Thursday, April 9, 2009

Aunt Jennie's socks!

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So I had mentioned that I had finished my Aunt Jennie's socks and that it took me forever and a day to get them to her. (ok 2 weeks, but she lives in the same city as me, so that is forever)

Anyways~ So I went to visit her on Sunday with Jimmy~ which was super nice~... I think I talked about that already.

So! She Loved Them! xD She even started to wiggle her toes when I was taking photos! Oh she is so cute! ;D

Then when Jimmy and I were leaving.... she 'asked' "Next time Heather, make me blue socks!" I ask to clarify... light blue or dark blue... she said light blue. ;D

Soooo I have another request for mah super amazing socks!!!!! ;D lol

I am going to make an order to Knit picks some time this week or next... and am going to get some Essential Sock yarn in Mermaid colorway~ ;D I think those will be perfect... and I will most likely just do a plain ribbing sock... from the cuff to her the toes... I have yet to make that type of sock. ;D

I am just thrilled that she liked them... and asked for more! :D Anything for my little woman! ^^* <3

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