Friday, April 17, 2009

Mah Teefs.

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So apparently my teeth really love me... and dentist visits!

I finally have my braces off, I've been enjoying my new smile etc. Then I remember at my last dentist cleaning that they were suggesting I get a crown on a back tooth of mine, since its previous filling had cracked in the tooth.

Well, I am turning 22 in a few weeks, which means I will no longer be covered on my mother's insurance. Sooooo Dentist vists are go!
- - -

I have an appointment for my crown. I go in, an hour later after lovely drilling this drilling that yada yada. There is 'decay' still in my tooth... but 'opps! darn' they reached my nerve of the tooth. Sooo that means the decay lovesss my tooth so much that it didn't want to leave. Poor lonely decay... >.>;

So I have to go to an endo-ologist? this morning at 10am to get a root cannal. u.u; Keep in mind, I don't mind the dentist, I don't mind having dental work done, its chill... whatever. I am just tired of having my teeth worked on allll the time (like the braces were ugh~ non stop attention to my teeth.

However!!! I am all for these dentist visits~ as long as I don't have any pain or anything get worse~ I've had an infected tooth (first day of high school) and that was THE WORST~ ever. Swollen jaw, pain, oh the works. Now I have a gap there~ ;D (they pulled the tooth). Soo~~~ going to the Dentist isn't the most super fun thing in the world... but I'll go~ especially to keep my teeth going ok~ I do not want to go through tooth pain ever again~ *knock on wood* lol if I can help it.
- - -

What is funny though. I got my tooth all drilled and lovely at the dentist, fine, have to get a root cannal, fine... have to have a temporary crown placed on my tooth till they can get another impression done for the final crown, fine I understand a process.

Well apparently my mouth is not a fan of temp. crowns... it poped off once while she was cleaning it... ok put it on again, no problem... but then afterwards I was with my parents talking (after their officed closed) no more then an hour after the appointment... and it pops off again! for the 2nd time! xP

So I have it... and the endo-ologist would have had to remove it anyways to do the root cannal this morning... its still kind of funny... (and a bit irritating, but whatever, its not like I am without a temporary crown forever. (Also my tooth is not one big drilled into hole right now, they have filler stuff in it (think semi regular dental filling), the temp. crown is just there to help me... um have my 'old tooth back' to eat or whatever while I wait.

- - -
I guessI should start getting ready... I have a lovely morning waiting for me.

If only I could knit while they work on my teeth, that would be AMAZING~ ;p However, I think with their hands and faces all in my kinda would not work out too well. ;p

I am just knitting on the Pomatomus socks whenever I get the chance... the cuffs are almost done~ then onto the complicated parts of the heel and heel turn~ ;D Fun stuff.

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