Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Hello Jay.

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So yes, here is the last photo of my jaywalkers. Hence me keeping it home to finish the toe and what not.
- - -
Now onto the mopey student rant.
So did my English presentation, it went well. We had fun with it and we were the last group to go (people went wayyyy over 12 minutes) so everyone's brain was fried. We also had great reviews of it, that people enjoyed it and liked it. Which was fantastic (except for this one chick that needs to take the stick out of her, you know what and said we need to be 'professional' and blah blah blah, well with her presentation, they all stood next to each other, read her too detailed mess of an outline, and she never stopped talking, I learned nothing and honestly don't even remember it, so you know we got a better grade then her group did. Such a pain seriously.) But moving on~ lol

So classes are over with for the day. I was walking to the cafeteria for lunch.. yum lunch.
Then it hit me. Tomorrow is another day of classes.... TOMORROW~ I have my Special Education class... TOMORROW there is a major test.

I need to study for said test.... and booooooooo I kinda sorta pay attention in there, enough to have discussions about it, but have not memorized material to be tested on. Oi. u.u; totally killed the rest of my day.

But I have mac and cheese to munch on... >.>; I could have made better... this is bland. lol

Oh my~

another sock, originally uploaded by hsailormoon.

Look what I casted on~

Another pair of socks! xD At least I did not buy more yarn lol... I have a great enough stash that I can now pull out pretty yarn and start knitting right away verses looking for new yarn.

This is part of my birthday yarn from Jimmy (I ordered, he gave me his credit card). It was all Knit Pick Palettes, so this color is Marine Heather. It looks super pretty~ (plus it has such an awesome name I think ;p) lol.

Those are my Knit picks 2.75mm needles too~ ;D I like the 6 in length~. I finished the cuff and just started a few rows on the leg. It is going to be a regular stockinette sock pattern I've done a million times. I actually made copies of my pattern, with my notes on it, because... that pattern paper has been worn out to no end. Hehe. ^^*

The Jaywalkers are not destined to be at home socks, until I finish the toe. I do not want to go toooo far in knitting the foot and forget about the foot length. So these new socks are simple, easy, whip out and start knitting like mad, at school/purse socks. ;D I however am excited to start the next jaywalker too.

Ok now I should log off and start working on my English Homework that is due today... and plan for the group presentation. I have till noon, but better now then later. ;D

Monday, September 29, 2008

Monday Monday Monday.

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So... I did receive the yarn I ordered. It wasn't as pretty as I hoped in the hank; however, it is sooo pretty wound up. xD I hand wound it into a skein (I missed the debates because of it lol) that night and I love it. This will be my first time using superwash and bamboo. It has such nice colors~ I am pleased.

That is Socks enjoying the attention outside. This is taken on my phone. Alex and I went out and got him a new camera (Cannon 1100 something, light blue) at work. Which means that his older camera is now completely mine! xD 3.2 mp but it works well for me~ The macro is nice~ ;D So I need to start using that camera more often. (heh, It's been in my room for months though, lol but now it is 'mine')

This camera situation works out well because when we go to Blizzcon in 2 and a half weeks, we will each have our own camera for the event. ;D Then with my braces being off by thursday, I am totally going to be smiling like crazy~ xD

School is never ending. I just want a break already... and it has only been a month into it. I am just so tired too, I want to go take a nap really when I get home and do work later or what have you. I especially do not want to do a power point presentation right now and have it be a group presentation either, because then I have to work with people and get them ready to do it, verses me just doing it all at once and be done with it. Ugh.

I am so stiff right now too, I blame Socks. She kept me up for 2 hours last night running around my room and getting into things around my room that I couldn't sleep. Till I got sick of it and threw her out of my room and closed the door.

I have about a half an hour till I get to see Jimmy and cuddle with him. He makes me feel better. <3 I am going to snoop around Ravelry now. Bye.

Booo I got a 78% on the Psy test last week. I should have done better. I have a B+ in the class, 120. 1 point away from an A. Bummer but fixable.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Yay! I am wearing my wool socks to bed, since it is a cold night~ I need to make more of these, I have the yarn. They are so comfy and warm!

Falling for Ewe Autumn Yarn Swap

Week #3 Question:
What meals or food means 'Fall' for you?

To me, that's a simple answer. Pumpkin bread.

