Friday, September 12, 2008

2 circs + yarn = obsession

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Yeah so seriously.... the gift is SOOOOO AWESOME! I had been eyeing this book FOREVER~~ in the idea of 'ooo other things then dpns and hmm I like circs'

But to finally have a set and an instruction book (and by Cat Bordhi no less) is FANTASTIC! xD I got home and threw my wip jaywalkers onto these right away. I have not had any confusion as to how 2 circs or even magic loop work in my head so to work it out into my hands was not difficult. But now I have a guide and the supplies to do it! :D I love it!

I think it is cute when the needles (which are so nice to knit with btw! they are so smooth and the point does not hurt as much as the harmony dpns did over time) click and clack against each other. However, I know I cannot bust these out in class or in the library (in the 'quiet rooms') but I am defiantly a fan of these and am enjoying the ease of NOT LOSING STS! xD. I also love how it looks 'soooo complicated' lol when its a simple transition after dpns (which also look 'complicated') xD

I like how I was seriously looking at circs for sock knitting at Joanns when I picked up the 29'' circ for my baby blanket. Saying to myself, 'Oh I don't know the length I need, I will wait later to get stuff for this, since I don't know what I need at the moment.' :D Now it's here! I cannot wait to show my parents this tomorrow morning. :)

Ok... now back to my Health homework, it's due before 10pm... and its 9:22pm... shoot.... I have one question left to answer and reply to 2 other posts! gotta go! xD

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