Saturday, January 31, 2009

Artsy Jimmy

IMG_8909, originally uploaded by hsailormoon.

Arn't his eyes pretty~ ;D <3333

Smiling like a crazy person

smiledork, originally uploaded by hsailormoon.

Right now Jimmy and I are hanging out right now, while watching tv. I got dorky and decided to lay next to him and take photos of us... I gave up in trying to get both of us in the photo, so I took it for me! ;D

Plus he is on his i-phone. ;p

Friday, January 30, 2009

Stitch markers

bst, originally uploaded by hsailormoon.

Look Mom! Finally there is some KNITTING!
- - -
Ok not really look 'mom' but the attention of the intensity of 'LOOK' is close.

Finally got some more sock knitting done. This is the second sock of the pair for my mom. The first sock is just at the end of the gusset worked. So I am trying to get these socks done together at the same time.

I switched back to dpns after the feel flap, mostly because I find the gusset work to be a bit too fiddly for my taste when I get to the heel flap. But then as soon as that gusset is done! Back to Magic Loop ASAP~ ;D

These stitch markers were part of packages from the Fall yarn swap I joined (Oh I loved my partner!). They are from so I am loving them. I never really use stitch markers for my sock knitting... but then I remembered I had this! So now, I don't have to have a post-it folded with one side saying Knit All and the other K2tog & SSK to flip back and forth every row. (I have two of these post its, one in my knitting bag and one at home) Now I can just work the gusset anywhere and not have to worry about a paper or where I stopped last! ;D

Going to a friends 22nd birthday party tomorrow at BJ's... I am looking forward to it somewhat but then eh... but I don't see some of these people that often (especially the birthday boy lol). So it will be alright, plus I will have Jimmy. :D

Jimmy went to an arcade in Simi Valley tonight... he asked if I would like to go... I said no thank you. I had knitting to get done! ;D Plus I worked a few cables into Jon's scarf today too. Very relaxing day today.

Back to the sock knitting.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Haha it is windy here today. So much that a 'breeze' knocked off my 'kacha-kacha' row counter off my knee. :p But that will not stop me! :o.

swim swim

IMG_8873IMG_8873, originally uploaded by hsailormoon.

I want to go swimming in THAT~

I am sitting here in front of the library next to the coffee shop with Jimmy.

The water here is a 'reflection pool'. It's pretty and everything... but I want to swimming~~ in it~... but its like 4 inches deep I think, tops~. So its just for looking at.

- - - Also.. the woman on the right... in the multi stripe vest... I think it is totally hand knitted... and I think she did it herself~ Noro of course~ ;D

Ok time for Jimmy and I to figure out where we are going to go eat on campus... it's a tough choice with all three locations u.u; (sarcasm)

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Burt's Bees Shimmer

Best stuff ever!!

I decided to buy one, since I've eyed them at our schools book store. Plus I gave Jimmy a Burt's Bee hand salve... and that stuff is working amazingly on his hands! They were super dry on top.

So I thought, well if they have great hand stuff... then their lip stuff must be great (plus I knew people in high school that used it).

Seriously, trying this stuff on your lips is an experience! No joke! There is peppermint oil in it, so the first thing I felt was the mint and it was ting-gly on my lips! Plus I could totally smell it! xD I like me some peppermint!

Then the color (I bought Rhubarb) is perfect! ;D It is similar to the loreal thing I have, but more casual looking~ ;D Which is what I want in a lip balm~ I have the fancy stuff for fancy events.
I am a huge fan of this companies stuff~ My lips feel wonderful when I put this on. Now granted it came off when I ate lunch (you can see the color on the napkin) but honestly... duh~ its lip balm! ;D I love it~

This lip shimmer was a major high light for my day... that and I finished my two papers before 6:30am. So that was good too~ ^^*

I am excited~ Today after school~ I get to see my new shoes! Oh I hope they fit, because I cannot wait to wear them~ if they dont fit, we will have to send them back and try another size (I am thinking if anything, they may be too big, some 11's fit me perfectly and sometimes they are too long... so we will see! xD)

I think I am going to knit... verses study right now... I was wanting to start knitting my Aunt Jennie's socks soon. So I need to get these two pairs off the needles (3 out of the 4 are at the heel turn) and get started on my Aunt's pair~ Also its pink! So pretty!

brain = done

IMG_7850, originally uploaded by hsailormoon.

