Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Pretty WoW figure!!! xD

Sooooo... I bought this a week or so ago... kinda forgot about it... because I had bought yarn last week (which totally takes over the brain).

Socks was excited about my package too... she actually was chewing the edges.

My WoW Figuring came in the mail!!! xDDD <3>
So~ I bought it. Alex had bought the Dranie Mage and that was soooo pretty omg... that I had kinda wanted the Priestess.... and bought it! xD

My figure is so much smaller then the dranie... but like in the game... that is the case... I was just hoping for it to be taller etc. But it is sooo pretty!

SEEEEE So pretty. The detail is sooo impressive Omg. I also loveee the shoes lol I would totally want a pair lol, I wouldn't care if I was another 4-5 inches taller~ xD

The bottom 'fabric' is so pretty in how it 'moves'. I also adore the wings! xD

Then there is a weapon/ax on the figure I didn't know about! xD Kinda creepy face... but still cool all around.

Then topic change... from WoW pretty-ness.... to Boy Cat! Yes, we call him Boy Cat.... because... he is not our cat, but kinda the male that roams around the neighborhood. Since we have 3 female kitties... he liked our house... then he would eat the cat food we would leave out for the cats during the day (until the chickens found out they could eat it too... now we dont leave food out... stupid chickens).

ANYWAYS. Boy Cat.... we have been letting him in the house at night, because it has been so cold and to give him a few hours rest of napping in the living room... plus he likes to meow/cry for attention, so we brush etc. Also, he gets banged up a lot for being a boy kitty... and they fight.

Well apparently Boy Cat... got really hurt during the night (because he was fine yesterday night) and is hopping around minus a functioning paw. :(((((( He is not walking at all on his front left paw (the one that is bent). Now granted we have seen this boy have blood on the ear, scratches, puss (yea ewww) and a whole lot of limping... but never where he would not walk on it. :(

So we kept him in the garage today... door closed... with food and litter box (god I hope he uses it ><:) so he can rest and see about getting better. :(((( We are hoping it not anything serious, beside a strained/pulled paw... because... kitties are expensiveeeee to fix legs at the vet. :( So we will see. I hope he better when I get home.

Other then that... LOOK AT THE PRETTY BOY CAT! xD He is so cute, he has rolled onto his back before and looked adorable.... he is such a boy~ ;D
- - -

Time to go back to my sock knitting and listening to the new Lime and Violet Podcast! xD

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Sayllama said...

I love that WoW figure, so cool!

Boy Cat is pretty cute too :)