Wednesday, January 7, 2009

CSUN visit!

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So I went to CSUN yesterday with my brother, Alex, and I had an absolute blast!

I have over 100 photos of the gorgeous trees, buildings, landscapes, and even turtles. ;D

The school is amazingly impressive! I think if Alex did not go there... and I would have seen the campus when I was in high school, I would have fallen in love with CSUN. Granted Alex has said they paid a lotttttt of money to beautiful the campus over the past 6 years (since he started attending). But still!

I even twittered in how CSUN is like x10 in comparison to what CSUCI has. Even the bookstore is like 10 times the size in comparison to ours. xD I loved that book store by the way (I even have photos of it too lol).

Alex and I had lunch with his friend Matt... whom he and I had a discussion about teaching and the credential testing. (For example, I have to take Section 1 (of 3) CSET testing on Saturday). Also lunch was super yummy, I could only eat half (Chinese food) so the rest is in the fridge.

Went back to the campus, I had a better tour of the library (which is in the background of the photo) which is HUGE it is the second largest library, after UCLA. Insane! Alex had worked on the 4th (highest) floor for like 3 -4 years.... so they all had stories of him and such. It was really fun to hear about him and meet the people I heard about for so long.

Then after the campus visit (which the campus is hugeeeeeeeeeee omg)... we went to Anime-Plus which was down the road from the campus. Oh my goodness... my Otaku fandom came out there! xD The store is absolutely lovely, large, spacious, organized, tons of stuff, and clean. I loved it.

I bought this:

I love it! :D It also has some knitting patterns in it! Once I saw that I had to have it! xD I always was interested in looking at all the Gothic Lolita styles and such, and this is such a great collection and it is in english! ;D It's great!

I had an absolute blast with my brother yesterday. I honestly enjoy hanging out with him more and more. ;D He is so funny and I love the banter we have all the time.

Oh I also got to drive on the way home. We switched when we got to Moorpark... we took the 118 home. So I just had lots of straight aways. ;D It was a lot of fun.

I should get back to studying for the CSET... I swear the amount of information it takes to become an elementary school teacher is insane... but you know what... this if this is what it takes to get the job.... then the job is worth it... they don't give the benefits and pay to just anyone. :) bye!

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