Hi brain.

I miss you.
- - -

My brain is done. I've been sleeping tons lately... at least 8 hours and it is so great. I usually hit the hay at around 8-9 pm the latest and wake up at around 6:30am. Which honestly is quite nice!

Except, yesterday, I woke up at 4am to complete a paper... turned out rather well, I was proud of it. Then I went back to sleep for another hour till six.

Today, I have to wake up and complete 2 papers... but these are about a page or so each... so that is much simpler.

Yet, I feel sooo drained right now. Maybe I am getting sick... the back of my throat was very scratchy and hurt yesterday. Plus it has been dreadfully cold as of late... ok 50's... to us that is cold with an additional wind chill factor.

I just feel awful really right now. Sore and acky... no I cannot be sick... not now. I can be sick on Friday... and the rest of the weekend. But I have today and tomorrow with classes. Luckly they are just a few classes nothing hard core or anything. Hmm... I do have the lecture quiz in my geology class... boo. I need to study for that.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Edu 510 = Reality sucks

IMG_7811, originally uploaded by hsailormoon.

I went to my first class, for this course today... and dear god, it depressed me.

She basically gave us the run through of (she loves special ed) the reality that is out there for a multi-subject credential and the special ed credential.

No jobs out there for multi-credential... jobs for special ed.
No intern for mutli, interns for special ed.
The list went on and on.

The thing is, I do not! want to go into special education. That is something I do not want to do for my career, I cannot handle special ed, emotionally etc. I know that it is a great field and the need is high, more pay at times etc.

It is just that there are little to no jobs out there for a multi-subject (K-6th) in California... and has not been for about 2 years. Now I know we are in an economic down slide at the moment and I have 2 years till I would have completed my BA and Credential.

But what really concerns me is that, I have 5 years after I graduate with my preliminary credential to 'clear' it to an official credential. Which part of that requirement is to teach for 2 years, not substitute or do part time teaching... full on have my own classroom for 2 whole years. Well, what if I cannot find a teaching job in that time?! Will the education situation in California, especially So Cal be fixed in two years... when I graduate... or will it be worse?! Tons of districts are lay off hundreds of teachers. I just am at a loss really.

I am so bummed out... I knew that the reality of being a teacher was one thing... but to not even get the job is another. I've wanted this since I was 5, to have my own classroom and be a teacher.
- - -
I just want to knit... I am too stressed out... listening to pandora and sock knitting will help. I need to keep on track with my knitted projects.

Knitting seriously keeps you sane, in my world at least.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Oh no you didn't!

rlyk, originally uploaded by hsailormoon.

Oh no you didn't! That Robe did not just dis-respect meh! *snap fingers*
- - -

I got a little vain earlier and took photos with my phone.

Plus I found my Loreal infallible lipcolour, so I am thrilled about that. I was so bummed that I lost it... and it was in the mini van. psh... typical I leave it there.
- - -

I went with Jimmy (and I drove with him in the car! yay!) to his church Catalyst today. Oh that church was snazzy in how it was set up and decorated. One downside... seats sucked... they were these wooden fold up chairs with a thin soft thing on top... yeah didn't help.

Then I decided... My job! to knit comfortable seat cushions! They seriously need them.. >.>; or at least my butt does lol.

Speaking of butts! We saw a butt crack! Total plumbers crack! FROM THE GUY IN FRONT OF US! Some skinny white guy... with no butt when he stood up... apparently could not realize that his toosh was exposed. o.O; That was certainly something I did not expect to see at church. Over all I liked the church.
- - -

Then Jimmy and I had lunch, the tre tre gourmet Taco Bell. Some coffee (for me) and some milk tea boba (for him). Then we went shopping around that area.

I bought a pair of pretty pink pearl earrings by Holly Yashi

and an angel figurine,

from this new age store that I always visited when I was in high school.

Afterwards we went to Blockbuster and they were having a sale on buy 3 (used) dvds for $20! So I bought, Nancy Drew (the newest one), Sex and the City:The Movie (I haven't seen it and am a semi fan of the series), and Made of Honor.

