at around 11am... which gives me plenty of time to wake up (I wake up at around 6am-7am) shower, finish packing (It's only 2 days worth of clothing, two shirts, jeans... and some accessories, simple).

I just enjoy staying home on weekends and chilling. *sigh*
I should get to bed... I am tired.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


This was in the Lys email I got today! My first 'fiber festival' AT MY SCHOOL!! xDDDD This whole week is awesome too before it! OMG~ October rocks, seriously... yeah. What did I do to deserve to be so lucky! xDDD

Mark your calendar for Saturday October 18th -- The Ventura County Handweavers and Spinners Guild will hold their annual Open House and Sale on from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at Studio Channel Islands on the beautiful campus of CSU Channel Islands. Several vendors – including Anacapa Fine Yarns – will be on hand with lots of yarn, books, notions, and more for spinners, weavers, knitters, crocheters, and other fiber artists. The Guild's annual Silent Auction will also be held that day, with a variety of items including yarn, weaving looms, and more. Bring your family and friends and join us for a day of fiber fun. See you there!

So yeah email... it's good stuff.

So yeah. Went to school yesterday, got of the bus... got my awesomely red thermos. Awesome start to the day. Then my Knit Picks order came, Magic Loop is awesome~~~ xD

Then today, went to school, did homework. Ran into Jimmy and had lunch with him by surprise, pretty cool. Finished my blue wool sock via Magic Loop, pretty cool, exciting.

After that, I have to head to class... bleh. Another presentation... but do able... 20 minutes... that will be interesting. F is for fun! (our group is letter F, so that is our slogan).

So now I come to the library about to kill some time till Jimmy gets out and we head home at 4:30pm. But also plan on casting on Jimmy's sock (which is also blue, essential knit picks jay blue kettle dyed) via the ever so lovely magic loop.

I hop on Gmail to see if Jimmy is online to bug him in class... and I have several emails, one from school, one from the lys, one from Elle magazine, then something new: cosmic pluto knits... No way.

I open it and I WON~ XDDDD I was one of the lucky 3 that won one of her new copies of this awesome book~: (link to webpage win)
Which I remember viewing her blog last week and saw she was having this contest and thought hmm, I really liked the copy I saw at the book store on Sunday. Ah why not, might as well enter. So I enter and I am like 47 I think and am thinking "odds are pretty good, we will see".... then the comments get to 50 people... to finally I think about 192 people. O.o; So I give up hope and realize "I am not going to win, ah well, I will buy it later on." (After blizzcon of course hehe two more days!)

But I won~~~ xD I've never entered these blog entry contests or what not. So it is sooooooo exciting to win this newwwww and awesommeeeee book. I remember flipping through it for the first time and surprised in HOW MANY PHOTOS there were in it, then I realized 'Ohhhh teach yourself Visually~~... hahaha' I even grabbed Alex the next isle over (he was looking at Manga) and bragged to him in that I read this womens blog about knitting and she wrote this amazing knitting book, and it's socks! He thought that was cool and we went back to some other books. Even though I wanted to sit down and read and look through this entire book (all the pretty photos).

I guess it helps to read these blogs now! ;D I have to enter in more contests and stuff, I always skim over it. Yay Sock knitting! :D

I am so thrilled. This month has so far been amazing. Braces are off, Blizzcon, winning this, Thermos, everything. I hope I don't jinx myself and it goes away. I am just really happy and excited for the mail to come.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Sock's posing

socks pose, originally uploaded by hsailormoon.

She is very cute, isn't she. :D

Her eyes are such a pretty hint of green. It is a bummer that she had reddish/brown fur when we first found her, and it has turned into a deep brown with very subtle stripes. But she is still adorable overall... and a pain to sleep with at night. Every night she wakes me up wanting to 'cuddle' with my face and I have to keep pushing her away. Cute but oi a pain when I am tired.

