Thursday, July 24, 2008

Iam done with Jury Duty. Nothing happened which was kind of dissapointing.
Time for Jury Duty. Oi

Friday, July 18, 2008

Not an Lys, but just as fun (if not more shh)

This is what I did yesterday night! :D Oh my gosh I had so much fun!!! xD

I did a huge post on my livejournal, so I just decided to copy the link and put it here! :D

You should totally go to it! There is video of me playing/singing for Rockband 2!!!!! :D Oh it was fun!

Hurray for! :D I love dating a gamer.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Didnt go to the lys after all. But we are at the Joystiq E3 After party, in Santa Monica. Tons of free gaming goodies! :X

good good

Everything is good.

I've been knitting up a storm, that now my fingers in my right hand are kind of hurting. I need to keep my hand lotion near me while I knit. lol

I am thinking of hopping by my lys to pick up this like hand balm thingy. It seemed cool and the reviews around the store is that it is great.

I realized I still have most of my cash from AX in my purse... so it is burning a hole in my pocket. My parents have yet to ask for it back... so I am like ooooo I can use my cash to buy stuff there and they will not know (unlike the debit card lol) xDDD I am so terrible.

But I want to go spend the day with Jimmy really... and the lys is in a great location where I can go to all these other shopping places etc too! :D Like Barnes n Noble, Target, Micheals, Gamestop, Sprint store (for him to check out the instinct phone). etc. Also we can get lunch and a good cup of coffee or what not there too~ :D I am excited.

I miss just spending time with him, even though AX wasn't that long ago. But spending 4 days with him 24/7... oh it was so great. Just seeing each other once and awhile during the week is tough. I don't think school will be much better either. I have most of my classes during the day (Mon-Wed) and he usually has afternoon classes. But alas different majors~ it is not like we are working on our GE reqs. lol.

Well I should get ready.

Oh I did want to mention knitting stuff. I have finally decided that I want to start doing those 'squares' of knitting for charity, has it where you knit a square and mail it to them and they put all these patches together to make blankets for different organizations. So I am doing that with all my worsted acrylic yarn (and I have quite a bit, due to my mom buying me thrift store yarns, and a lot of it is acrylic, that someone else did not want). I love knitting, so I don't care what is really. Just as long as it doesnt tear my hands apart like Lion Brand Homespun xP.

Also sock knitting is going well. I am almost done with the Art Walk yarn sock. I cannot wait to finish and take tons of photos of it~ oh the colors change so much it is pretty close up!. Then I have the 1st sock of the Tofutsies from AX almost done, but I leave that for out and about knitting, because.... its stockinette, super easy. :D

Second sock syndrome? Me... nah, I don't think so. I get excited to start the other one, so then I can finish the pair and start a new one. But it helps that I have two sets of dpns and work on two different socks at the same time~ :D One is usually a bit complex and the other is super simple and easy. :D <3

Now I need to get ready.

(oh and Stash and Burn podcast is amazing! :D I love listening to them~ ;DTons of de-stashing tips, which I need to do lol, before it gets 'bad' lol)

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Ax 08

Honestly I had the best time ever in LA for Anime Expo!

I adored that I was able to be with Jimmy 24/7, for four days straight. I could not of had a better person to be with, I simply love him so much! :D

WE HAD A BLAST! We got cranky once and awhile... due to just being tired (and he drank lots of energy drinks, like two a day or so, seriously... and that is 'nothing' for him oi ><:) or hot (which was me, I hate being hot omg ><;) But honestly, I would not want to be cranky with anyone else ;p. Here are some photos that I took. I honestly do not want to post each and every one. So here is the album. :D

Then let's see, Oh I bought tons of goodies. Lots of manga! :D (which I rarely buy and I spent a pretty penny lol about 60 or so on all of it) Plushies (designed by the convention, of a kitty and bunny, plus come with their own pins). Two figurings, a cute small bento box (it had a black cat (from Kiki's Delivery Service) and it sooo reminded me of Duo so I had to have it!) I bought some cuteeee pins, oh and I bought an anime series (season one)~ xDDD I should just take a picture of all of it later! xD I loved it!

I kept trying to tell myself that, if I don't spend money here, I can spend the money on yarn... but the anime won~ xD Last time I went with Jimmy (2 years ago). When it came to the shopping, he spent tonsssssss of money, and I spent like next to nothing. Now this time around it has switched around~ xD (hahaha) It was great.

The Panels that we went to were a blast, I am a bigger fan of TokyoPop comp. more so now! xD We each won free stuff from some of the panels we went to. We went to 2 concerts~ oh they were fun. Then.... ummm.... oh AX Idol! xD Oh my goodness it was soooo much fun to go to! Voice acting is tough~~~ xD It was so much fun, I am glad we went to it on a whim, and we are so addicted to it, we have to go to it each year from now on. Then we watched some awesome anime! xD Oh it was fun!

The one thing we did not go to (because we went to pretty much all the major events) was the 'dances' (which I was ok with ;p I remember highschool and junior high, I doubt it has changed much since then... tons of people moving in a big blob in the middle of the room, dark, misty 'for mood but you know its sweat ew', tooooooo loud music... and dirty sweaty people, which means it is going to be super hot in there. Um. No. xP I pulled the ' I am too tired to go' card with Jimmy on the last night. But honestly it was true I was d
eaddddd tired. I slept through the Neon Genesis Evangelion showing, which was soooo awesome! But I was sooo tired I couldn't sit up and try to watch it, so a half an hour into it, I crashed between the seats on the floor the whole time. So to go to a hot sweaty dirty loud room... no thanks, Sorry Jimmy. (He was wanting to go to it at least once, sorry)

I did some sock knitting there~ :D Not a lot, but just a bit, close to finishing the cuff... I left it behind one time and omg I could have done so much knitting, I was seriously kicking myself, it was lame.

But overall, I would love to go again and I cannot wait for next year. I like that they have the LA Convention Center, it works out just right for how big this event is. I reached 43k this year I think! xD Crazy~ :D I loved it~

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Yay I finished the shopping hall at AX! :o Now Jimmy and I are now watching a movie we missed last night.:)

Friday, July 4, 2008

Iam so bummed. I have had my sock knitting with me the whole time during the con, and I completly forgot about it right now. :( I miss it