My mom is infamous for her pumpkin bread in both sides of my family. Every time my mother goes to visit her family, they alwaysssss ask if she bought pumpkin bread and which one they could have. So she always brings plenty. So Thanksgiving and Christmas we make a ton of pumpkin bread and ever since I was little I would be the walnut grinder (with this funky device) for all these batches. Now it is just a waiting game as to when my Mom will start baking these and I will get recruited to grind the lovely walnuts (which honestly I don't even like them in the bread). xP
- - -

Now time for TONS of homework. I swear these teachers never quit! Oi

Friday, September 26, 2008

Argh... frustration

SSPX1618, originally uploaded by hsailormoon.

Lol... not really. I look angry in that picture don't I. xD

It was really bright and the sun was in my eyes... I was having dinner with my parents at Panda Express *yum* and got bored while they were talking.

- - -
I think I will be getting that yarn package today... it is less then an hour away and it 'left' the office this morning. So hopefully. I cannot wait to see it.
- - -
I finally have the Knit picks return packaged and ready to get sent out. I am going to the post office later when we take Socks to the vet for her appointment. I think she is due with her last set (3 total) of shots.
- - -
I also may have a few things to send out in regards to last swap people~ ;D <3 Then I need to finish packing up this swaps gifts and send them out also. I have enough stuff for 2 months so I just need to organize it all. :)
- - -
Frustration... is my homework. I am procrastinating right now in blogging (before it was playing WoW) in doing my health homework. Boo. However, this stuff is stupidly easy... and I don't know why I just do not finish it. It is always the hardest part for me to just get it started.
- - -
Braces off in less then a week (6 days).... and Blizzcon is in less then 3 weeks. Hurray! :D
I guess I should start writing, the sooner I get this done with I can then start playing wow and knitting~ xD

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Summer of Yarn Love Swap is now over.

I have of course loveeeeeeeddd getting my package from my summer swap partner.

But I also had tons of fun with the sending out packages. Also luckly my swap partner took beautiful photos of my packages to her. xD So here they are, my blog always can use more knitting related photos. If you click the photos, they will send you to the blog entry she posted with details of each item! :)

I just think they all look soooo pretty~ (also I may be a bit biased since I sent them to her! ;P) lol.

The First Package

Second Package

Final package
It was so much fun shopping for someone else~ Also it was even better that I had someone send me super loveeeellllyyyy packages that matched mine that I sent out I think~ ;D I got royally screwed on my first swap, so I always get nervous in getting 'shafted' a bit in packages.

But the Summer of Yarn Love was great... and I think that the Fall one shall be no exception! <3
- - -
Reality note.
School has been owning me... badly. But it's nothing I cannot recover from. :) Oh and Mister Diet Coke and I are madly in <3>.>; where my stomach hurts lol (yeah I know too much information lol, but not the gross nasty gas lol) bye

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


This (The Daily Chum):

Lead me to this (the Etsy Store):

Which lead me to this item (Sock Yarn Superwash Merino Wool and Bamboo Geisha Colorway)

Which then lead to this! (The purchase of pretty pretty yarn):

I do not regret it~~ :D

However... I do regret not working on my homework... and I have an hour left to finish and get to class.... but... shhh I think it was worth it~ ;D

Monday, September 22, 2008

Test completed

and I feel 'eh' with it... not in a I don't care sense... but in a 'I could have done better' aspect. Which is what is frustrating. I was thinking over and over again in my head of 'I should have studied more' while walking to class. Very frustrating, but I only have myself to blame. tisk tisk. Ah well... probably B-C range I think... unless I did better then I feel.
- - -
So there is this 'book swap' thing on campus. Since I finished The Historian, I thought I would turn it into this thing. So I will bring that book with me tomorrow... and drop it off... and I already picked up the one I want. :D


So... we will see how it goes. It is not like I neeeeedddd another book to read... but I like having a new one. This one is in great condition... and it was between this or the Blind Assassin.... and I checked reviews and this one faired better. :)

Oooo and Chuck is online so I get to watch the last for episodes of last season.... and the new season premiere too~