- - -
I skipped science class today... because 1 there was a quiz I had no clue about, and did not want to take it and 2 there is some stuff I need to get done for psy (even though I could have finished it before class) lol. (Also for science, she dropps the two lowest scores... so I have two missed quizzes, and they will be dropped come grade time. So it works out)
- - -

This morning was nice~~~~~
This week they are promoting 'the ride share program' for school... in having a free $100 dollar gas card contest, and free goodies at the bus stop. Then they had a spinning instant prize paper thing.... and I snagged a paper and it was a free thermus! xDDDD Same type as the one my dad has (that I used, but I think I tweeked the seal >.>;) but it is a bit smaller (which is nice) and A PRETTY RED! XDDD

So I am thrilled. I also have a free bottle of water and some fruit snacks~ :D Great day to start the morning. :) That and looking at yarn/knitting stuff online, verses being in a boringgggg science class. lol (Also I am not too concerned of being 'behind' in this class... its simple material, and the tests/quizzes are not hard at all)
- - -
Oh other thrilling news~ BLIZZCON~~~~~ 3 DAYS AWAY!!! OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG!!! xDDDDD

Oh and my knit picks order should be coming today, or tomorrow~~ xDDDDDD So exciting. I am going to figure out what size CO I need for Jimmy's foot, and cast on and see if I can figure out Magic Loop (which seems ideal for on the go knitting, no dpns lost or circs clicking, however I loveee those two methods too~ dpns = relaxing, circs = fun and exciting plus awesome trying on all the time)
- - -
I should get my paper done lol.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Harmony Love yet again

harmony love, originally uploaded by hsailormoon.

Another photo shoot with my sock knitting.

Today it was a nice cold day with some drizzle. So I stayed home and crashed a lot (ie naps) and then sat at my chair listening to knitting podcasts. In particular the Knit Picks pod cast. Kind of dull in listening, but it is good enough to keep me occupied while knitting. Also I don't feel 'alone' when I am listening to someone else talk. I got up to episode #6... they are already up to episode #65! Crazy. I guess I have some catching up to do.

I really like the pallette yarn. I took a nap today and my feet were cold and I wished I had put on my red socks that I had previously made with this yarn. But I was too tired to get up and slip them on. Heh.

Also the color is sooo pretty~ :D I love the deep blue, but then it has hints of a green which is just perfect.

I finished the leg, heel flap and turn, and am now working on the decreases for the foot. :) I always get excited for the heel flap and decrease parts~ I always have to do it in one sitting.

Back to some homework and sock knitting breaks. :)

Also my teeth look great. I will post a photo later. I have it on my flickr account, but will post it later. The retainer-o-fun is still taking some time to get use to. xD

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


SSPX1604, originally uploaded by hsailormoon.

All alllllloooonnneeeee.

This place usually has one or two other people in it... but not today... or at least the past mornings I've been here alone. This is an old photo, but it even applies to today.

Psy Sped Test today. U.U;
I just finished the Chapter 5 Focus Questions, I am not sure if they are due today... but better safe then sorry.
But the Test is for sure happening and he has not given us much information on it, so that makes me nervous (along with the other students that have run into me, saying the same thing).

I shouldn't blog too much. I need to go through his powerpoints and memorize all the stuff I need to know. Fun fun.

However, after today, I get to chill for the weekend... plus my braces come off tomorrow morning! :D Very happy about that. Hurray for Retainer-O-Fun.

- - -
Oh as for knitting. I am still knitting up the wool sock when I have a few minutes of free time.
Then I have been doing swatches!!!! Same yarn, same pattern, just not reaching 4 inches... it calls for a size 5.... too small... I use a size 6... too small.... size 7 this morning... too small! So tonight I am going to use a size 8. Lol. I am glad Iam doing this though, verses doing the whole thing and having it be too tiny lol. I am also taking photos with my camera of each swatch and a measuring tape, so that will be fun to see the differences later.