So I spent a fair amount today~ (about $40)... but Iam seriously pleased~ :D

What would have made it better is if I had yarn mixed in there... but alas the world is not perfect and yarn stores are not in every shopping area. *le sigh*

Time to get some stuff situated for school tomorrow. Plus I need to order these text books already. >.<;

Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Knit Kit


I need like seriously!!!... Five of these!!!! No Joke!
Please don't let them be like a hundred dollars a pop... otherwise... yeah what financial aid. (lol jk... maybe).

Man kind has not let me down. <3

I am super tired... and am going to go to bed soon. I had a nice date with Jimmy today~ :)

Wait...I just noticed it said estimated price... 20 bucks! Amazing~ Yeah... I want this~ Hmm... birthday? May... might work out.

Oh also, click photo to link of the product.

Friday, January 23, 2009

First purse, now shoes!

This time around, I am not the one doing the purchasing~ ;D

Since Jimmy got back, we exchanged gifts. I bought him the World of Warcraft Legends books and two t-shirts. ^^*
He bought me, a Roxy clutch (which is perfect for holding my fun reading books in my backpack and or purse, no bent edges!) bag, a scrapbook designed to be filled in for couples (aww <3), some Obama memorabilia from his trips to DC this winter, and a pair of adorable roxy shoes! One down side, but not a problem at all~ the shoes are too small. He ordered a size 9 and I wear a size 11, so of course they were a bit snug. But I loveeeddd the design. So he is going to send them back to (they have free shipping back and forth for shoes, as many times you need) and basically said I get the credit of the shoes and pick something nice from the site for myself! xD So I picked theseeeeeeeeee~

They are Naturalizer brand, Daily (the name of the shoe). Click the photo to the link to the website about the shoe~

The red is absolutely adorable!!!!!!!! I never spend this much on a pair of shoes, but Jimmy wanted me to get something 'nice' when I was asking if I could buy two video games from the site (they have everything on this site!). So I picked out these lovely shoes! ;D

I ordered a size 11 wide shoe... and what is great is, as I mentioned before, the free shipping back and forth, so if it is a bit too loose, I can send it back no problem! (Just have to wait a bit of course). So I am very happy, because I remember I read about this shoe brand awhile ago, in that they had wonderful shoes (and fashionable ones) that were very comfortable.

Tomorrow, Jimmy and I are going to go on a date and hang out at a shopping center, have lunch, window shop at Barnes n' Noble, Micheals (He wants yarn for his sackboy doll I am going to knit him *crosses fingers*, luckly they posted the pattern online for free), Kohls, Gamestop, have some Jamba Juice (I have giftcard with a little bit on it), and then have dinner at Macaroni Grill (he got a gift card for it on Christmas). ^^* So I am extremely looking forward to tomorrow. It will be nice. Hopefully it doesn't rain too badly.
- - -

As for my knitting. Not much really, a bit here and there to be quite honest. I knit a bit of a sock (a few rows) waiting for Jimmy to buy his bus card at school (I bought mine earlier). Then I knit on Jon's scarf while watching tv today, so that was good to get some cables done on that.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Sun Set at CSUCI

IMG_8768, originally uploaded by hsailormoon.

This is what the sky looked like two days ago, when I was leaving the campus (to go home) on the bus.

The clouds have looked beautiful all week... except last night and today. It is drizzling today... but honestly, it is so nice to have cool weather again. I hated it that it was in the 80's this last week.
- - -
No knitting... I've been wanting to knit... just too tired. I come home and about an hour or two later, I am wanting to go to bed (at about 8pm or 9pm).
- - -
I have been reading about 'knitting' in my knitting mystery novels. xD I liked the first one of the series (I think there is only two) and so I am enjoying this novel as well. :D

"Knit Fast, Die Young" by Mary Kruger

Time to pay attention to my Geo. lecture... god I love having classes that allow the use of laptops. I am taking notes on the powerpoint slides though, so I am behaving. ;D

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

School has started

591, originally uploaded by hsailormoon.

The photo is not mine, but something I took from the CSUCI bookstore website. I am just a fan of the photos that they took around campus.
- - -

So today is my second day of classes. Which is a-ok really.

Yesterday (Tuesday) I watched the Presidential inauguration with Jimmy in our library. There were a ton of people. I have photos, but don't have my laptop with me to upload them (ie sd card reader).

I was late to my Geology 300 class... but that is fine. Lecture is lecture and the powerpoint is online. Then the lab was fine. I think I will enjoy that class.