But... before I start engulfing myself with all these fun things (including my knitting... I am past the heel and am working on the gusset decreases). I need to organize my classwork due tomorrow and what not. bye :)
I dont think I studied enough for my Psy test. Darnit.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Oh, but you know what this means... Cold weather in NY~ I get to make him an awesome winter scarf for Christmas! ;) Lol I'll miss him. <3
Bummer. I just found out that Andrew is moving back to New York. :( But I know he has been wanting to go back, for awhile. So Iam happy for him~

Historian ~ DONE! :D


I finally finished reading The Historian last night! Oi, this book was big... and kinda boring in between 'trips' in the book. However the ending kinda was worth it... the last hundred pages or so. I kinda feel that the author felt like 'oh, I need to finish this book and have the ending I planned' because she put sooooo much work into the rest of the book with details, environments etc. I am happy I read it~ :D I am going to bring this to school for the 'student book exchange' at the library and pick out something there. You bring a fairly recent book and then leave it there and you pick one out for yourself. You can keep the books, read them, bring them back, what have you, just as long as you exchange a book for another book. :)

- - -
So then this means I can start reading this~

It is sooo big and I don't want to carry it with me in my backpack so I will leave it at home. I started reading it a bit when I got it in the mail. I really enjoy reading about WoW, because right now, Iam stuck in the middle of the game between casual leveling (which is done) and hard core raiding (which I am not 'skilled' enough in gear or what not to start doing, nor enough people to even do the simpilar ones). So waiting for the next expansion (in Nov. 13th) is the best deal.
- - -
Speaking of which, Blizzcon is less then two weeks away!!! xD I will also have my braces off at that time!! xDDD So exciting. :D
- - -

So my hand has pretty gone down in swelling.... where I can see some veins and bone on the top of my hand. But I don't want to make the swelling worse... and am not knitting. :( I know I could knit with my hand like this, but I want the whole swelling to go away. But it is killing me~~~ There are soooo many times I am chilling talking to my parents or even watching tv (which I haven't done much as of late) that I want to start knitting! I have my Jaywalkers at the part where I need to do the heel flap (which is always fun for me). Then I have the baby blanket which is such an easy knit and I cannot wait to finish it since it is working up so quickly. :( I miss my knitting, but it is good that I am getting some reading done. :)

Yet then again... I should be doing homework... I have two quizzes and homework due in both of my classes come Monday. >.>; Which I need to get done... and actually study a bit for these classes, I can do well through the classes in knowing just enough, but when it comes to the quizzes.... I have to kinda actually pay attention to the material. Oi. u.u;
- - -
Getting new tires for the Volvo today... along with some hubcaps. I guess that is it for now. I want my knitting :(. lol bye.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Where is Waldo... no wait Socks!?

findsocks, originally uploaded by hsailormoon.

So today has brought some good news! :D

I went to my orthodontists appointment andddddd~~~ I go back in two weeks and get my braces taken off!!!! xD They took an 'impression' (twice, uck) of my upper teeth and they are going to send that off to get my retainer made! XDDDD I picked a 'cranberry' color, I was like oo sparkles... but then thought otherwise. ;p I am not 12 anymore. lol

But yes~ finally the retainer-o-fun. I will now have to work on speaking with a retainer in my mouth~. But honestly I won't mind too much. :) I am just thrilled that I will not have the braces anymore~ It has been about a bit over a year and a half... but that is fine~~~ I will have my braces off by Blizzcon too! How exciting. I get my braces removed Oct.3rd and my teeth cleaned (dentist) Oct 9th, then we leave for Anaheim (like a two hour drive max with traffic) on the 10th! xDDD So exciting~~ :D I am pretty good at not losing things, so I better now lose this retainer... we made our last payment for my braces last week. :D So exciting~

Then I am at home now, chilling with Socks. She wanted to go outside when I got home, so I let her run around.So cute~ The sprinklers are on, so she isn't too eager to be running around in the front. :)

Oh also! I am ALMOST finished reading The Historian!!~~ OMG This book is huge and it drags on in toooooooooo many details most of the time. But it has been good. Finally some excitement in the end of it~ lol But I am less then a hundred pages left and I should finish it today~ :D I have been eager to finish this book for awhile. I started reading it this summer... and am excited to be finishing it. Then I can read my other 'big' books at night, because I do not like carrying them with me out and about.

Ok Socks is getting a bit too hyper and attacked my wallet on the chair. I should get going. :)

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Question of the Week #2

dragon right, originally uploaded by hsailormoon.

