Monday, April 27, 2009

Laddie loves him some Granny Square. lol

"Hi! I am Laddie." He is Jimmy's Relative's Dog. (His Aunt and Uncles)
"Nice to meet you!"

"Why hello?! What is this?" It's my crocheting Laddie.
"Nice to meet you 'crocheting'. I am Laddie!"

"Hmm, 'crocheting' you smell nice. Do you have treats under there?"
"Let me see!" *sniff sniff*

"Hmm! No treats... but you do taste yummy."
... Aww how cute.

"You taste really yummy 'crocheting'... nom nom nom"
Oh god! Laddie! No more! Let the yarn go! O.O;
- - -
There was no harm to the yarn or crochet square in this event. (Thank goodness~) Lol.
Laddie was very calm with the square... and it was easy to take it back from him. He is a great dog. :) I enjoy it when Jimmy's Grandparents take care of this dog. :)
- - -
I have till Thursday night to finish my Pomatomus socks for the KAL! ><;;;; I finished the heel completely on Sock 1... I am half way through the heel flap on Sock 2.... I think I can I think I can.
I am going to finish up this history paper/segment to drop off to the class... and just leave... to come back and knit some more.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Interesting Friday~

So, I think I had mentioned before that I was required for a class to go to the Museum of Tolerance in LA this past Friday. Which in turn, I was really looking forward too... but that day had some twists and turns, much more then I had expected. ;D

Let's start with heading out the door that morning. My Dad and I decided we should leave for LA at around 9am (you never know with traffic, on a good day it would take 45 mins, on a bad day it could take up to 2-3 hours). So we left at 9am! No biggy...

Until we went down two blocks from where we lived... stopped at a Stop sign... and all of a sudden we hear a 'Pop' noise... so we pull to the side of the road. Only to realize, Wow, the clutch is not working in having the van change gears?! Hmm, that's not good. O.o;

This is what happened! One of the axils had poped off! (To me it looks like a plunger lol) Soooo, my dad calls his mechanic... he can take it in today... next thing, we kinda need to get the van to him to fix it. After calling Alex (who is still at home), he googles us a towing company, which we've used before.


So about 10 minutes later, the tow truck arrived. (My Dad's van is a 1986 VW Vanagon)
After a cheapppppp $66 dollars later, they will tow the van to the mechanic for us! So my Dad and I walk the super super far two blocks back home, hop in my car (the volvo) and at 9:35am we head off to LA!

(At the end of the day, the mechanic fixed the Van with no problems and $80 dollars later, the Van was done and ready to be picked up! Talk about the best of the worst happening, two blocks from home, a cheap towing and an easy inexpensive fix... we will pick up the VW later today.)

Now I really do not have any photos of driving to LA, we did not encounter much traffic really. However, we had like 2 near hits, one with a guy merging into our lane... while we are still in it! The dude, decided he wanted our spot in that lane apparently, so my Dad switched lanes to avoid the jerk. Second event was while traffic was moving well, all of a sudden the kinkos truck ahead of us breaks, so we follow suit... However! The car next to us also breaks, yet the person behind him was kind of going a bit tooooo fast and massively breaked, full on smoke, black tire streaks, the whole nine yards (including the bad smell of burnt rubber and noise). So to the left of us, we see this whollleeee thing happen! The small black car, did lightly tap the SUV's bumper... and I was expecting to see (after hearing the breaking) quite a crunch between the two vehicles... and honestly... I saw noooo damage.... nothing. So they were both quite lucky... yet they both eventually did get off the freeway to check possible damage and insurances. Irregardless to the fact that nothing bad happened, it was still nerve racking for me to see it all. u.u; Yeah LA freeway driving, is sooooo not like ventura country freeway driving.

