Monday, March 2, 2009

My weekend.

In three days.

Friday (there are no classes on Fridays):

I had to get the oil changed and the 4 belts replaced in my volvo (240 DL 1989).

My brother tagged along... and we prepared for at least an 1 hour and a 1/2 wait (turned out to be close to 2 and a 1/2 hours, there were 4 belts, when they thought there were 3 belts). So we bunkered down at Starbucks, by the BreakMasters.

Alex played Crono Trigger, on his Ds, and I brought my toe up sock knitting! :D
I made some progress.

Finished the day by a few more errands... went home... and chilled for the rest of the day. Very nice Friday.
- - -


I went to a BBQ event at Port Huneme Navy Base with my parents. My Mom's work was hosting the BBQ for the Coast Guard in passing some field test they had to do with a new ship that they are making.

Food was yummy.

The tour of the new ship was the real event~ (this is a small ship, especially on some of the ones I've been on).

saturday 5
I couldn't get the entire ship in one photo... so this is just the middle of it. 

This is the front of the ship... we were not allowed to take photos inside. I am facing the bridge, which is located at the black windows above me.
This is the close up of the 'gun' on the front of the ship. It can move a full 180 degrees and shoot I believe 2 shots in 5 seconds. They were testing it out that morning and had a few kinks to work out in it. The bottom square is the 'lens/camera' , the long black is the cannon, and then the gray circle is the radar for it. All automatic. Pretty impressive. It looks like something I would see out of 007 on the N64 (video game)

Then this guy was just an extra treat. Since were in the harbor on base... we got to see the dredging take place in the harbor. This guy was massive! It would go into the water and pull out excess sand collected at the bottom, then move it to the resovoir to the left of it. Then the left over sand and such would be dumped on the beach (where it came from lol), all to keep the harbor deep enough for the naval ships. It was fun to watch. I have video of it.

Then after the BBQ event, I went to see Slumdog Millionaire with Jimmy and his grandparents. Oh my goodnes... that movie... it is a great movie... but the harsh reality of it was aweful. I belive it deserved the 8 ocsars it won.
- - -


Went out with my brother... and I drove his new car... OMG it is soooo nice to drive. It is a wonderful mix between my mother's mini van and my volvo 'tank'/stationwagon. I adore driving his car around town.

We picked up Jimmy, and Matt (he wanted to come to), and went to church. I almost did not want to go, I wanted to keep driving.... I even took a 'scenic route' to the church lol.

(video of the sermon)

Went back to Jimmy's. I made lunch (grilled cheese and soup). Then Jimmy and I watched P.S. I Love You which is such a sadddd but heartfelt movie~ I liked it! I am so happy Jimmy has netflicks. :D

Later that afternoon, my parents brought me my car (they wanted to see how the belts were, when driving) and we went to do some errands (milk, etc). So I came home when it was dark, and was greeted with a lovely surprise!! :D

YARN CAME IN THE MAIL!!!!! :D (You know I have to tie some more knitting into this post! ;D)

It is from Yarnatopia Treasures from Etsy

The colorway is Artic Rose, it is a fingering weight (oh no another sock yarn! oh darn! ;p). Rayon Tencel blend in 600 yards!!! xDDDD Seriously major yardage there! :D

It is soooo pretty. I love it.
I am also excited because I have another etsy yarn purchase coming my way soon. :D My reasoning for more yarn... is that I just finished projects, so I 'deserve' it. lol

School has been/is stressful. Yarn/Knitting helps. <3

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