Question of the Week #2

What ‘cold weather’ project are you looking forward to making the most the autumn?

- - -
I think the 'cold weather' project would be to one, finish my mother's shawl. I haven't really shown her what I am doing with it, but also I have had this on the needles for quite some time. I think I started towards the end of last semester. I think I am almost done... I am just not sure yet. Since it is a 'lace' pattern kinda sorta not really, it takes me some time.

But I do want to finish making one of these ( a shawl) for myself!~ Because wrapping myself with a blanket up to my shoulders is kind of troublesome. ;) I am not sure as to what type of shawl I would want... but that can be decided later. :D

- - -

Right now I am eager to get to lunch today! :D Jimmy and I are going to Tortillas again~. I do not have my Psy 345 class today (he had to go do something today) so Jimmy and I have time to get lunch together! :D He is working today though, so we have to keep it to an hour lunch, but that will be fine, it is right by his office. ^^* I am excited, I WANT THOSE CHIPPIES and the burritos~ xDDDD It is soooo good, heck even the leftovers were delicious~ ;D

My hand is getting less swollen... oh I need to take some more aspirin now, it's been four hours. Awww how cute a highschool college tour around campus. I wish I went on those trips when I was in high school. Yet it was never a question as to which school I would go to, CSUCI was the only one I applied to transfer too. I didn't want to go anywhere else. Leaving home wasn't that important to me and I liked that this was A LOT closer to home then CSUN. ;D

I SADLY do not have ANY KNITTING with me today. I left it all at home. The less use I use of my hand the better, in hopes of the swelling going down. However, I have a manga (.hackxxx) to read, along with 'Died in the Wool' (from my swap gifts! xD), the winter Knit Simple Winter 07/08 magazine too (it was on clearance at Joanns, and I snagged it, because I didn't start buying them till recently.)

ok time for lunch! XD

Iam so looking forward to having lunch with Jimmy at Tortillas. The food is sooo yummy! :o And the yummy chippies! :D

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

My turn

kkl, originally uploaded by hsailormoon.

... to waste time and fry my brain with the internets. ;p

Jimmy and I worked on homework together this morning.. from 9-10:30am. Then he had to go to class... my brain is dead... Also I am cold, so I snagged Jimmy's jacket right now for the day. I am really wearing a cute red top underneath the jacket. Oh those are the sun glasses I bought at Disneyland! :D I <3 them. (also they have nothing in relation to mickey mouse logo or anything, just pretty)

Then what is worse is that my right hand is swollen~~~ like super swollen where it is stiff and hurts to move my first two fingers. Like I have thin and bone-y hands (as you can see on my left hand) and to have my right hand look at chubby... is totally out of the norm. Even Jimmy noticed how 'weird' it looked. Lame I know.... It kinda itches.. but then it gets super warm. So I bought a cold pack from home to keep on my hand when I am not using it. (hint hint long lectures) But my hand is so stiff too... it's frustrating. We think it is 'cat scratch fever' in the sense that Socks, is less then a year old (which usually has this bacteria in their saliva) and she bitesssss and scratches all over my arms and hands... especially my hands. But we play with her so it is partially my fault too. Hopefully it goes away. I slept with a cold pack on my hand last night (top of the hand, is where it is stiff and swollen) and I took some aspirin and have my cold pack for today too. So yeah. Then I thought, awww I don't want to knit with my hand like this. Sooooo sad.

But I can readddddd about knitting~ ;D Until the swelling goes down... I can still knit, but I just don't like looking at my 'chubby' hand, oi.

Alright it is almost 11am... I have class at noon, I need to finish up this reading and take some notes and head to class. :)

Monday, September 15, 2008

Just one of those days.

SSPX1489, originally uploaded by hsailormoon.

Mondays... normally I do not care what day of the week it would be... but today... I am using the 'Omg It's Monday' excuse.

I AM SOOOO TIRED! I just got out of my last class for the day... and I am exhausted. I snagged a lemonade (minute maid) and chugged that... eh. But then I saw all these chicks with diet cokes~~~~~ there is caffeine in these things, that they even developed ones with out the caffeine. So I bought one of those... and it is sitting with me right now... and we are enjoying each other's company. You know Diet coke has a lot of insight on life and what not, like what he said earlier.... yeah... I am rambling stupid stuff right now.

