Friday, September 19, 2008

Historian ~ DONE! :D


I finally finished reading The Historian last night! Oi, this book was big... and kinda boring in between 'trips' in the book. However the ending kinda was worth it... the last hundred pages or so. I kinda feel that the author felt like 'oh, I need to finish this book and have the ending I planned' because she put sooooo much work into the rest of the book with details, environments etc. I am happy I read it~ :D I am going to bring this to school for the 'student book exchange' at the library and pick out something there. You bring a fairly recent book and then leave it there and you pick one out for yourself. You can keep the books, read them, bring them back, what have you, just as long as you exchange a book for another book. :)

- - -
So then this means I can start reading this~

It is sooo big and I don't want to carry it with me in my backpack so I will leave it at home. I started reading it a bit when I got it in the mail. I really enjoy reading about WoW, because right now, Iam stuck in the middle of the game between casual leveling (which is done) and hard core raiding (which I am not 'skilled' enough in gear or what not to start doing, nor enough people to even do the simpilar ones). So waiting for the next expansion (in Nov. 13th) is the best deal.
- - -
Speaking of which, Blizzcon is less then two weeks away!!! xD I will also have my braces off at that time!! xDDD So exciting. :D
- - -

So my hand has pretty gone down in swelling.... where I can see some veins and bone on the top of my hand. But I don't want to make the swelling worse... and am not knitting. :( I know I could knit with my hand like this, but I want the whole swelling to go away. But it is killing me~~~ There are soooo many times I am chilling talking to my parents or even watching tv (which I haven't done much as of late) that I want to start knitting! I have my Jaywalkers at the part where I need to do the heel flap (which is always fun for me). Then I have the baby blanket which is such an easy knit and I cannot wait to finish it since it is working up so quickly. :( I miss my knitting, but it is good that I am getting some reading done. :)

Yet then again... I should be doing homework... I have two quizzes and homework due in both of my classes come Monday. >.>; Which I need to get done... and actually study a bit for these classes, I can do well through the classes in knowing just enough, but when it comes to the quizzes.... I have to kinda actually pay attention to the material. Oi. u.u;
- - -
Getting new tires for the Volvo today... along with some hubcaps. I guess that is it for now. I want my knitting :(. lol bye.

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