Monday, April 12, 2010


CIMG0048.jpg, originally uploaded by hsailormoon.

Yep... I have been swamped with school and work... and school... and yep work again.

I've said yep twice, in a poorly constructed sentence. wow.

Anyways, I am procrastinating here verses writing my credential writing sample about "the applicants interest in teaching children with the diversity of languages and cultures represented in California schools".

So... 500-600 words, never seemed so easy and yet so ... ... can't think of the word...

Why couldn't I just write about my personal pedagogy... but if anything, I probably can work that into my 'interest'... oi... I need to think.

Ok Heather... time to be smart... I can do that~... yep. ;p
- - -

The scarf is what I made for Jimmy when he went to his trip to Japan, for his class, he used it~ I had never been more happy to see a nice pilled scarf in my life~ :D

Knit Picks, Swish DK, Marbled Heather and Storm colorways, US 8, 320 stitches repeated 10 rows of garter stitch, alternating between the colors, knit length wise. Came out great~ (also yes I am aware of the 'mistake, I mean design feature' I view it as a cute intentional little heart shape I left for him. ;D