Monday, January 26, 2009

Edu 510 = Reality sucks

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I went to my first class, for this course today... and dear god, it depressed me.

She basically gave us the run through of (she loves special ed) the reality that is out there for a multi-subject credential and the special ed credential.

No jobs out there for multi-credential... jobs for special ed.
No intern for mutli, interns for special ed.
The list went on and on.

The thing is, I do not! want to go into special education. That is something I do not want to do for my career, I cannot handle special ed, emotionally etc. I know that it is a great field and the need is high, more pay at times etc.

It is just that there are little to no jobs out there for a multi-subject (K-6th) in California... and has not been for about 2 years. Now I know we are in an economic down slide at the moment and I have 2 years till I would have completed my BA and Credential.

But what really concerns me is that, I have 5 years after I graduate with my preliminary credential to 'clear' it to an official credential. Which part of that requirement is to teach for 2 years, not substitute or do part time teaching... full on have my own classroom for 2 whole years. Well, what if I cannot find a teaching job in that time?! Will the education situation in California, especially So Cal be fixed in two years... when I graduate... or will it be worse?! Tons of districts are lay off hundreds of teachers. I just am at a loss really.

I am so bummed out... I knew that the reality of being a teacher was one thing... but to not even get the job is another. I've wanted this since I was 5, to have my own classroom and be a teacher.
- - -
I just want to knit... I am too stressed out... listening to pandora and sock knitting will help. I need to keep on track with my knitted projects.

Knitting seriously keeps you sane, in my world at least.

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