Thursday, July 17, 2008

good good

Everything is good.

I've been knitting up a storm, that now my fingers in my right hand are kind of hurting. I need to keep my hand lotion near me while I knit. lol

I am thinking of hopping by my lys to pick up this like hand balm thingy. It seemed cool and the reviews around the store is that it is great.

I realized I still have most of my cash from AX in my purse... so it is burning a hole in my pocket. My parents have yet to ask for it back... so I am like ooooo I can use my cash to buy stuff there and they will not know (unlike the debit card lol) xDDD I am so terrible.

But I want to go spend the day with Jimmy really... and the lys is in a great location where I can go to all these other shopping places etc too! :D Like Barnes n Noble, Target, Micheals, Gamestop, Sprint store (for him to check out the instinct phone). etc. Also we can get lunch and a good cup of coffee or what not there too~ :D I am excited.

I miss just spending time with him, even though AX wasn't that long ago. But spending 4 days with him 24/7... oh it was so great. Just seeing each other once and awhile during the week is tough. I don't think school will be much better either. I have most of my classes during the day (Mon-Wed) and he usually has afternoon classes. But alas different majors~ it is not like we are working on our GE reqs. lol.

Well I should get ready.

Oh I did want to mention knitting stuff. I have finally decided that I want to start doing those 'squares' of knitting for charity, has it where you knit a square and mail it to them and they put all these patches together to make blankets for different organizations. So I am doing that with all my worsted acrylic yarn (and I have quite a bit, due to my mom buying me thrift store yarns, and a lot of it is acrylic, that someone else did not want). I love knitting, so I don't care what is really. Just as long as it doesnt tear my hands apart like Lion Brand Homespun xP.

Also sock knitting is going well. I am almost done with the Art Walk yarn sock. I cannot wait to finish and take tons of photos of it~ oh the colors change so much it is pretty close up!. Then I have the 1st sock of the Tofutsies from AX almost done, but I leave that for out and about knitting, because.... its stockinette, super easy. :D

Second sock syndrome? Me... nah, I don't think so. I get excited to start the other one, so then I can finish the pair and start a new one. But it helps that I have two sets of dpns and work on two different socks at the same time~ :D One is usually a bit complex and the other is super simple and easy. :D <3

Now I need to get ready.

(oh and Stash and Burn podcast is amazing! :D I love listening to them~ ;DTons of de-stashing tips, which I need to do lol, before it gets 'bad' lol)

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