Saturday, April 4, 2009

The Need.... to Blog.

So, I have a paper I need to write... and I have this crazy, out of no where, out of my mind... 'urge' to Blog.... hmmmm I honestly wondery why?! ^_^;

Sooooo... Lot has happened this past week.

Got back into gear with school... I think I am doing well... so far all my assignments have been 'good' ... I am just in the limbo land of grading of 'I can still screw it up, I have 6 weeks left' mentality. Yeah, I am going to make a great Teacher~ lol ;p At least I am critical of myself alone.
- - -

Ooooo Where do I begin~~~ Monday... day off... Tuesday... day off Ceasar Chavez Day Ole!... Wednesday... classes... Thursday... Geology... made much needed appointments for my teeth (dentist and orthodontist) and to get Boy Cat fixed...

Now here comes the photos~ ^_^*


Thursday Night... This is where the mail was good to me! ^^*

Thursday, I received a drawstring knitting bag I ordered... I loved the fabric so much I decided to buy it, verses sewing my own... I am wanting to replace the draw 'string' portion because its kinda 'meh'. Which holds my scarf lace project I am making for my Mom. :) 


Thennnnn a lovely box came~ :D With some silly tape that had Knit Picks on it! So so Silly.
My Cookie A. Sock Innovation book came!!!! :DDDDDD

Love it! I had flipped through a copy of it last Sunday at Barnes N Noble... and oh I am thrilled to have my own copy to read and everything! ^^* The patterns are BEAUTIFUL! No joke! ^^* Even Jimmy was a fan of the complicated cabled white sock... whats the name...oh Bex (how simple! lol)


I also received my two circular nickel plated needles for magic loop... which I am using on my Pomatomus socks (also by Cookie A. It is part of a KAL I am doing on ravelry for her book, super fun). Along with the locking sitch markers (which are so cute and so simple, I am going to use them all the time!).

Then Friday came along~~~ now if you follow me on twitter, you may know the result... but I had my Driving Test on Friday at the DMV......

Well ya' know... I kinda sorta.... TOTALLY PASSED! xD Granted I made 8 minor mistakes total (You can only make 15 minor ones max, or 1 critical (out of 8) mistake to fail automatically). Two of my mistakes, which is so embarassing... I did California Stops!!!! Can you belive it!!! I like NEVER do them when I really drive... Oh so embarassing... so typical... so juvenille... but since I was going super super super slow (like 2 miles an hour seriously) she didn't make a big deal out of it. 

So I am not a liscenced driver in California!!! :DDDD I can finally drive around in my awesome tank, called a volvo stationwagon! xDDD

First thing I did on the agenda... was to head home with Alex, pick up some lunch.
Second on the agenda... Pick up Jimmy! On my OWN! ^^* (yes I sqee-ed in the car, but at red lights)
Third on the agenda... GO TO YARN STORE!!!!!!! LYS is called Anacapa's Fine Yarns~~ I love it there, the selection is sooo nice... and the sock yarn Oh! to die for! xD 
Oh and I bought a pretty...

Hmmm, what could this pretty be?!?!?!

Malabrigo Sock yarn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Amazing I know~ Wonderful, yes it is! I was deciding between this color ( a deep purple) or a deep lovely red.... Jimmy helped me pick this one (which I was wanting just a 'bit' more then the red. <33333333333333


Yeah, this is totally being saved for one of my favorite patterns in Cookie A.'s book, Glynis!!!! :D Oh so pretty! Seriously~ I cannot wait for the KAL to do this sock!!! 

Second and 1/2.... Stop by EB Games for Jimmy to pre-order his Nintendo DSi, which took forever, I was wanting to go to the yarn store!! *pout*
Forth on my agenda... GO SOMEWHERE!!!! :D


So I decided to go to Thousand Oaks which is like 20 minutes away or so, depending on traffic... xD Jimmy and I are always talking about how we want to go to the Oaks Mall... for several reasons. He wants to go to the Apple Store (which was seriously... omg pretty... even I was tempted by the forbidden fruit, selling Ipods is different then seeing them in use) and I was wanting to go look at everything in the mall.

Last time I went to the Oaks Mall... I was looking (and found) a prom dress... so 2005.... and seriously... that mall has changed soooooo much it is insane... but in a nice, pretty, impressive, shiney, and expensive way! They even have this Amazing theatre that Jimmy and I totally have to go to on a date later on. You can even have dinner (bought seperately) and watch a movie at the SAME TIME, with soda and popcorn included in your ticket (of a pricey $20)... and the seats are to die for! I would want them as a bed (they let us go look at the theaters, super friendly).

So... T.O. Mall... yeah... Impressive... fun trip... enjoyed it... Jimmy enjoyed it too! :) He was happy that he was finally able to play his Iphone in my car stereo (Aux Out port)... so that was fun.

Then we came home and chilled at my house~ and apparently my mom asked 'Where did we want to go eat?' and I said 'I dunno' (because I am super smart when hungry)... when in reality, we were all going out as a Family (which meant tearing Alex away from his computer playing WoW) + Jimmy... to celebrate me getting my licence!!! YAY for Me! :D So we munched at Home Town Buffet... I picked Olive Garden as a first choice... but it was so packed, it was like a convention was being held there... so Home Town Buffet was a nice alternative. ^^*
- - -

Saturday... today...

Went shopping at the mall for like 5 hours!! with my Mom. We went to Lane Bryant (love that store!) and we each got some cute outfits! ^^* Their discounts, clearance, and sales promotions are outstanding!!! We always save more then half of the regular retail price all the time! :D

Came home exhausted... Chilled a bit... and then I was being 'hinted' at by my Mother of her wanting 'something sweet'.... ie 'her bran muffins' .... then I 'discovered' that we were almost out of milk by my Dad... and was ordered by Alex 'blueberry muffins go go go' ... So I 'decided' on my 'own free will' to go to Vons... ;P Did some grocery shopping ON MY OWN!!! FOR THE FIRST TIME!!!! xDDDD Plus, it was my first time driving at night~ So that is a weeee bit different they day time driving, but it is close to home and I've done this trip a bazillion times. Then I decided to be extra fancy and go by Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf (*cough* better then starbucks *cough cough*) and get a Regular Carmel Latte!!! :DDDD I feel all adult like now... going to get groceries... and pick up some coffee~ which I so smart-ly poured into a thermos when I got home to keep it warm as I happily enjoy my over priced, but yummy coffee (@$4). :D
- - -
Enough rambling... I am getting tired... boooo... I have a busy day tomorrow. 
DSi Launch... for Jimmy and Alex... 
Church with Jimmy...
Then off to visit 'The Little Women' ie my Aunt Jennie to give her the socks I made her last month ><; (they've been done for 2 weeks already).
Then back home to work on more papers...

Oh yeah... I had a paper to work on didn't I! Whoops~ Good thing I have plenty of coffee left! ;D bye~

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