Sunday, January 18, 2009

Spending monies

Is such an issue for me... however, when it is so cheap! ;D I am not too concerned.

So yeah. Went to Target today with my brother to get some more cat food.

But then I went into Target, I remembered that I had a dream last night that my brother and I were looking at their purses/huge tote bags, in pretty green colors! Now granted, Alex has never tagged along with me to look at purses... better yet in my dream he was buying makeup too. So yeah. I went and looked at the purses.

Then I noticed that a huge amount of them were on clearance! xD (I love the turn around on their items!) Then I saw this pretty pretty green bag. Now, I do have a Coach black tote back~ which I ADORE~ but there are times when I wish it was a bit bigger and or not a Coach purse ($$$$$) because then I worry about where I put it, like I do not ever put it on the floor, or on the edge of a chair, so I always have to have it hanging on my knee as I sit at places and at the movie theatre it has its own seat.

So then looked at the price of this pretty pretty green purse... 6 BUCKS! xD SOoOoooo cheap! Then I realized it was about the same size/depth as the Coach but a bit longer... so then I thought hmmm... SI! I want this!


So as soon as I got in the car I switched everything out from the ever so lovely Coach into this. This is going to me my random-I-can-throw-it-around-in-the-car-at-the-movies-place-on-the-floor-casual purse! ;D Also... with the added length... I can put my knitting in it easier!


Plus it holds a lot of stuff too! :D My sock knitting fits in a corner of this purse... verses taking half of it in the Coach purse. (The sock knitting is in a small black canvas bag) I also can even feel ok in placing a blueberry scone in the bag... where as the Coach... yeah not so comfortable with the idea.
- - -

Then for the knitting aspect of this blog...I realized... why I liked the purse so much when I saw it.

To me it is a mix between purses.... knitting purses~ oooo
It is a mix between Jordana Paige's Bella bags, because I did love the crossing pattern on the front, but did not fall in love with the narrow-ness size. (Nor the price whew!)


Then a crossover, with the color of the Namaste Malibu Bags in the color Olive.


I do however love the peacock color in this bag too... but... green is one of my colors~ ;D I love it and it loves me. Also this bag is supppppeerrr expensive. I love knitting and all, but I also like not being broke. >.>;


I am very pleased with my nice purchase of a new hand bag~ :D (Especially the price) So I guess my dream was helpful after all... hmm maybe I should have Alex buy me make up... maybe that's what it meant. ;D lol Maybe I should convince him to change his career path from a Mechanical Engineer to a Make up Artist! ;D haha. yeah no.

Alright gotta go, I have things to do before I leave for LAX to pick up Jimmy. :D His grandparents are picking me up later so we can all go together!!! ;D YAY~ I finally get to see Jimmy! 2 months is tooooo long. <3

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