Sunday, January 25, 2009

Oh no you didn't!

rlyk, originally uploaded by hsailormoon.

Oh no you didn't! That Robe did not just dis-respect meh! *snap fingers*
- - -

I got a little vain earlier and took photos with my phone.

Plus I found my Loreal infallible lipcolour, so I am thrilled about that. I was so bummed that I lost it... and it was in the mini van. psh... typical I leave it there.
- - -

I went with Jimmy (and I drove with him in the car! yay!) to his church Catalyst today. Oh that church was snazzy in how it was set up and decorated. One downside... seats sucked... they were these wooden fold up chairs with a thin soft thing on top... yeah didn't help.

Then I decided... My job! to knit comfortable seat cushions! They seriously need them.. >.>; or at least my butt does lol.

Speaking of butts! We saw a butt crack! Total plumbers crack! FROM THE GUY IN FRONT OF US! Some skinny white guy... with no butt when he stood up... apparently could not realize that his toosh was exposed. o.O; That was certainly something I did not expect to see at church. Over all I liked the church.
- - -

Then Jimmy and I had lunch, the tre tre gourmet Taco Bell. Some coffee (for me) and some milk tea boba (for him). Then we went shopping around that area.

I bought a pair of pretty pink pearl earrings by Holly Yashi

and an angel figurine,

from this new age store that I always visited when I was in high school.

Afterwards we went to Blockbuster and they were having a sale on buy 3 (used) dvds for $20! So I bought, Nancy Drew (the newest one), Sex and the City:The Movie (I haven't seen it and am a semi fan of the series), and Made of Honor.

So I spent a fair amount today~ (about $40)... but Iam seriously pleased~ :D

What would have made it better is if I had yarn mixed in there... but alas the world is not perfect and yarn stores are not in every shopping area. *le sigh*

Time to get some stuff situated for school tomorrow. Plus I need to order these text books already. >.<;


Sayllama said...

Knitted seat cushions sound like a nice idea...but I imagine there are a lot of seats to provide for :)
And cute earrings. Not ALL fun purchases need to include yarn, though it doesn't hurt! :)

Myownigloo said...

Love the photo. Came out all surrealistic like your face is floating in a photo of a choir room all by itself, sort of like you poked your head into a TV and the rest of the world could see it on their screens.