Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Socks and smoothie

interupt, originally uploaded by hsailormoon.

So I finished my Geology lab quiz~ and that is all we had to do for the class.

I felt pretty proud of myself in figuring out this calculation thing we had to do for plotting the movement of a planet on this circular chart. I thought it was dividing but then I figured out it was multiplication... and after I turned in my quiz, I checked my notes and I was right! xD

So I think I did really well! So I decided I wanted a smoothie (called very berry)... and I could enjoy it for my now 30 minute break before my next class.

So I decided to take some photos of the progress I have made on the sock. I want to take some photos of it on, it doesn't look as freakishly long then. But then Jimmy came and visited me in the coffee shop and 'interrupted' my photo 'shoot'.

But now I actually have to wrap this up and head to class... and be bored. Ah well. :D

(side note: yes Jimmy is double jointed.... it creeps me out at times when he claps with one hand ><: uck lol but I still love him.)


Knitterella Purl said...

That picture is so yummy! Good job on your Geology work. It feels good to get things right, I know! 8P

Sayllama said...

Nice job on the toe-up sock! I have yet to try one myself, but it seems like a good way to try socks on as you go along. Next one I make will be toe up!