Plus in LA, there are ANGRY drivers, oh the amount of honking you hear is insane! Poor LA people are cranky. Maybe its too much coffee. lol I dunno. ANYWAYS~

We get to LA and decide, it's almost lunch time and we have to be at the Museum at noon, so we need to get some food. Then we spot a Norms resturant!
All I can say is nom nom nom~ The food is fantastic. (Iam sorry but f*you Dennys)

My Dad then procedded with sharing his stories of these type of resturants growing up in the Vally (San Fernando Valley) here and eatting at these places. He even listed the various ones as we ate and as he remembered them. Like how he went to this smorgiousbord eattery (I know I cannot spell it) before he left for Vietnam with his family and ate 23 sausage meatballs lol a personal best he said. ;D lol My Daddy. He's cute.
- - -
Then we go to the Museum of Tolerance, good stuff. Very educational. They have upgraded things and topics in the Multi-Diversity section, which was very great to go through.

The Holocaust section is just as I remember it as a child... (8th grade)... but different all at the same time. I really enjoyed getting a more adult perspective, plus having the oh I dunno, 8 years of knowledge worth of history to reference to everything else was a bonus, in that I was able to follow it all that much better.

3 hours later, we were finished. :) Good stuff. Even if my classmates were as quite as rocks in discussions our tour guide tried to start. My Dad and I had to jump in and talk quite often, because no one said anything, most of the time. u.u; (which is another similarity of when I went to this museum in 8th grade, apparently 8 years later, some students still stay the same) lol ~
- - -

Afterwards, it was close to 4pm... which means Dun Dun Dunnnn Rush Hour traffic. So we take some detour routes and head towards the PCH freeway and pulled over to McDonalds to get something to drink (and ice cream ;D) and wait out the traffic a bit.

Yet we pull into this tiny McDonald's parking lot to realize there are these white screens and half of the parking lot is closed off. Hmmm. What's this?!
A Commercial shoot/filming for a McDonalds Commercial!!!

Now to point things out in this photo. My car is on the right side of the photo... see the 'actor' in the light blue jacket to the right, my car is parked (you see the back window) to the left of his left shoulder... kinda hard to see, look past the silver car.

The Camera is to the far far left, middle of the photo. Then I guess the group of 'teens' in the brightly dressed clothing are 'dancing' with McDonald's bags... among their 'cars'. Because really, in Southern California, this is how our 'teens' dress... and they totally have these types of cars... and this is what they do on a Friday afternoon and 'hang out' dancing in a parking lot. Yeah... well that's the media.

My Dad and I sat in the window looking at all of this, I guess the premis of this shoot is, to film kids 'chilling' outside a McDonalds. Dancing to some whatever music, with their McDonald's bags of food, while 'teens' walk around (like the two kids to the right were just walking back and forth from the store to their spot where they are now). However, they filmed these blueish and greenish glasses on top of the third green (rice burner) car and the 'teens' would put them on the roof of the car.... and then join the 'dancing group' all smiley and dancing.

So, I dunno. I am excited to see this commercial when it airs... to figure out what on earth were they doing. ;D Another day in southern california, I guess. ;p
- - -

After all of this, we pick up a quick dinner, and head home. Yet Jimmy had texted me, that his friend Paul was having his 22nd birthday at his house, and that Jimmyhad mentioned of my friends would be there (whom I rarely see). So I decided, that maybe I could stop by and just say Hi to the people and stay for a bit. (oh the perks of having my own vehicle, seriously)

I get there and hang out for a bit. It was actualy quite fun. Got to talk to Tim (my friend who I rarely see), see Jimmy, say Hello to his friends, meet some new people, got to have some enjoyable conversations with these new people~ and overall had some fun just hanging out. :) I even played some Rock band with Jimmy. ;D

I think however, one of the oddities of the night, was Tim... deciding to dress in a suit... in particular... a Flu Suit?!?!
IMG_0042 edi

All of a sudden I see this person run from the garage into the living room dressed in this white thing... to find out it's Tim! O.o; This fabulous suit cost 2 dollars... and I was told of a 'flu epidemic' in Mexico... and it may come here, yada yada yada... Tim bought it... just to wear it... and for 2 bucks... why not. It was a good laugh. ^^*

I then headed home around 9:30pm... and went to bed~ I was super tired... :)

Overall, my Friday was quite eventful.
- - -
I did not get much knitting done. I did crochet on my Granny Square on the way to LA... but no photos of that... because I left my crocheting in my car... which my Dad just took to go to a meeting a half hour ago... soooo. Yeah. I am liking it and am throughly enjoying the pattern. (It is totally relaxing! I cannot wait till I finish this! ;D)

I need to get back to my Pomatomas socks... and finish those lovelys up this week! I have 6 days and counting! Dun Dun Dunnnn ;D

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Knitting has been done!

