Friday, September 5, 2008

Yarn = Crack

So yeah seriously, yarn is my crack~ :D

I spent another $40 dollars on yarn today at the my local yarn store, Anacapa's Fine Yarn.
However, of three skeins of yarn... only one was for me! xD I bought 2 skeins of yarn for my swap partner, so I have two months set and then the last month will be stuff I find through out this fall. :)

I just need to send out my package for my last swap partner for the summer. Oi. Today is Friday right?! Ok I have Saturday to go to the post office... I just need to send it out and do all the letters and what not. I have the items in the box... I am such a procrastinator. Shame.

I have a lot of homework to do... I need to get started on it. A pretty good amount of reading... then I have a Science quiz on Monday... I just do not really 'know' what she was trying to teach us in class... so we will have to see. Studying at full force, until I can figure out what her quizzes are like.

A highlight for the day is that my dad got a Brita Water pitcher filter! :D I've noticed that since they are putting in the sewer lines the next block over (and will eventually get to ours) that the water tastes really metally... and I've been drinking tap water since I was a little girl and never had any problems with it. This is the first time I am not wanting to drink our tap water and I hate it because I love ice water at night and all the time and I haven't been wanting to drink any water. Plus it is really pretty~ ;D

Plus it comes with these two fancy water bottles~ :D
I am excited to use this, it will hold up in my purse very well! ;D Now I need to knit a 'bottle sock' for this~ ;D lol so it does not sweat in said purse. ;p

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