I WASSSSS going to post some cute photos from yesterday and today... but nooooooo these computers on campus do not have a card reader which leaves me without uploading photos. Weak~~~ But when I get home I will upload the cute ones on my flicker and I blog from there now.

I can't think much else to write about... but oh! yes... the photo, it's Socks. With tonssss of dust/cobwebs all over her face. She had jumped on my desk and was cute so I was trying to get her attention with my fingers (which is why you see them, oops) and I caught her in mid lick! xD Crazy cute.

Ok. Mister Diet coke and I are going to sip away a few minutes and I am going to bust out my knitting soon and listen to some music. :)

Soooo tired. 2 hours left in my class, so sleepy.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Just pretty.

SSPX1488, originally uploaded by hsailormoon.

No real true reason to blog... other then... oooo Pretty! xD

My precious~ :D I don't know if my circular knitting is up to speed as my dpn knitting... but circular is so much fun. I like how there are two sides to be concerned about. Also with the jaywalker pattern, it makes knitting it so much easier, because I usually use 4 dpns total and so I would have to split up the pattern onto three needles and it is split up into fourths, so this works out great.

I want the weekend to last longer... so I can knit more.

Da Baby!~

SSPX1484, originally uploaded by hsailormoon.

So this baby blanket... is look realllllllllyyyyyy cute. :D I am happy I kept the yarn color, it is a nice shade of orange for... get this... a baby! ;p

But honestly the pattern is super simple with knits and purls, but I love how it looks in the end. Even Jimmy said he liked the color and how it looked! xD (now if only I could teach him to knit~ ;p lol.)

I am so excited on how quickly it is knitting up and am going to be thrilled to send it to Amber when it is done! :D I need to make more baby things and keep an eye out for those preggy momas~ ;D (yes I had sugar awhile ago).

I honestly want to keep on knitting... but alas I am procrastinating right now.... however I do not have as much work (two weeks worth) of homework to finish like last time. I only have one chapter to do and a 1 page field work essay. Simple enough.

At the Mexican Heritage parade with my Dad. Walking along the Tony Volante car, passing out flyers to encourage people to vote for him. :)

Friday, September 12, 2008

2 circs + yarn = obsession

SSPX1469, originally uploaded by hsailormoon.

Yeah so seriously.... the gift is SOOOOO AWESOME! I had been eyeing this book FOREVER~~ in the idea of 'ooo other things then dpns and hmm I like circs'

But to finally have a set and an instruction book (and by Cat Bordhi no less) is FANTASTIC! xD I got home and threw my wip jaywalkers onto these right away. I have not had any confusion as to how 2 circs or even magic loop work in my head so to work it out into my hands was not difficult. But now I have a guide and the supplies to do it! :D I love it!

I think it is cute when the needles (which are so nice to knit with btw! they are so smooth and the point does not hurt as much as the harmony dpns did over time) click and clack against each other. However, I know I cannot bust these out in class or in the library (in the 'quiet rooms') but I am defiantly a fan of these and am enjoying the ease of NOT LOSING STS! xD. I also love how it looks 'soooo complicated' lol when its a simple transition after dpns (which also look 'complicated') xD

I like how I was seriously looking at circs for sock knitting at Joanns when I picked up the 29'' circ for my baby blanket. Saying to myself, 'Oh I don't know the length I need, I will wait later to get stuff for this, since I don't know what I need at the moment.' :D Now it's here! I cannot wait to show my parents this tomorrow morning. :)

Ok... now back to my Health homework, it's due before 10pm... and its 9:22pm... shoot.... I have one question left to answer and reply to 2 other posts! gotta go! xD


SSPX1467, originally uploaded by hsailormoon.



I am in a current non stop knitting fix on the circs!!!!!! (I LOVEEEEE IT that I got them!!!!!) I cannot wait to start reading the book and omg the yarn is pretty, and then the pattern thingy and then the stitch markers and then the patterns and omg omgomg omg... more details later~~ xDDDD Must go back to knitting!!!

Omg! I just got my package from Kelly! It is all fantastic. It is everything I've eyed and secretly wanted! I love it all so much! :D:D:D:D

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Lunch = Yum

SSPX1454, originally uploaded by hsailormoon.