IMG_0037edited, originally uploaded by hsailormoon.

Knitting indeed has been done... by my hands... however... there have been no completed socks as of yet. >.>;

Although!!!!! I have started the heel flap on the other Pomatomus sock (not shown here), which is at home. This photo is the second Pomatomus sock... and I am half way through the last pattern repeat before the heel flap. So I should be finishing the heel flaps on BOTH socks, tonight.
- - -
My question is now... Will I be able to finish the Gussets and the rest of the Foot of the sock... before May 1st?! O.o; I dunno... I hope so... because I am in the Cookie A. KAL for her Sock Innovation book... and next month, we start with a pattern from the book! xD I am so excited!!! This pattern/sock for the KAL is 'Random acts of Cookie', so we were able to pick whatever pattern of her's we wanted to knit (besides the ones in the book).
- - -

I am liking the pattern... it's not difficult at all... just a bit daunting to look at. As for the color varriations for this yarn... it's ok. The pattern still holds true! ;D I

I've decided I am going to give these to my Farmor, who loves blue~ as a mother's day present! ^^* Also her feet are narrower then mine... so these will look cuter on her... I don't think this pattern looks cute on my feet. (Which is wierd, because I never thought as my feet, as 'wide'... but... my Dad's family has narrow narrow feet... so she shall get them! ;D) YAY!!

My first hand knit gift to the women who taught me how to knit and crochet! ;D Good stuff~
- - -

Bad stuff... I have to go back to the stupid endo-ologist to finish my root cannal. I cannot wait to walk out that door and never go back! Psh~ I am going to Jimmy's endo-ologist (along with my family) if we need work done like this. This place.... SUCKED! They wanted the FULL PAYMENT (of $1,195) right there and then... we manged with two credit cards... but omfg... we were so pissed. Jimmy's guy, monthly payments~ like normal dental offices! Seriously.

Enough rambing! Oh I am late to class!!!! I will be making an order for some knitpicks yarn today too~ while in class... >.>* lol.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Granny swatches

a, originally uploaded by hsailormoon.

Sooo I've been needing to do something with all of my Paton Grace yarn, that I tried to use to make a Roam sweater from Knitty.

So I've decied I want to try this 'Granny Square' blanket thing~ ;D For the summer, since I need something cool at night and cotton is best right?!

Here are the swatches I've done.
Left swatch is done on an US G hook... (4.25mm) Plus some 'learning mistakes' so it kinda looks a bit off.

Right swatch is done in US F hook (3.75mm) after learning what the instructions were meaning.

The site of this 'Granny Square' is from :

The blanket idea is here, the colors are to die for~ :

The colors are LOVELY... which makes me want to buy some more Grace... But I have a tonnnnn of black I need to use... so next blanket~ I am buying some pretty pretty colors. I am almost hoping that this eats up the black Grace yarn so quickly... that I can buy some more Grace in a lovely border color! xD

Very exciting~ :D

Friday, April 17, 2009

Mah Teefs.

IMG_9303, originally uploaded by hsailormoon.

So apparently my teeth really love me... and dentist visits!

I finally have my braces off, I've been enjoying my new smile etc. Then I remember at my last dentist cleaning that they were suggesting I get a crown on a back tooth of mine, since its previous filling had cracked in the tooth.

Well, I am turning 22 in a few weeks, which means I will no longer be covered on my mother's insurance. Sooooo Dentist vists are go!
- - -

I have an appointment for my crown. I go in, an hour later after lovely drilling this drilling that yada yada. There is 'decay' still in my tooth... but 'opps! darn' they reached my nerve of the tooth. Sooo that means the decay lovesss my tooth so much that it didn't want to leave. Poor lonely decay... >.>;

So I have to go to an endo-ologist? this morning at 10am to get a root cannal. u.u; Keep in mind, I don't mind the dentist, I don't mind having dental work done, its chill... whatever. I am just tired of having my teeth worked on allll the time (like the braces were ugh~ non stop attention to my teeth.

