Monday, March 30, 2009


Iphonesushi, originally uploaded by hsailormoon.

This photo was taken by Jimmy when we went to Sumo:Japanese Restaurant this past Saturday for dinner. He ordered the sushi, I tried it... as seen in the photo.

He picked smoked Salmon... and Yellow Tail... I think I was trying the yellow tail.... which was tolerable... I tried half of the smoked salmon... omfg... it tasted like the smell of a well used aquarium(I worked in one for a semester two years ago... yeah the smell is distinct.... especially the seaweed).

If ever in doubt order... just get the dumplings... I did and omg they were good! ;D
- - -
Finishing the toe up monkeys today... I am finishing the second cuff ribbing... and then will do the sew off binding and will be done! ^^*

One more day left of Spring Break... bummer... but then that means there is only 7 weeks left of the semester... I guess that is tolerable... then I will have a lovely long summer break! :D

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