Tuesday, March 31, 2009

DSi Citywalk and Knitting Update

Went to Universal City Walk with Jimmy to the Gamestop to a DSi test event. Since Jimmy bought a lot of Nintendo games and registered them, so he reached a high membership status thing, so he got an invite to this event. So I was able to join him as his 'one guest'. :D

But we were able to walk around City Walk before we got in line, which was nice. :D This photo is where we were standing in line at the end of it. The Imax theatre is on the right and Hard Rock Cafe to the left of the photo.

Event started at 6pm, so we got in line at about 10 minutes before (there was like 4 ppl there). But we had to wait awhile, since the Nintendo Rep needed some extra time to set up. But it was a lot of fun, got some free swag and some cute photos printed from the DSi. We took most of the photos on Jimmy's Camera, so I will see about showing a few later.

Onto Knitting! :D
Finished the Toe Up Monkey, No purl socks~ :D They are not that 'snug' and I do not know if that is due to the pattern, or due to the issue that maybe I should have gone down to a US 1 vs US 2 needle.... but irregardless, I like how they came out. :)

These are the TV/Movie knitting socks I am doing, for myself. Same colorway as the socks I made for my Aunt Jennie. <3><;
- - 
School starts tomorrow... and today was the first day I was able to sleep in (till 9am)... such a bummer. Oh well.

I guess that is it for now... ttyl

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Anonymous said...

Ooh, lucky you! I'm a big Nintendo fan...I guess I should start registering more of my games!

And great job on the no-purl monkeys. I LOVE that colorway! Self striping yarn is the best!