Thursday, March 5, 2009

I wanna *whine*

I soooo want to learn how to spin yarn, idealy a spinning wheel... but yeah... college student... kinda don't have the funds to afford that type of crack~ But one could dream.

Photos are from an Etsy seller JunoFibreArts

I bought some sock yarn from her this week and am patiently (kinda sorta not really lol) waiting for it to come. Not like I have enough sock yarn already... but that's besides the point.

I want to learn how to use a drop spindle.... but like... I would need a whole new set of supplies for the most part, one being a drop spindle... I kinda like the drop/bottom ones... I think... the one you move across your leg to spin.
- - -
Enough whining about what I want~ for now. ;p
- - -
I submitted my norwegian purling video to the Daily Chum, on the idea of Jimmy suggesting it to me. xD I never thought of it. I am getting even more emails/comments etc about the video. :D I am happy about that. I am getting a lot of the same questions... so I may have to do some more videos explaining stuff. Also there are some videos that I have watched, to learn... and oh boy... I just want to re-do them. ;P
- - -
I will do a real post/update tomorrow... since I have tomorrow off... I am just really tired right now.  I am going to finish the ribbing on my toe up sock... and go to sleep... and that will be sock 1 completed and onto second sock! ;D I love tofutsies! :D

Now if I could only have Duo, with her laser vision... not just guard my yarn... from Socks.... but to  possibly knit... that would be amazing. Then I could spin yarn... and Duo can knit it... with her ... laser vision.


Naomi said...

Heather - great video. Where are you in CA? I'm in SoCal - if you are nearby, I can teach you to spin on a wheel, and maybe a drop spindle. Email me if interested. Thanks, Naomi

Heather said...


I am in Ventura County.

Also, I can't check your email or what not... because when I press your profile for blogger, it is set as private.