Thursday, January 15, 2009

stuffing + eggs = yum!

stuffing + eggs = yum!, originally uploaded by hsailormoon.

So this is what Iam up to... at lunch time.

I've been watching videos of AX 2008 ( I really wish it was Ax already :( )

And I've been working on Jon's scarf. :D
The Dad's Sharfik scarf lol, I still don't know how to pronounce that name.

Then I remembered that I had some left over stuffing from yesterday (I made a box of stuffing yesterday and had some for lunch, yum!) So I had about a third of a cup left... and then thought hmm, instead of feeding it to the chickens (because they eat anything uu;) I can have this mixed with eggs for breakfast.

Well this morning I had cereal instead. But! The stuffing omelet sounded even better for lunch! ;D

So here is a photo of my little desk~ This is very very good... seriously

I kind of used this recipe from this site:

Except I added an extra egg (white) along with the 3 whole eggs... I think I should have left out that whole egg... because I am getting full... but hey~ that's what your meal is suppose to do~ ;D This is seriously yummy! I am so proud of myself! ^^*

Back to watching Ax videos... and some more knitting. :D

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