So I just got back from having lunch with Jimmy. He has a break from 1:30 to 3, so we have lunch together on Thursdays (it's the only day we get to).

So there is this new restaurant on campus (well the first restaurant other then the expensive cafeteria) by the book store. Well Jimmy went there during his lunch break at work this week, and so he and I went today! :D The place is called Tortillas, and get this, they serve mexican food~ ;P lol I liked it. I was wanting mexican for lunch today too. :) It is a bit pricey but overall fantastic~ :D I loveeeeddd their chippies~ (ie chips) they were delicious, normally I skip the chips, but these were 'home' made in the restaurant and I devoured them! :D

Oh and the burrito~ yum yum yum~ I had the 'baja burrito', Carnitas, pico de gallo, cheese, umm, other stuff, but I passed on the guacamole. However, I was only able to eat half of it, because the chippies were soooo good. So I saved the other half, gotta keep plastic baggies in case of an emergency like this~ ;D It was too good to toss out. Also Jimmy had to come to the library and get some homework done. I am so having the rest for dinner. :D

- - -
Let's see last night I got tonnnssss of yarn... I should take some photos later of it. It was late and dark in my room, so my cell phone would not take any type of decent photos. I have all the Vanna Choice baby yarn for the blanket. I am not going to return and exchange it, I decided that this is a baby and it should be a bit softer in color. However, if this was a kid, like just beyond toddler, then a brighter color would have been a better choice. :) So I did a gauge swatch, garter stitch, so easy, and it works on size US 8 like in the pattern. Which I am thrilled with, because normally I have to go up a size, however that is with socks.... this I don't think would be much of a problem. Now I have to go to Joanns and buy the 29 circs :D. (Joanns, because it is close to home)

Then I looked at the Knit picks yarn, I love the colorways I got for me, the Mixed Berry and the Martiniani?! however it is spelled. Yet I opened the package with Jimmy and to show him 'his' sock yarn, for the socks I would make him, which was in the Schooner colorway. However, on all the monitors and photos on their site and on ravelry, it looked like a lite blue, lite green, gray thing, with also an off white stripe. Well in person, that off white stripe looks like a lite custard yellow. I showed it to him and he wasn't too thrilled with the 'yellow' and I agree. So I am going to return them to Knit picks this next week. Then I will have 10 bucks back... and mayyybe order another set of the harmony Size US 2 (2.75mm) dpns?!?! Orrrr the 20 dollar set of the metal dpns.... I am not sure, but my mind is already pondering at another order. xD

Overall last night was yarn heaven~ ^^* Then it hit me... omg I have a stash... that is never going to end, lol. :D But I think I will be ok with that.... for now ;) I love it all equally.

Harmony <3

SSPX1442, originally uploaded by hsailormoon.

These new Harmony dpns are fantastic. I like them. Six inches in length are a different experience all together! :D I made some progress since my last photo post ... I had not done the heel flap on that one. Here I am past the heel and working on the foot. I like how smooth the needles are, I feel like I am knitting faster. :)

These two socks are completely different from each other, but I love the colors it does not matter. ;D

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

3 hour classes are too long... Especially back to back. Thank goodness for the coffee vending machine.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


SSPX1432, originally uploaded by hsailormoon.

I came home today thinking that maybe my package would have been here since it came to my city yesterday.

Well.... it did get here to my house... but no one was able to pick it up!!! :( We close our gate to our house during the day due to dogs coming in the yard after the chickens or what not. So the post office people sometimes just toss the package on the other side of the fence on the grass.... or don't leave it.

:( So I have a notice saying that it will be at the post office for pick up tomorrow after 11am. Sad thing is that I leave the house at 7:30am to get to the bus at 8am. :( Then I am at school till 4:30 and am not back till about 5pm. However the post office stays open till 6:30pm, but I may just ask my dad to pick it up tomorrow if he can, I don't know his schedule.

I am so bummed, I was looking forward to the Harmony dpns tonight~ to use with these socks. :( Then I would have the yarn for two pairs of socks and then Jimmy's socks. Bummer. I was hoping to start the Jaywalker pattern too. I've never made Jaywalkers, so I thought that would be exciting.

I guess this gives me more time to finish these tofutsie socks. I pulled them out at the library after my class waiting for Jimmy and for the bus to come. It was cute that this old women (there are a lot of senior citizens visiting the campus for a class or something) came behind me and said 'Its good to see young ones still knitting, I thought it was an ancient craft now.' :) So sweet.

