Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Cable/book holder

deskknit, originally uploaded by hsailormoon.

So this is what I did this morning. Sat at my desk... listened to (most of ) the Lime and Violet podcast... they are super long in length... which is a great thing... but after awhile I turn it off to focus on either the pattern... or something else. I will finish it tomorrow. :) Hopefully I will finish up the fingerless glove cable pattern tomorrow morning, when I set up again like this.

I finally bought a book holder/stand as you can see in the photo here. I bought it at the CSUN bookstore when I went there with Alex. They have the exact same one at my bookstore (CSUCI), but it is like 10 dollars or so?! Here it was about 5 bucks, I couldn't pass that up. ;D So now I can have books (with patterns or text) open up while I knit and possibly do this wondrous thing called, knitting and reading at the SAME TIME! xD (I <3 audio books too lol)
- - -

So it is time for me to crash for the night soon. I have to put the last load of laundry in the dryer... then settle in. I majorly cleaned up my computer desk (which is to the right of this photo, I use this little desk (in photo) because my normal desk is such a mess and full of clutter). So hopefully I can organize my desk well enough before school starts (next tuesday, 20th) and then get started on the process of making my new desktop computer. xD
- - -

Oh one last thought, I seriously LOVE living next to the coast. I just went outside to close the gate and I can so clearly smell the salt from the ocean/beach. Like it smells as if you were to smell a sea shell in your hands with bits of sand in it. :) I seriously do not want to leave the coast... I will do whatever it takes to stay in this area. ^^* I love my oxnard~ lol

Alright goodnight!


Anonymous said...

That is a brilliant invention. I wish I had such a device, then maybe I could actually read some of the books I've been collecting... ;)

Heather said...

I'll keep an eye out at my bookstore... these have to go on sale eventually~ ;D