However!!! I am all for these dentist visits~ as long as I don't have any pain or anything get worse~ I've had an infected tooth (first day of high school) and that was THE WORST~ ever. Swollen jaw, pain, oh the works. Now I have a gap there~ ;D (they pulled the tooth). Soo~~~ going to the Dentist isn't the most super fun thing in the world... but I'll go~ especially to keep my teeth going ok~ I do not want to go through tooth pain ever again~ *knock on wood* lol if I can help it.
- - -

What is funny though. I got my tooth all drilled and lovely at the dentist, fine, have to get a root cannal, fine... have to have a temporary crown placed on my tooth till they can get another impression done for the final crown, fine I understand a process.

Well apparently my mouth is not a fan of temp. crowns... it poped off once while she was cleaning it... ok put it on again, no problem... but then afterwards I was with my parents talking (after their officed closed) no more then an hour after the appointment... and it pops off again! for the 2nd time! xP

So I have it... and the endo-ologist would have had to remove it anyways to do the root cannal this morning... its still kind of funny... (and a bit irritating, but whatever, its not like I am without a temporary crown forever. (Also my tooth is not one big drilled into hole right now, they have filler stuff in it (think semi regular dental filling), the temp. crown is just there to help me... um have my 'old tooth back' to eat or whatever while I wait.

- - -
I guessI should start getting ready... I have a lovely morning waiting for me.

If only I could knit while they work on my teeth, that would be AMAZING~ ;p However, I think with their hands and faces all in my kinda would not work out too well. ;p

I am just knitting on the Pomatomus socks whenever I get the chance... the cuffs are almost done~ then onto the complicated parts of the heel and heel turn~ ;D Fun stuff.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I am just blogging here to share the love~~

The loveeeee.... of contests! ;D

Oh the pretty!

It is a lovely hand made amazingly looking journal! (or Sketch book, whichever you desire)

But also seriously~ Check out her etsy store! I dont' journal that often... but for those books... I totally want to! :D

Seriously~ Amazing!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


batpack, originally uploaded by hsailormoon.

The photo was a battery pack that I Dad found underneath a fancy clock he bought at the thrift store. At first glace I thought, Oh, double A's taped together... but nope my Dad 'corrected' me in saying it was a different older battery pack.

But in the end... it was an 'older' battery pack... of curroded double A batteries! O.o;
- - -

How do curroded batteries relate to me?!

Yeah... that's my brain. Still holding it together... but ooooh there is fuzz at both ends. I honestly need 8 hours of sleep a night... and I got 6 hours last night, woke up early (4am) to get work done... and it is only 10 in the morning and I am beat. U.U;
- - -
At least I finished all my homework for today. i just need to remember to really study for Geology for these quizzes and everything.

I have such a busy week it is not even funny. Plus I have a lovely (expensive!!! $900) dentist visit... and apparently insurance does not cover the 'major work' of a crown... >.>;
Honestly. so Insurance is for the 'cheap'/'small' medical/dental coverage... Why does my mommy pay for it... Hell~ she is a federal employee! This insurance is for tha' feds! wtf! ;) In reality, my mom picked the medical insurance plan that is great for her medical/doctor visits but weak on the dental.
Oh I had a point. Dentist visit to get a crown (will probably take an hour ugh) placed on one of my back teeth on Thursday... after classes.

Then on Friday I have to go to the Museum of Tolerance (super fun! Exciting! Love the place) in LA... from 2-5pm... but then at 7pm I have to be back to campus (during rush hour o.o; I am so bringing my knitting) for a Gamma Beta Phi awards ceremony for them to give me a pen for my hours I volenteered for last semester.

u.u; Sleep will eventually fall in between these areas... hopefully. I do have one last Amp energy drink in the fridge... I will probably need that later this week.