Then I went to my Edu 510 class... Child Diversity/Multi Culture, etc. That will be an interesting class. We are required to go to the Museum of Tolerance (in LA) for the class, which I am excited about! I have not been there since oh I think 8th grade and even at that age it was so moving (plus so sad =( so sad). But that will be in April.

This morning I went to my Edu 320 class, Intro to Teaching... I think it will be a simple class (not simple in material, but in effort from me) so that is nice. The teacher is humorous which helps.

Next (at 3pm) I have my Historian's Craft class... we will see how it goes. I hope it is not so paper oriented in grading... because he is difficult to write papers for, in that he likes/grades nicer to papers similar to his own opinion. So what can you do, I've had him before in a basic history class.

I spent an hour today (waiting for Jimmy to get out of work for lunch) looking online at cheaper prices for my text books. So even with the cheaper books, I did the math and added up the estimated total:

$380 dollars!!!!! For 10 books! ><;

Some of these text books, are for sale at the book store for like $130 and I am getting them online for $60-$80... so like I am saving pretty pennies really. Ugh, I just dislike how expensive these books are, regardless that I have financial aid to compensate for these.

No has ever said College is cheap~ ;P

I am going to go relax or something, I just feel so tense right now.

Oh, I haven't done much knitting as of late. I knit 3 rows in my mothers sock in my purse today, during a class break. Other then that, nothing much. :(

Sunday, January 18, 2009

you know what I would really want... A pair of silk yarn socks. I would love to be wearing some right now~

Coach vs 6 bucks

SSPX1947, originally uploaded by hsailormoon.

I realized I did not put a photo up of my Coach purse and the new purse I have. So you can compare~ Also see the size difference. :D

Ok time to go now! lol

(Photo is taken on my phone... my camera's battery is charging.)

Spending monies

Is such an issue for me... however, when it is so cheap! ;D I am not too concerned.

So yeah. Went to Target today with my brother to get some more cat food.

But then I went into Target, I remembered that I had a dream last night that my brother and I were looking at their purses/huge tote bags, in pretty green colors! Now granted, Alex has never tagged along with me to look at purses... better yet in my dream he was buying makeup too. So yeah. I went and looked at the purses.

Then I noticed that a huge amount of them were on clearance! xD (I love the turn around on their items!) Then I saw this pretty pretty green bag. Now, I do have a Coach black tote back~ which I ADORE~ but there are times when I wish it was a bit bigger and or not a Coach purse ($$$$$) because then I worry about where I put it, like I do not ever put it on the floor, or on the edge of a chair, so I always have to have it hanging on my knee as I sit at places and at the movie theatre it has its own seat.

So then looked at the price of this pretty pretty green purse... 6 BUCKS! xD SOoOoooo cheap! Then I realized it was about the same size/depth as the Coach but a bit longer... so then I thought hmmm... SI! I want this!


So as soon as I got in the car I switched everything out from the ever so lovely Coach into this. This is going to me my random-I-can-throw-it-around-in-the-car-at-the-movies-place-on-the-floor-casual purse! ;D Also... with the added length... I can put my knitting in it easier!


Plus it holds a lot of stuff too! :D My sock knitting fits in a corner of this purse... verses taking half of it in the Coach purse. (The sock knitting is in a small black canvas bag) I also can even feel ok in placing a blueberry scone in the bag... where as the Coach... yeah not so comfortable with the idea.
- - -

Then for the knitting aspect of this blog...I realized... why I liked the purse so much when I saw it.

To me it is a mix between purses.... knitting purses~ oooo
It is a mix between Jordana Paige's Bella bags, because I did love the crossing pattern on the front, but did not fall in love with the narrow-ness size. (Nor the price whew!)


Then a crossover, with the color of the Namaste Malibu Bags in the color Olive.


I do however love the peacock color in this bag too... but... green is one of my colors~ ;D I love it and it loves me. Also this bag is supppppeerrr expensive. I love knitting and all, but I also like not being broke. >.>;


I am very pleased with my nice purchase of a new hand bag~ :D (Especially the price) So I guess my dream was helpful after all... hmm maybe I should have Alex buy me make up... maybe that's what it meant. ;D lol Maybe I should convince him to change his career path from a Mechanical Engineer to a Make up Artist! ;D haha. yeah no.