However, this just means I will have two packages of stuff I ordered. The knit picks and then the knitting warehouse so eh. I will be ok. I have freshly washed bedding so I will sleep well tonight and am excited to catch some Zzz's.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Falling for Ewe Question

What is your favorite thing about Autumn?

- - -
I think the colder weather. Winter is freezing but Fall is a wonderful transition into the cold season.

I love bundling up in several blankets while going to sleep. ^^* I like colder weather in general... more times then not I sleep with my ceiling fan on just to keep cold during the night.

Oh also~ the extra hot chocolate/coffee that I can drink too~ to 'keep warm' ;D
Quiz went well... Easier then I thought, but I still would need to read and get a better understanding of all the material. :) But manageable.
Did not get a chance to study for my quiz at 9am, but I have a half an hour bus ride. So hopefully that will help. Did finish the Psy homework.:)

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Bottle + Sock = Cute!!

SSPX1427, originally uploaded by hsailormoon.

My bottle sock! :D So exciting. Now understand, I was not knitting during church (even though I wish I could)... I was weaving the ends. :D It looks so cute. I like it! I am actually using it right now on my desk. I love the bottle, but I also love the cover for it! :D Fun fun~


So this hopefully will keep my purse a bit dryer at school. :D I already updated my Ravelry with this.

I am getting my last Summer of Yarn Love Swap package together. This is going to be a good closing package. I have 7 skeins of yarn, candy, stickers, pretty note book, a beautiful tea light with shells, and a small pattern book. My partner was big on doing dishcloths... and heck seeing the patterns in this book, they are pretty cute. I should do a few. ;D I need to pull out my cotton yarn and do some. :D I already scanned a few copies of these patterns. ;D

Now I have homework to finish! Oi. But I am a smart kid~ ;P So I will be fine. Oh~ and I kicked Jimmy's butt at the go carts and Golf n' Stuff.. but he and Jason beat me at the mini-golf. xD But I think the Go cart's was a better thing to win at~ ;D lol

Yay! I finished my water bottle sock. :o (in church, shhh ;)) Photos when I get home. Ooo. I should make one of these for my Farmor. :D

Friday, September 5, 2008

Yay GolfnStuff paid for by CSUCI! Go carts! :o Yay! This is going to be a fun night with Jimmy~ :D

Yarn = Crack

So yeah seriously, yarn is my crack~ :D

I spent another $40 dollars on yarn today at the my local yarn store, Anacapa's Fine Yarn.
However, of three skeins of yarn... only one was for me! xD I bought 2 skeins of yarn for my swap partner, so I have two months set and then the last month will be stuff I find through out this fall. :)

I just need to send out my package for my last swap partner for the summer. Oi. Today is Friday right?! Ok I have Saturday to go to the post office... I just need to send it out and do all the letters and what not. I have the items in the box... I am such a procrastinator. Shame.

I have a lot of homework to do... I need to get started on it. A pretty good amount of reading... then I have a Science quiz on Monday... I just do not really 'know' what she was trying to teach us in class... so we will have to see. Studying at full force, until I can figure out what her quizzes are like.

A highlight for the day is that my dad got a Brita Water pitcher filter! :D I've noticed that since they are putting in the sewer lines the next block over (and will eventually get to ours) that the water tastes really metally... and I've been drinking tap water since I was a little girl and never had any problems with it. This is the first time I am not wanting to drink our tap water and I hate it because I love ice water at night and all the time and I haven't been wanting to drink any water. Plus it is really pretty~ ;D

Plus it comes with these two fancy water bottles~ :D
I am excited to use this, it will hold up in my purse very well! ;D Now I need to knit a 'bottle sock' for this~ ;D lol so it does not sweat in said purse. ;p

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Mail! <3333

Soooo, I've spent tonssss of money online lately... like seriously... like almost $100 (shipping included etc). But to my defense not all of it is spent on stuff I wanted~~~... $25 of it is on gift projects! xD I am making Jimmy a pair of socks (I always thought he was joking that he wanted a pair of socks from me, lol) and then a baby blanket for a friend of mine who just had a baby boy.