Oh! I need to get back to paying some type of attention to my lecture. heh

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Aunt Jennie's socks!

sidetoes, originally uploaded by hsailormoon.

So I had mentioned that I had finished my Aunt Jennie's socks and that it took me forever and a day to get them to her. (ok 2 weeks, but she lives in the same city as me, so that is forever)

Anyways~ So I went to visit her on Sunday with Jimmy~ which was super nice~... I think I talked about that already.

So! She Loved Them! xD She even started to wiggle her toes when I was taking photos! Oh she is so cute! ;D

Then when Jimmy and I were leaving.... she 'asked' "Next time Heather, make me blue socks!" I ask to clarify... light blue or dark blue... she said light blue. ;D

Soooo I have another request for mah super amazing socks!!!!! ;D lol

I am going to make an order to Knit picks some time this week or next... and am going to get some Essential Sock yarn in Mermaid colorway~ ;D I think those will be perfect... and I will most likely just do a plain ribbing sock... from the cuff to her the toes... I have yet to make that type of sock. ;D

I am just thrilled that she liked them... and asked for more! :D Anything for my little woman! ^^* <3

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


isladtilted, originally uploaded by hsailormoon.

I went to bed early yesterday... and I am still not fully 'awake'... I need more hours worth of sleep.

I just want to skip all my classes and stay home in bed. Yet, most of my classes are 1 day a week... and if I do that... well then I would be in trouble.
- - -

I want to get some work on my pomatomus socks~ It is midway through the April KAL... and I have only worked on them for one day~. I need to print up the pattern and get some head way done on it! :D
- Time to go back to homework. At least it is simple stuff~ :)

Monday, April 6, 2009

Murphys Law

flowerbest, originally uploaded by hsailormoon.

I don't know if Murphy's Law was in my favor... or not.. but I am inclined to say it was in my favor.

My first class was canceled today. When I came up with a lovely scheme about a tooth breaking and me being in pain and having to get a dentist appointment asap and missing class and emailing her a copy or dropping a hard copy off later today... yada yada... Only to find, if I had checked my email 10 minutes before I wrote this elaborate message... to find out that my instructor is sick (sad)... and she is canceling class for this week! xDDD

Sad she is sick... happy that the 5 page paper I was just starting an hour ago is not due after all! At least I started it and completed an APA bibliography. Some progress was done.
- - -

However, I would have adored those 3 extra hours of sleep I missed this morning... alas... better this then truly failing as a student and sleeping.
- - -

I am so sleepy though, because yesterday was really fun! :D Action packed, loads of driving, shopping, munching, and being with Jimmy~ :D

Got up on Sunday morning, went to pick up Jimmy, to head back to my town (we live in neighboring towns), to be there for when my brother picked up his DSi from Gamestop... to find that my brother decided that he would 'pick it up at 10am vs 9am'.... so that was a wasted yet short trip on the 101. Headed back to Ventura... to get Jimmy's DSi at his Gamestop.

Then we grabbed some Breakfast at the ever so fancy Carls Junior... and off to church. ^^*

Afterwards we went to Lane Bryant (I totally grabbed the wrong size jeans... I grabbed petite... I am 6 feet tall... I needed the average length) exchanged the jeans with no problem, thank goodness!

Then I was in a cheery mood and went shopping around Target, getting a new purse and odds and ends... and used some coupons (Oh they are so much fun!) here and there.

Once that was finished, Jimmy and I went to visit my 'little women' my Great Aunt Jennie (who I call Grandma) and hung out there for like 2 hours just chit chatting etc. :) I am so thrilled by the idea that I will be able to visit her more often on my own now. <333

After the visit, we snagged some late lunch... and back to his place... where I stayed for awhile and rested a bit (I was tired~) and waited for the 'Longest Parking Lot in CA' 101 to clear up because it was packed on the way back to my house. ;)

Came home and just went to bed~
Now... I need to finish up some papers for other classes... hurray for extra time! ^^*

Saturday, April 4, 2009

The Need.... to Blog.

So, I have a paper I need to write... and I have this crazy, out of no where, out of my mind... 'urge' to Blog.... hmmmm I honestly wondery why?! ^_^;

Sooooo... Lot has happened this past week.

