Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Sock yarn o color!

Sock yarn o color!, originally uploaded by hsailormoon.

Now who doesn't love the macro setting! Seriously!

Look at how pretty this is! xD

I have my iced coffee... in hand.. yummy caramel and I think I am going to do some knitting today!

Yesterday I did not knit one stitch, but instead played (and finished!) Professor Layton and the Curious Village on my Nintendo Ds.

Today... I think I will focus on finishing my mothers fingerless gloves. If I do not get those done soon... I will never get them done.

I have been working on her socks though. The 1st of the blue wool socks, I turned the heel and finished the gusset. The 2nd blue wool sock, I just casted on recently and am finishing the cuff.

The two Patons olive colorway socks, are at the heel flap portion.

So I am trying to keep it all... kind of worked together, so in the end I have 2 complete pairs! ;D


sayllama said...

I've been making an effort to de-lurk myself from some of the blogs I read, so I just wanted to say hello! (Oh, and Professor Layton is an awesome game!)

Heather said...

Haha, I am trying to do the same thing in 'de-lurking'. However contests I am all over the peoples blogs! ;D I won a free book once! ^^*


And yes... Professor Layton is AWESOME! ;D I have had such fun with it! I have had to go online a few times for some answers now and again... but ah the ending! Such a trip... I never saw that turn coming! xD