Thursday, September 11, 2008

Lunch = Yum

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So I just got back from having lunch with Jimmy. He has a break from 1:30 to 3, so we have lunch together on Thursdays (it's the only day we get to).

So there is this new restaurant on campus (well the first restaurant other then the expensive cafeteria) by the book store. Well Jimmy went there during his lunch break at work this week, and so he and I went today! :D The place is called Tortillas, and get this, they serve mexican food~ ;P lol I liked it. I was wanting mexican for lunch today too. :) It is a bit pricey but overall fantastic~ :D I loveeeeddd their chippies~ (ie chips) they were delicious, normally I skip the chips, but these were 'home' made in the restaurant and I devoured them! :D

Oh and the burrito~ yum yum yum~ I had the 'baja burrito', Carnitas, pico de gallo, cheese, umm, other stuff, but I passed on the guacamole. However, I was only able to eat half of it, because the chippies were soooo good. So I saved the other half, gotta keep plastic baggies in case of an emergency like this~ ;D It was too good to toss out. Also Jimmy had to come to the library and get some homework done. I am so having the rest for dinner. :D

- - -
Let's see last night I got tonnnssss of yarn... I should take some photos later of it. It was late and dark in my room, so my cell phone would not take any type of decent photos. I have all the Vanna Choice baby yarn for the blanket. I am not going to return and exchange it, I decided that this is a baby and it should be a bit softer in color. However, if this was a kid, like just beyond toddler, then a brighter color would have been a better choice. :) So I did a gauge swatch, garter stitch, so easy, and it works on size US 8 like in the pattern. Which I am thrilled with, because normally I have to go up a size, however that is with socks.... this I don't think would be much of a problem. Now I have to go to Joanns and buy the 29 circs :D. (Joanns, because it is close to home)

Then I looked at the Knit picks yarn, I love the colorways I got for me, the Mixed Berry and the Martiniani?! however it is spelled. Yet I opened the package with Jimmy and to show him 'his' sock yarn, for the socks I would make him, which was in the Schooner colorway. However, on all the monitors and photos on their site and on ravelry, it looked like a lite blue, lite green, gray thing, with also an off white stripe. Well in person, that off white stripe looks like a lite custard yellow. I showed it to him and he wasn't too thrilled with the 'yellow' and I agree. So I am going to return them to Knit picks this next week. Then I will have 10 bucks back... and mayyybe order another set of the harmony Size US 2 (2.75mm) dpns?!?! Orrrr the 20 dollar set of the metal dpns.... I am not sure, but my mind is already pondering at another order. xD

Overall last night was yarn heaven~ ^^* Then it hit me... omg I have a stash... that is never going to end, lol. :D But I think I will be ok with that.... for now ;) I love it all equally.

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