Got back into gear with school... I think I am doing well... so far all my assignments have been 'good' ... I am just in the limbo land of grading of 'I can still screw it up, I have 6 weeks left' mentality. Yeah, I am going to make a great Teacher~ lol ;p At least I am critical of myself alone.
- - -

Ooooo Where do I begin~~~ Monday... day off... Tuesday... day off Ceasar Chavez Day Ole!... Wednesday... classes... Thursday... Geology... made much needed appointments for my teeth (dentist and orthodontist) and to get Boy Cat fixed...

Now here comes the photos~ ^_^*


Thursday Night... This is where the mail was good to me! ^^*

Thursday, I received a drawstring knitting bag I ordered... I loved the fabric so much I decided to buy it, verses sewing my own... I am wanting to replace the draw 'string' portion because its kinda 'meh'. Which holds my scarf lace project I am making for my Mom. :) 


Thennnnn a lovely box came~ :D With some silly tape that had Knit Picks on it! So so Silly.
My Cookie A. Sock Innovation book came!!!! :DDDDDD

Love it! I had flipped through a copy of it last Sunday at Barnes N Noble... and oh I am thrilled to have my own copy to read and everything! ^^* The patterns are BEAUTIFUL! No joke! ^^* Even Jimmy was a fan of the complicated cabled white sock... whats the name...oh Bex (how simple! lol)


I also received my two circular nickel plated needles for magic loop... which I am using on my Pomatomus socks (also by Cookie A. It is part of a KAL I am doing on ravelry for her book, super fun). Along with the locking sitch markers (which are so cute and so simple, I am going to use them all the time!).

Then Friday came along~~~ now if you follow me on twitter, you may know the result... but I had my Driving Test on Friday at the DMV......

Well ya' know... I kinda sorta.... TOTALLY PASSED! xD Granted I made 8 minor mistakes total (You can only make 15 minor ones max, or 1 critical (out of 8) mistake to fail automatically). Two of my mistakes, which is so embarassing... I did California Stops!!!! Can you belive it!!! I like NEVER do them when I really drive... Oh so embarassing... so typical... so juvenille... but since I was going super super super slow (like 2 miles an hour seriously) she didn't make a big deal out of it. 

So I am not a liscenced driver in California!!! :DDDD I can finally drive around in my awesome tank, called a volvo stationwagon! xDDD

First thing I did on the agenda... was to head home with Alex, pick up some lunch.
Second on the agenda... Pick up Jimmy! On my OWN! ^^* (yes I sqee-ed in the car, but at red lights)
Third on the agenda... GO TO YARN STORE!!!!!!! LYS is called Anacapa's Fine Yarns~~ I love it there, the selection is sooo nice... and the sock yarn Oh! to die for! xD 
Oh and I bought a pretty...

Hmmm, what could this pretty be?!?!?!

Malabrigo Sock yarn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Amazing I know~ Wonderful, yes it is! I was deciding between this color ( a deep purple) or a deep lovely red.... Jimmy helped me pick this one (which I was wanting just a 'bit' more then the red. <33333333333333


Yeah, this is totally being saved for one of my favorite patterns in Cookie A.'s book, Glynis!!!! :D Oh so pretty! Seriously~ I cannot wait for the KAL to do this sock!!! 

Second and 1/2.... Stop by EB Games for Jimmy to pre-order his Nintendo DSi, which took forever, I was wanting to go to the yarn store!! *pout*
Forth on my agenda... GO SOMEWHERE!!!! :D


So I decided to go to Thousand Oaks which is like 20 minutes away or so, depending on traffic... xD Jimmy and I are always talking about how we want to go to the Oaks Mall... for several reasons. He wants to go to the Apple Store (which was seriously... omg pretty... even I was tempted by the forbidden fruit, selling Ipods is different then seeing them in use) and I was wanting to go look at everything in the mall.

