Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Starting up again

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Time to start up my classes again... and then finish for the semester.

(Photo is taken from my Geology Class... we are growing crystals... and this is what our crystals 'should' look like... hopefully our crystals did well during break.)
- - -

Right now I am sitting in the garage with two cats... Socks... and the Boy Cat.

Socks snuck in... but I intentionally set up in here (with lap top, soda, and some lace knitting) to sit with the Boy Cat, he was crying in the garage (ie meowing a lot) and I felt bad that he was lonely in here. He really just likes company.

I called and made an appointment to get his neutered... he is still getting into fights... and his leg is not getting better. So once he is fixed, he should *crosses fingers* stop the fighting and then maybe we can get some tips and help splinting his leg after the operation.

I know he is not our cat... but I don't want to find him dead one day... he is such a good cat. :( So hopefully this will help him. He isn't anyones cat and its better that we help him out if we can. The whole thing will be free to us... so in reality it is not a huge undertaking.
- - -

I am anxious for my Knit Picks package to come... it is either coming tonight... or tomorrow... which is exciting news~ I will then have some sock knitting to do ;D.
- - -

I am going to get some lace knitting done... I haven't worked on it in quite some time. Before I start my sock knitting crazy-ness. ;)

Then finally... Look! ;D A Contest! Oh yay! You should enter, because I totally am! Have fun~

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