Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Patons Stretch Socks

Patons Stretch Socks, originally uploaded by hsailormoon.

These are the yarns that I bought at Micheals that were half off!

I kinda think, mix rastia sock yarn from knit picks and the color from tofutsies... and you got this yarn. ;D Luckly, I like both of the previous yarns... and these were on sale! ;D

It was normally 5 bucks a skein... but half off makes it 2.50... which makes it 2 of these for 10 dollars! xD So I spent total of 20 dollars on this yarn when it should have cost me normally 40 dollars! Also the colorways dye lots are the exact same! ;D

I am thrilled though, about the bottom four (colorway Sugar) in that this was the yarn I was thinking of when I should have been sleeping before my CSET. But when I got to micheals I was lucky enough to see that there were 5 skeins left and that these 4 all had matching pairs in dye lots! xDDD So I bought my 4 skeins and was very pleased with myself.

Now all I need to do is wait for Red Heart and Sole sock yarn... to go on sale >.>; lol

Oh the colorways, the top left is call Mineral (for me, blue is pretty), and then the top right is Plum (also for me! ;D). Then the bottom for is called Sugar.

Which is going to be a pair of sleeping in socks for my Aunt Jennie, Pink is her favorite color... and she fell and beat her self up (she had a black eye!) lol tangled up in her night gown, trying to keep her feet warm... and fell when trying to get out of bed. She was fine, this women has the tumbling gene. But I thought why not maker my <3 Aunt Jennie a pair of socks to keep her feet warm! ;D Then I thought about making a matching pair for myself, so when she does pass away (she is in her mid 80's *crosses fingers) eventually I can have something I made for her... and a coresponding pair for myself, to think of her even more when I miss her. Aw geez, I am tearing up thinking about it. I love my Aunt Jennie, she is my 3rd Grandma! (She is my Great Aunt, but I have called her Grandma since I can remember, because she raised Alex and I when my parents worked <3333 awesome women)

Alright. Alex wants to go get breakfast, at McDonalds (oh we are so healthy)... I had a bowl of cereal... I think I will just get a large iced coffee... that stuff is so good!

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