Last time I went to the Oaks Mall... I was looking (and found) a prom dress... so 2005.... and seriously... that mall has changed soooooo much it is insane... but in a nice, pretty, impressive, shiney, and expensive way! They even have this Amazing theatre that Jimmy and I totally have to go to on a date later on. You can even have dinner (bought seperately) and watch a movie at the SAME TIME, with soda and popcorn included in your ticket (of a pricey $20)... and the seats are to die for! I would want them as a bed (they let us go look at the theaters, super friendly).

So... T.O. Mall... yeah... Impressive... fun trip... enjoyed it... Jimmy enjoyed it too! :) He was happy that he was finally able to play his Iphone in my car stereo (Aux Out port)... so that was fun.

Then we came home and chilled at my house~ and apparently my mom asked 'Where did we want to go eat?' and I said 'I dunno' (because I am super smart when hungry)... when in reality, we were all going out as a Family (which meant tearing Alex away from his computer playing WoW) + Jimmy... to celebrate me getting my licence!!! YAY for Me! :D So we munched at Home Town Buffet... I picked Olive Garden as a first choice... but it was so packed, it was like a convention was being held there... so Home Town Buffet was a nice alternative. ^^*
- - -

Saturday... today...

Went shopping at the mall for like 5 hours!! with my Mom. We went to Lane Bryant (love that store!) and we each got some cute outfits! ^^* Their discounts, clearance, and sales promotions are outstanding!!! We always save more then half of the regular retail price all the time! :D

Came home exhausted... Chilled a bit... and then I was being 'hinted' at by my Mother of her wanting 'something sweet'.... ie 'her bran muffins' .... then I 'discovered' that we were almost out of milk by my Dad... and was ordered by Alex 'blueberry muffins go go go' ... So I 'decided' on my 'own free will' to go to Vons... ;P Did some grocery shopping ON MY OWN!!! FOR THE FIRST TIME!!!! xDDDD Plus, it was my first time driving at night~ So that is a weeee bit different they day time driving, but it is close to home and I've done this trip a bazillion times. Then I decided to be extra fancy and go by Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf (*cough* better then starbucks *cough cough*) and get a Regular Carmel Latte!!! :DDDD I feel all adult like now... going to get groceries... and pick up some coffee~ which I so smart-ly poured into a thermos when I got home to keep it warm as I happily enjoy my over priced, but yummy coffee (@$4). :D
- - -
Enough rambling... I am getting tired... boooo... I have a busy day tomorrow. 
DSi Launch... for Jimmy and Alex... 
Church with Jimmy...
Then off to visit 'The Little Women' ie my Aunt Jennie to give her the socks I made her last month ><; (they've been done for 2 weeks already).
Then back home to work on more papers...

Oh yeah... I had a paper to work on didn't I! Whoops~ Good thing I have plenty of coffee left! ;D bye~

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Starting up again

IMG_9432, originally uploaded by hsailormoon.

Time to start up my classes again... and then finish for the semester.

(Photo is taken from my Geology Class... we are growing crystals... and this is what our crystals 'should' look like... hopefully our crystals did well during break.)
- - -

Right now I am sitting in the garage with two cats... Socks... and the Boy Cat.

Socks snuck in... but I intentionally set up in here (with lap top, soda, and some lace knitting) to sit with the Boy Cat, he was crying in the garage (ie meowing a lot) and I felt bad that he was lonely in here. He really just likes company.

I called and made an appointment to get his neutered... he is still getting into fights... and his leg is not getting better. So once he is fixed, he should *crosses fingers* stop the fighting and then maybe we can get some tips and help splinting his leg after the operation.

I know he is not our cat... but I don't want to find him dead one day... he is such a good cat. :( So hopefully this will help him. He isn't anyones cat and its better that we help him out if we can. The whole thing will be free to us... so in reality it is not a huge undertaking.
- - -

I am anxious for my Knit Picks package to come... it is either coming tonight... or tomorrow... which is exciting news~ I will then have some sock knitting to do ;D.
- - -

I am going to get some lace knitting done... I haven't worked on it in quite some time. Before I start my sock knitting crazy-ness. ;)

Then finally... Look! ;D A Contest! Oh yay! You should enter, because I totally am! Have fun~