Monday, March 9, 2009

Think one thing... then another

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I had a wonderful weekend... I throughly enjoyed it.

Got to see Watchmen... good movie, I liked it, in Imax.

Jimmy came over, I got my lovely sock yarn (and intend to buy more come paycheck! xD) in the mail.

Was able to visit Aunt Jennie on Sunday. 

Bought a make up kit thingy~ which I am enjoying.

- - -
Getting ready for bed last night... realizing I have a paper/draft to write... and Nothing~

So I decide I can do it before the class... at 3:30pm... no problem, I can think then.

Won't be too hard... I have an easy week this week...

Then Monday rolls along... and the pile of stuff I have to get done for school just keeps getting bigger and bigger.

I thought one thing and it was flipped upside down... I am so tired... already. I need spring break to come asap.
(Photo taken on campus)

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