Jimmy's socks are going to be from knit picks link Felici self striping in color way Schooner! I want to make him like regular socks... but he doesn't wear regular socks... he wears those ankle sport type socks a lot. So hmmm, if that is the case I can make him ankle socks and give him two pair! ;D (I ordered two 50gram skeins).

Then the second gift is the baby blanket, in get this~ Orange!! :D in Vanna's Choice Baby yarn link in the color way of Goldfish! xD Such a cute name. I messaged my friend on myspace asking her what colors baby boys wear (because I have no clue with boys lol) and that which color she liked most for her son Aiden. Well she replied and said uck on the blues, her fave color is green, but she LOVES orange for Aiden and is bummed that there are not a lot of baby clothes in that color. So instance solution~ baby blanket in a lovely orange! :D The pattern I am going to use is Sunny Baby Blanket link. So that is going to look beautiful! :) I am excited. I am just debating now between using a US 8 or US 9 needle. Iam a tight knitter and have usually had to go up a size in most patterns to get guage..... But I need a 29' circular needle, so I will have to go out and buy that later. So I guess when the yarn gets here I will make a swatch and see what happens. I am just anxious to get this started! :D My first blanket I ever made was .... to put it lightly not great. lol.

But then now with a new swap for the fall, I went on the goodie shopping spree... at the bookstore on campus~ xD I always try to at least toss in a few non knitting items, but hobbies that they like. :) I already have 2 months worth of 'good' (ie big) goodies~ ;D I am excited. But oi I spent like $40 dollars.... lol but granted I bought other stuff... for myself too... oi lol. However~... everything was on clearance/sale. :D So it would have been uber expensive if I didn't do this. ;D I love good deals.
- - -

I love it. I am chilling in one of the 'quiet rooms' and there is this older women (totally a grandma to someone <333) crocheting across the room from me. It makes me think of my Farmor (father's mother in danish, ie grandma) crocheting etc. However I did talk to Farmor for oh geez... 45 minutes or so today. I called her and chilled outside the book store :). I always enjoy talking to her. Oh that reminds me I need to send her photos of Socks. =D

Oh I also snagged an Obama 08 sticker from a table of voter registration in front of the book store, the people were friendly. I am already of course registered and heck even working as a polling place inspector. :D So I enjoyed chit chatting for a bit. I want an Obama button... my dad said he was going to get me one. (Even though I am the only democrate in the house. ;p <3) I am looking forward to November, not so much of my voting, I vote by mail and have since I turned 18, I've never voted at a polling place. However, running one and being in charge of a polling place (as inspector) is really fun... I've liked it each and every time I've done it. I also find it funny with my dad poping the 'Well Heather, my daughter, was the youngest inspector this county has has!' lol I give my dad bragging rights... however being 18 is the youngest you can get, so that helps me keep that title~.

I think I've done enough rambling. :) Jimmy owes me lunch at 1:15pm when he gets out of class. I love having this knitting journal.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Yay my school is awesome! They gave out free dippin-dots along with free I <3 CI t-shirts. Jimmy and I got the gray shirts. So awesome! :D

Monday, September 1, 2008

Sock's Fishy

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Our kitten Socks (yes that is her name, I liked Ami, but no one else did) lost her collar today, it was cute and pink and had sparkles. Boo.

But I made her a fishy toy with left over scrap yarn for the charity squares I have been working on. The pattern was suppose to be a felted fish toy, I made it with worsted acrylic (TLC Amore) on size 7 dpns. :D Came out to be the perfect fabric, then I stuffed the head with poly fill and left the tails open and sewed between the head and tail. :) She likes it, she tosses it up in the air a lot. I think I will make more of these for her, I have lots of worsted weight yarn to use up and tons of poly fill. ;D

Back to my English class homework. This reading is soooo dense, 25 pages was never so difficult. lol. But tomorrow I have one class which means chilling and studying in the morning with the thermos filled with yummy coffee and after class! :D

Oh I also ordered some sock yarn from knit picks.com (Felic striping) and harmony dpns in size 2 and 3. Yet it has a 'hold' placed on it, so I am going to have to call them tomorrow and find out what's up. :) I am excited to get those needles, I've been dying for them as time has gone by and decided to snag them up! :D

Also I am looking into making some baby blankets for friends of mine. It seems that tons of babies are poping out lately in my world of friends. o.o; Oi but <3