Alright gotta go, I have things to do before I leave for LAX to pick up Jimmy. :D His grandparents are picking me up later so we can all go together!!! ;D YAY~ I finally get to see Jimmy! 2 months is tooooo long. <3

Friday, January 16, 2009

fin princess mits

hds, originally uploaded by hsailormoon.

These fingerless gloves were a pain in you know where... the organization of the pattern, made much to be desired.

I am mostly pleased in that I have finished these. I certainly do not hope that my mom's co workers will not ask me to to make them a pair also. >.>; I realized through this project... I am capable of doing charts and cables... but I am not a huge fan of the complexity of the cables.

Now back to my sock knitting... oh wait... I have Jon's scarf to work on... that will be my at home project.

I decided to do the palindrome scarf pattern again... the previous pattern became too wide where if the scarf is not 'flexible' enough I would not deem it wearable, even if he says he has a 'thick' neck. Then palindrome scarf will suit his neck by the thickness. :) Also... SUPER EASY 2by2 ribbing. ;D

- - -
Also I watched Knitty Gritty today... (re runs of course) and oh my gosh! Cookie A was on and they showed how to do a sock from the toe up!~ I SERIOUSLY have to try that. The next pair of socks I will make (after I finish up these two pairs) will be toe up for me~ ;D I can totally do the toe up thing after watching that episode, I saved it on the DVR. ^^*
- - -

Now to go get started on Jon's scarf again~ ^^* The sooner I can get that done, the sooner I can finish the socks (at home, these are my portable projects) and then start my first toe up, which will be interesting. :D

Thursday, January 15, 2009

stuffing + eggs = yum!

stuffing + eggs = yum!, originally uploaded by hsailormoon.

So this is what Iam up to... at lunch time.

I've been watching videos of AX 2008 ( I really wish it was Ax already :( )

And I've been working on Jon's scarf. :D
The Dad's Sharfik scarf lol, I still don't know how to pronounce that name.

Then I remembered that I had some left over stuffing from yesterday (I made a box of stuffing yesterday and had some for lunch, yum!) So I had about a third of a cup left... and then thought hmm, instead of feeding it to the chickens (because they eat anything uu;) I can have this mixed with eggs for breakfast.

Well this morning I had cereal instead. But! The stuffing omelet sounded even better for lunch! ;D

So here is a photo of my little desk~ This is very very good... seriously

I kind of used this recipe from this site:

Except I added an extra egg (white) along with the 3 whole eggs... I think I should have left out that whole egg... because I am getting full... but hey~ that's what your meal is suppose to do~ ;D This is seriously yummy! I am so proud of myself! ^^*

Back to watching Ax videos... and some more knitting. :D

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Cable/book holder

deskknit, originally uploaded by hsailormoon.

So this is what I did this morning. Sat at my desk... listened to (most of ) the Lime and Violet podcast... they are super long in length... which is a great thing... but after awhile I turn it off to focus on either the pattern... or something else. I will finish it tomorrow. :) Hopefully I will finish up the fingerless glove cable pattern tomorrow morning, when I set up again like this.

I finally bought a book holder/stand as you can see in the photo here. I bought it at the CSUN bookstore when I went there with Alex. They have the exact same one at my bookstore (CSUCI), but it is like 10 dollars or so?! Here it was about 5 bucks, I couldn't pass that up. ;D So now I can have books (with patterns or text) open up while I knit and possibly do this wondrous thing called, knitting and reading at the SAME TIME! xD (I <3 audio books too lol)
- - -

So it is time for me to crash for the night soon. I have to put the last load of laundry in the dryer... then settle in. I majorly cleaned up my computer desk (which is to the right of this photo, I use this little desk (in photo) because my normal desk is such a mess and full of clutter). So hopefully I can organize my desk well enough before school starts (next tuesday, 20th) and then get started on the process of making my new desktop computer. xD
- - -

Oh one last thought, I seriously LOVE living next to the coast. I just went outside to close the gate and I can so clearly smell the salt from the ocean/beach. Like it smells as if you were to smell a sea shell in your hands with bits of sand in it. :) I seriously do not want to leave the coast... I will do whatever it takes to stay in this area. ^^* I love my oxnard~ lol

Alright goodnight!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Sock yarn o color!

Sock yarn o color!, originally uploaded by hsailormoon.

