Saturday, April 18, 2009

Granny swatches

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Sooo I've been needing to do something with all of my Paton Grace yarn, that I tried to use to make a Roam sweater from Knitty.

So I've decied I want to try this 'Granny Square' blanket thing~ ;D For the summer, since I need something cool at night and cotton is best right?!

Here are the swatches I've done.
Left swatch is done on an US G hook... (4.25mm) Plus some 'learning mistakes' so it kinda looks a bit off.

Right swatch is done in US F hook (3.75mm) after learning what the instructions were meaning.

The site of this 'Granny Square' is from :

The blanket idea is here, the colors are to die for~ :

The colors are LOVELY... which makes me want to buy some more Grace... But I have a tonnnnn of black I need to use... so next blanket~ I am buying some pretty pretty colors. I am almost hoping that this eats up the black Grace yarn so quickly... that I can buy some more Grace in a lovely border color! xD

Very exciting~ :D

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