Friday, March 6, 2009

I cant post fast enough

I seriously cannot post fast enough, to keep up with all the yarnie excitement. Oh knitting... you are wonderful~ especially with all the networking that it has. Knitting is a serious community. I never understood it when my boyfriend would talk about the 'DDR community' all the time, I thought it was kinda silly. Now I am all in love with and all over the knitting 'community'. Thank you interwebs... I love you.
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Anyways~ Apparently my video is the MOST AMAZING thing on EARTH! TOTALLY! It is seriously up there, next to sliced bread... lol jk. But what is good is that my Norwegian Purl video is helping a lot of knitters out there... and enjoying the purling aspect of knitting. <3>

My video was posted on The Daily Chum, for the Lime & Violet Podcast... 
Love the podcast, love the chum, huge fan of it all. So when I submitted my video to Adminnie about the idea of them sharing it... I was replied back (from Adminnie ;D) of 'You. are. a. goddess' in excitement of this method... now if I could get the goddess title verses a docterate that would be so much better... and cheaper. ;p

Which as allowed a lot of hits on my video~ I checked how many I had before it was posted on the Chum... my view hits increased by over 1 thousand! InSaNe!! xD I am also getting questions repeated about how I do this or how I do that... so I may have to make a few more videos (I know I've said that before... but school has been so busy, so it may be awhile). But Iam thrilled by the responce I have been getting! :D I feel so lucky~

What is interesting too, is that my video is being cross posted by other knitting websites.... such as this one: I have never heard of this site before... but it seems amazing~ ;D It seems to be an all around hand crafting site (and I've gotten a lot of youtube hits from that site too! it can show you where your video is getting linked too and how often it's used) which is great because I am all in love with teh knitting and teh crocheting... but my mom bought me a small sewing machine... which I have been dieing to use... and no ideas what to do... so this might be a great source for inspirations for that too! ;D (along with teh kniting and crocheting.)
So yes! Thank you everyone who viewed my video, I am thrilled that everyone has liked it (thus far~ ;p) and am so happy that people are learning from it! :D Sharing is caring~ ;D <3333
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