Now who doesn't love the macro setting! Seriously!

Look at how pretty this is! xD

I have my iced coffee... in hand.. yummy caramel and I think I am going to do some knitting today!

Yesterday I did not knit one stitch, but instead played (and finished!) Professor Layton and the Curious Village on my Nintendo Ds.

Today... I think I will focus on finishing my mothers fingerless gloves. If I do not get those done soon... I will never get them done.

I have been working on her socks though. The 1st of the blue wool socks, I turned the heel and finished the gusset. The 2nd blue wool sock, I just casted on recently and am finishing the cuff.

The two Patons olive colorway socks, are at the heel flap portion.

So I am trying to keep it all... kind of worked together, so in the end I have 2 complete pairs! ;D

Patons Stretch Socks

Patons Stretch Socks, originally uploaded by hsailormoon.

These are the yarns that I bought at Micheals that were half off!

I kinda think, mix rastia sock yarn from knit picks and the color from tofutsies... and you got this yarn. ;D Luckly, I like both of the previous yarns... and these were on sale! ;D

It was normally 5 bucks a skein... but half off makes it 2.50... which makes it 2 of these for 10 dollars! xD So I spent total of 20 dollars on this yarn when it should have cost me normally 40 dollars! Also the colorways dye lots are the exact same! ;D

I am thrilled though, about the bottom four (colorway Sugar) in that this was the yarn I was thinking of when I should have been sleeping before my CSET. But when I got to micheals I was lucky enough to see that there were 5 skeins left and that these 4 all had matching pairs in dye lots! xDDD So I bought my 4 skeins and was very pleased with myself.

Now all I need to do is wait for Red Heart and Sole sock yarn... to go on sale >.>; lol

Oh the colorways, the top left is call Mineral (for me, blue is pretty), and then the top right is Plum (also for me! ;D). Then the bottom for is called Sugar.

Which is going to be a pair of sleeping in socks for my Aunt Jennie, Pink is her favorite color... and she fell and beat her self up (she had a black eye!) lol tangled up in her night gown, trying to keep her feet warm... and fell when trying to get out of bed. She was fine, this women has the tumbling gene. But I thought why not maker my <3 Aunt Jennie a pair of socks to keep her feet warm! ;D Then I thought about making a matching pair for myself, so when she does pass away (she is in her mid 80's *crosses fingers) eventually I can have something I made for her... and a coresponding pair for myself, to think of her even more when I miss her. Aw geez, I am tearing up thinking about it. I love my Aunt Jennie, she is my 3rd Grandma! (She is my Great Aunt, but I have called her Grandma since I can remember, because she raised Alex and I when my parents worked <3333 awesome women)

Alright. Alex wants to go get breakfast, at McDonalds (oh we are so healthy)... I had a bowl of cereal... I think I will just get a large iced coffee... that stuff is so good!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Oh great. I should be sleeping right now but all I can think about is going to Micheals after my test to get more sock yarn that is half off~ :-&

Head desk

feat, originally uploaded by hsailormoon.

If that food bowl was a desk... I my head would be planted on it. u.u;
- - -
Faye doing what she does best... shoving her face into her food. <3
- - -

So I've taken about 2 practice tests.... for the CSET... and I am getting scores that are borderline 57% to 61% (off by one question!) for each section.

Ideally, you want to get at LEAST 60% for each section (2 sections, LA and Hist) and then 2 (out of 3)'s on each of the essay (4 total). to pass.

220 points out of 300.

I am borderline between the not passing and passing. u.u;

I do not wish to take this test again... but I worry I may have to. Granted the test is 52 Multiple choice Questions (26 each) and then 4 essay (2 for each section). So it is not pain painstakingly long.... but some of these questions are ridiculously detailed.

Here is a fun sample:
A first-grade teacher notices that one of her students is struggling with reading. He is in the lowest achieving reading group and the teacher has tried some strategies to improve his reading, but he seems to not make any progress. What are the next steps the teacher should take in working with this student?

A. Assess his reading and target instruction to meet identified skill needs. In addition, keep anecdotal records of reading behavior and communicate with parents to gain assistance.
B. Request the help of any specialists, such as the reading specialist, resource specialist, or counselor, at the school to make a joint decision on how to best help the student.
C. Send home more homework for the child to practice reading skills at home with his parents.
D. Read more often with the child to encourage him and increase his confidence level; have the child do additional work with volunteers or peer tutors, and provide for reading time with more capable students so that he can see a good example.

