Monday, April 27, 2009

Laddie loves him some Granny Square. lol

"Hi! I am Laddie." He is Jimmy's Relative's Dog. (His Aunt and Uncles)
"Nice to meet you!"

"Why hello?! What is this?" It's my crocheting Laddie.
"Nice to meet you 'crocheting'. I am Laddie!"

"Hmm, 'crocheting' you smell nice. Do you have treats under there?"
"Let me see!" *sniff sniff*

"Hmm! No treats... but you do taste yummy."
... Aww how cute.

"You taste really yummy 'crocheting'... nom nom nom"
Oh god! Laddie! No more! Let the yarn go! O.O;
- - -
There was no harm to the yarn or crochet square in this event. (Thank goodness~) Lol.
Laddie was very calm with the square... and it was easy to take it back from him. He is a great dog. :) I enjoy it when Jimmy's Grandparents take care of this dog. :)
- - -
I have till Thursday night to finish my Pomatomus socks for the KAL! ><;;;; I finished the heel completely on Sock 1... I am half way through the heel flap on Sock 2.... I think I can I think I can.
I am going to finish up this history paper/segment to drop off to the class... and just leave... to come back and knit some more.

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ponyknit said...

Good luck with the sock!
::pats:: to Laddie ;)