Friday, January 23, 2009

First purse, now shoes!

This time around, I am not the one doing the purchasing~ ;D

Since Jimmy got back, we exchanged gifts. I bought him the World of Warcraft Legends books and two t-shirts. ^^*
He bought me, a Roxy clutch (which is perfect for holding my fun reading books in my backpack and or purse, no bent edges!) bag, a scrapbook designed to be filled in for couples (aww <3), some Obama memorabilia from his trips to DC this winter, and a pair of adorable roxy shoes! One down side, but not a problem at all~ the shoes are too small. He ordered a size 9 and I wear a size 11, so of course they were a bit snug. But I loveeeddd the design. So he is going to send them back to (they have free shipping back and forth for shoes, as many times you need) and basically said I get the credit of the shoes and pick something nice from the site for myself! xD So I picked theseeeeeeeeee~

They are Naturalizer brand, Daily (the name of the shoe). Click the photo to the link to the website about the shoe~

The red is absolutely adorable!!!!!!!! I never spend this much on a pair of shoes, but Jimmy wanted me to get something 'nice' when I was asking if I could buy two video games from the site (they have everything on this site!). So I picked out these lovely shoes! ;D

I ordered a size 11 wide shoe... and what is great is, as I mentioned before, the free shipping back and forth, so if it is a bit too loose, I can send it back no problem! (Just have to wait a bit of course). So I am very happy, because I remember I read about this shoe brand awhile ago, in that they had wonderful shoes (and fashionable ones) that were very comfortable.

Tomorrow, Jimmy and I are going to go on a date and hang out at a shopping center, have lunch, window shop at Barnes n' Noble, Micheals (He wants yarn for his sackboy doll I am going to knit him *crosses fingers*, luckly they posted the pattern online for free), Kohls, Gamestop, have some Jamba Juice (I have giftcard with a little bit on it), and then have dinner at Macaroni Grill (he got a gift card for it on Christmas). ^^* So I am extremely looking forward to tomorrow. It will be nice. Hopefully it doesn't rain too badly.
- - -

As for my knitting. Not much really, a bit here and there to be quite honest. I knit a bit of a sock (a few rows) waiting for Jimmy to buy his bus card at school (I bought mine earlier). Then I knit on Jon's scarf while watching tv today, so that was good to get some cables done on that.

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Jocelyn said...

I love Naturalizer! The black boots I wear to the office is from them and I have a pair of the most comfy square-heeled pumps for two years now. Great buy!