- - - I originally thought, ok... in a realistic situation... D is probably the most P.C. way of doing it.... and can in reality be done. I just took a course in Second language acquisition in how peer groupings can benefit the students in learning yada yada.

Well guess what the answer is........ A!

Yeah.... seriously. Because when I have a classroom of 30-35 first graders.... I have time to assess his reading to meet the exact skill needs. Plus keep anecdotal records of his reading skills.... and of course parents alwaysssss have the time to assist, when both parents are working and get home close to 6pm and bed time is 8pm.

Also I have yet to even go into the history and social science section. u.u; I don't even want to go into that one.

I should get ready for bed honestly. The test is at 7:15am tomorrow... I have about a 45 minute drive to get there... so I am leaving at around 5:30am (waking up at 5am) and having breakfast by the high school (which apparently on google maps is in the middle of no where. u.u; oi).


nophoto, originally uploaded by hsailormoon.

Just another random Cat photo I have.

- - -

So my first CSET is tomorrow.... at 7am (uck, so early). I am taking section 1... Language, Literature, Retoric, History, Social Science, Geography.

U.u; I am not sure how I am going to do on this test. Some/ most of the test questions are rather detailed.... so I don't know.

Also I should have studied more on the book I have (Cliff Notes). There is about 40 pages of material to study of outlines of information, like amazing outlines of the history portions etc. I think it basically is the answers I need to know... and I haven't even finished reading all of the history material. I've only just gotten to the World history section. I am so disappointed in myself... procrastination yet again.

The positive side to the CSET is that I can take these tests as many times as I need/want. Another benefit is that I do not have to pay for these tests, because the school can pay for them... but I honestly do not like the idea of taking tests multiple of times. However this is the first CSET test and I have no idea how the format is etc.... so it is a true learning experience.I also have a year to take and pass these tests. (3 Sections of CSET, and the CBEST, which I have signed up to take in Februrary)

I should have been more prepared for this... I hope I do pass... but I don't have much confidence in it.

Alex and I are going to get the mini vans break lights fixed (again! we did this 2-3 months ago). So I am going to bring my CSET book with me there.

I should get ready actually. We want to get to the shop early... before they get packed today. ttyl.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

CSUN visit!

kncsun, originally uploaded by hsailormoon.

So I went to CSUN yesterday with my brother, Alex, and I had an absolute blast!

I have over 100 photos of the gorgeous trees, buildings, landscapes, and even turtles. ;D

The school is amazingly impressive! I think if Alex did not go there... and I would have seen the campus when I was in high school, I would have fallen in love with CSUN. Granted Alex has said they paid a lotttttt of money to beautiful the campus over the past 6 years (since he started attending). But still!

I even twittered in how CSUN is like x10 in comparison to what CSUCI has. Even the bookstore is like 10 times the size in comparison to ours. xD I loved that book store by the way (I even have photos of it too lol).

Alex and I had lunch with his friend Matt... whom he and I had a discussion about teaching and the credential testing. (For example, I have to take Section 1 (of 3) CSET testing on Saturday). Also lunch was super yummy, I could only eat half (Chinese food) so the rest is in the fridge.

Went back to the campus, I had a better tour of the library (which is in the background of the photo) which is HUGE it is the second largest library, after UCLA. Insane! Alex had worked on the 4th (highest) floor for like 3 -4 years.... so they all had stories of him and such. It was really fun to hear about him and meet the people I heard about for so long.

Then after the campus visit (which the campus is hugeeeeeeeeeee omg)... we went to Anime-Plus which was down the road from the campus. Oh my goodness... my Otaku fandom came out there! xD The store is absolutely lovely, large, spacious, organized, tons of stuff, and clean. I loved it.

I bought this:

I love it! :D It also has some knitting patterns in it! Once I saw that I had to have it! xD I always was interested in looking at all the Gothic Lolita styles and such, and this is such a great collection and it is in english! ;D It's great!

I had an absolute blast with my brother yesterday. I honestly enjoy hanging out with him more and more. ;D He is so funny and I love the banter we have all the time.

