Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Geez. I need to post something!

I am on Spring Break, and I have 'tons of free time' to blog etc. I just haven't brought myself to do it. It's kind of like having stuff pile up at work (like paperwork) and you just don't want to start... but then it starts to build up... and it is a bigger pile of work then you had before, so you have 'more of a reason' not to want to start it?!?! Yeah... I started using this genius way of thinking towards the end of last week, in terms of blogging.

I have soooo much going on (and with knitting) and to put it onto one blog entry omg... yeah that would be kinda long. So lets do this in chunks~ (Haha I just realized I have this same mentality in regards to my homework... pshh this so makes sense now ;p)
- - -

So I guess... to start... 
Lets go to when Spring Break started... Thursday!~ 

I went to school reluctantly, wishing that I had played sick with a bad headache (which I did have all wednesday, but it went away thursday morning.. just my luck right~ ;p) and not gone. Well, I go to my first class (Geology and then the Lab)... CANCELLED! Right on the door! xD Both classes were cancelled! ^^* I even posted on facebook "Jesus loves me this I know, for he cancelled my last two classes before Spring Break" (get it... a play off of the 'for the bible told me so' song you would sing as a kid in church).

So I just chilled and knitted in the library for the rest of that morning till Jimmy got off of work and we went off campus for lunch. Went to Tony's Pizza which is DELICIOUS~ that I even called for pick up for lunch today with Alex and I.


Then there is this new soda and candy shop right next door to this pizza place... It is awesome~ Jimmy and I were all giddy about the place. So we bought this 'fancy' (in my mind) japan soda thing~ It was worth the $$$ for the experience of the soda, would I buy a pack of it to drink regularly.... no... but it was a treat. (Mine is the strawberry one of course~, the gum was his, I bought liquorice of course)

Then I went home and Jimmy went to finish his last day of classes.

I think later that day I went with my Dad for a few errands... and I finally decided I HAVE TO mail out Jon's scarf!!!! I had it done for about 2 weeks... and he lives in Seattle... and there is a mailing office by my house... so I HAD to get it done.


So I took some snapshots of it before I mailed of course. It was a bit longer then he had thought, but he is 6.4'!!! Plus he told me he wanted it to go to his hips..... long... so I made it long... hehehe... yeah... he said he didnt mind it, but he noted how it stuck out longer then his jacket (when he tucked it in from the top).... and if I knew that he was going to wear it that way.... pshh I would have made it appropriate for that! ;p Ah well... I have plans to make him a second scarf later on... so I can get it right then. xP He did wear it and he said it was warmer then his other scarf (cashmere, where as mine was acrylic, I know not wool, but these scarfs are meant to be easy to wear/clean with the washing machine, so I like it). So that was good news.

- - -
Friday I went to Vons with my brother (we're best buddies now, lol we entertain each other when we're home... its great. It took us how many years to get along finally?! ;p) to get some 'supplies' for me to make FRIED RICE~~~

I made the white rice (which I thought I was super skilled, hahaha boil water and put rice in lol, but I was proud) on Thursday night. So I need to put the stuff together Friday... this is the end result:


It is Ok... not like the stuff I buy at the take out... but like... first batch... it wasnt un-eattable... I never cooked with this type of stuff... like soy sauce~I was so tempted to buy teriyaki sauce, because that sounds yummier to me. But I didn't.... so this is going to be a learn by experience with it. I did use half of a container of fried rice for an omelet on Saturday. 

I am just trying to figure out what to use white rice for as a staple ingredient for when I have non-stop classes on Tuesday, so I can eat something during the day~! Also its fun to make something~
- - -

I guess that is enough for now... I will have A TON of knitting stuff to post, including some lovely yarn pron for you to stare at~ xD I got my Junofiber Arts yarn... and OMG it is BEAUTIFUL! I am so excited! Plus I finished my pink socks (the pair) and I have some pretty good progress with the toe up monkey no purl socks (both are at the heel and I need to turn them tonight). Then I have another simple stockinette socks for tv/movie knitting. :D
- - -

Alright, I need to get started in studying for the DMV written test for my drivers permit for the THIRD time!!! So frustrating... but it is all my fault with each and every time I've had to re-take it. 

1st time... never cared to practice driving, literally never used it! (then my mom got in a car accident so I  wasn't eagger to get on the road myself), so that permit expired. 

A few years goes buy... I get fed up in being a back seat passenger in events with Jimmy and his friends... and I am sick of being 'nervous' (which is putting it lightly) in other peoples driving. So I took my permit test, passed of course yet again.... IT EXPIRED last FRIDAY!!!! ><; 

So instead of me calling the DMV to set up a Drivers test appointment (which was a goal for me to complete during spring break this week), I am instead having to schedule a written test again~ *sigh* ... and then I can schedule the driving test after I pass.... just Oi... seriously. 

At least it's not like I am needing to take these tests multiple times because I failed them~ I have passed all of them, every time. It is all due to... um... me not caring enough to drive... to get this driving test done sooner! xD Oh procrastination you have done me in again! ;D lol Enough rambling... I need to study the questions for the tests. Adios~

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