Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Burt's Bees Shimmer

Best stuff ever!!

I decided to buy one, since I've eyed them at our schools book store. Plus I gave Jimmy a Burt's Bee hand salve... and that stuff is working amazingly on his hands! They were super dry on top.

So I thought, well if they have great hand stuff... then their lip stuff must be great (plus I knew people in high school that used it).

Seriously, trying this stuff on your lips is an experience! No joke! There is peppermint oil in it, so the first thing I felt was the mint and it was ting-gly on my lips! Plus I could totally smell it! xD I like me some peppermint!

Then the color (I bought Rhubarb) is perfect! ;D It is similar to the loreal thing I have, but more casual looking~ ;D Which is what I want in a lip balm~ I have the fancy stuff for fancy events.
I am a huge fan of this companies stuff~ My lips feel wonderful when I put this on. Now granted it came off when I ate lunch (you can see the color on the napkin) but honestly... duh~ its lip balm! ;D I love it~

This lip shimmer was a major high light for my day... that and I finished my two papers before 6:30am. So that was good too~ ^^*

I am excited~ Today after school~ I get to see my new shoes! Oh I hope they fit, because I cannot wait to wear them~ if they dont fit, we will have to send them back and try another size (I am thinking if anything, they may be too big, some 11's fit me perfectly and sometimes they are too long... so we will see! xD)

I think I am going to knit... verses study right now... I was wanting to start knitting my Aunt Jennie's socks soon. So I need to get these two pairs off the needles (3 out of the 4 are at the heel turn) and get started on my Aunt's pair~ Also its pink! So pretty!

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Sayllama said...

Ooh! I love Burt's Bees! I've only used the plain lip-balm and I love the peppermint tingle. Nice to know there are shimmers available too!