Oh I also got to drive on the way home. We switched when we got to Moorpark... we took the 118 home. So I just had lots of straight aways. ;D It was a lot of fun.

I should get back to studying for the CSET... I swear the amount of information it takes to become an elementary school teacher is insane... but you know what... this if this is what it takes to get the job.... then the job is worth it... they don't give the benefits and pay to just anyone. :) bye!

Monday, January 5, 2009

My Dashings!

These I finished a few weeks ago, and use them all the time. They are super warm and cozy. Also I loveeee the color ;D.

My fingerless gloves!

The pattern is called Dashing. The yarn is wool/ alpaca mix , Berroco Ultra Alpaca.

If you click the first link, it is to my 'set' of photos of this. :D

Close up of cable

Both gloves laying flat, palm side up.
Thumb openings never look pretty, in my opinion. ;p

This is what the cable looks like when it is worn. :) Much prettier, I think.

So yes... fingerless gloves.

No I am not emo. ;p They are nice and warm and comfy. :D Especially since it has been so cold lately.

sleep vs knit

slkt, originally uploaded by hsailormoon.

Such a difficult choice. I wish I could have this option every day of the year!

Last night I kept waking up and turning (also it was really cold all night) .... along with dreaming about disneyland/california adventure... it was an odd dream... just like the night before. ;p I was in love with all disney characters... and was having a hard time to choose who. I am crazy.

- -
This is Socks sleeping on my bed as I was working on the first glove... I am about the same spot on the second glove. I do not enjoy knitting it as much, mostly because I have to check a chart/pattern for each row... it's not difficult... just a bit tedious.
- -
Not going to CSUN today with Alex, for him to finish some paperwork. We are going tomorrow. So I will have sock knitting with me for the car ride... because I know I am not going to be driving. I am able to drive so much lately, because it is just around here, and I know this county so well... I don't have to think much about location etc. But I am excited to go there... because I haven't really been to the campus since Alex signed up to go to the school... 6 years ago! ;p So I barely remember it. xD
- -
I think it is time for me to curl up in bed and continue reading The Friday Night Knitting Club... I at page 200ish. :D Which is great. I am really enjoying it! I am wondering what happens in this book is continued in the second one. I can't wait. :)

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Carting around

IMG_8293, originally uploaded by hsailormoon.

So I am becoming more comfortable with driving. Today I drove back in the mini van with my brother... and I reached over 70 mph in that car on the freeway!!! O.o;

oh my goodness... that was horrible. You do not feel the speed as much in the mini van then you do in the volvo. So that is something I need to pay attention to. I will certainly not be a speeder. ;P

Saturday, January 3, 2009


klookjk, originally uploaded by hsailormoon.

Oh I am so upset!

In the chart it did not denote to the 'note' section in the beginning of the pattern that I had to decrease in the middle of the first cable.... and so I had an extra stitch alllllll the way up (purl st) the left of the glove!

Even my mother noticed the oddity. :( But she said it looked fine and she liked it.

Oh I was so upset I was wanting to rip it out.
- - -
I am working on the second glove.
Stupid pattern.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Leaving at 10am

IMG_8290, originally uploaded by hsailormoon.

So I woke up and thought oh yay! I get to working on my princess mitts today!

But then I go out of my room and get some water... nope... my dad tells me we have errands to run at 10 (which means I can most likely drive! which is nice).

However, I was looking forward to working on those mitts... because it is the most 'complicated' cable I've done as of yet.

Boo. Still, I get to practice my driving which is good in reality.

My book (pattern) will still be here when I get back and my knitting will not be destroyed by socks. I can live.

My Farmor has offered me all her christmas stuff! She has decided she (at the age of 84+) does not want to put up her tree anymore and emailed me asking if I would like to take it. Artificial xmas tree (which is about 6 feet tall tops, nice size), all the ornaments (including the handmade ones from her family from denmark!!! xD), and the handmade (by her) tree skirt! Oh gosh I feel so honored that she wanted to give this to me! I am the baby of the family... and I am her eldest daughter, so I think that helped.

I am so excited. Because when I do move out of my parents house (whenever that is, I am in no rush)... I will have my own christmas tree with all the history and tradition of it! I feel lucky really~ <3 the farmor. I defiantly want to make a point to go see her come spring break~

Alright I should start getting ready... who knows my dad may want to start getting ready earlier. ;p