Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Testing flickr email from pre

I am just trying to test this out to see how it posts to my blogger.

These are my finished Angee socks, from Sock Innovation! I love how they came out! :D


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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

reBlog from Minnie: Sand and Silk Designs

I found this fascinating quote today:

Without divulging any personal details, Miss Violet, aka Elli, of the famous Lime and Violet podcast, Happy Housewife Sundries, Oak River Township, and many more lovely yarny things really needs to escape her current living situation, and needs legal help to evacuate from her toxic marriage. As a way to thank her for being a wonderfully creative, inspiring, and fantastically interesting person, several of us have decided to donate some or all of our profits to her cause. This list will probably grow as the days progress, and I will try to keep it current with how long everyone is in for!Minnie, Sand and Silk Designs, Sep 2009

You should read the whole article.

Monday, September 21, 2009

A Sock and an Update

CIMG0091, originally uploaded by hsailormoon.

I have been soooo busy.

First the summer was packed full with conventions, trips, and working on campus at the Alumni office.

So as soon as Blizzcon ended (which was sooooo much fun!) the next day school started!

School has been kicking my butt this semester, thus far, but in a good way. I am kept super busy~ I am always getting ready for the next day of classes, so when Friday rolls around I appreciate the day off. (Usually with sleeping in, knitting, and listening to some audiobooks or podcasts!)
- - -
This past weekend was also really busy but super fun! :D

Friday, I stayed home and slept, omg I needed that day off. Saturday was up early and off to CSUCI for the trip to Dodger Stadium, with my parents and Jimmy! It was Dodgers vs The Giants, Dodgers won 12 to 1. It was a fantastic game, for one reason being in the All-you-can eat-section, which meant that I enjoyed eating 2 Dodger Dogs, and not having to pay 10 bucks for them and tons of other snacks! :D Jimmy bought his much-wanted Dodgers LA hat at the park. ^^* (he has been wanting to get one forever~ and he finally had the funds~).

Sunday was Mikomicon at CSUN! :D That was a lot of fun too, especially for it being a small con. My brother knew the guy who started this con, 4 years ago (since Alex went to CSUN) and knew where it was and that the Anime CSUN club put this together. So Alex dropped off me and Jimmy at CSUN, and hung out with his friends in Northridge (so no parking fee for us~).

The Dealers Hall/Artist Ally, was so much more manageable since it was smaller (in comparison to AX's Dealers hall) and I was tempted to buy a few things~ but decided not too. I need to have a check for $50 bucks today for my Health book lol priorities.

Went and saw Traci Hines concert, ran into tons of people, I knew, Jimmy knew, and in turn they all knew each other. So that was really interesting and fun.

Jimmy interviewed and talked with Kyle Herbert, a popular voice actor for video games and anime, and we watched him do a 'Mystery Science Theater 3000' type spoof on the DragonBall Evolution (a bad live action movie on Dragon Ball Z the anime). So that was hilarious~

After that, one last visit to the Dealers Hall and Console room, and we headed out. Hung out with my brothers friends 'Late Bday Celebration for him'... ate some pork sandwiches and cake... and called it a day and headed home. :D

Jimmy is going to do an article for Traci Hines concert and band announcement 'Sirens Call' and put up the audio of his interview with Kyle Herbert, on So I will be excited to see those go up.

I am so tired from this weekend, I slept in till 10am.

But I have to get up~ because I have a reflection paper for my Edu 520/521 class and email it to my supervisor today. 2 pages, double spaced, no problem.
- - -

My Knitting~

I finished Cookie A's Summer Soxs last month for a Knit Along

I am also working on a pair of socks from Cookie A's Sock Innovation book, knitting up Angee. (rav link)
Which you see as my first photo, I am on the cuff of the second sock. (I brought the sock with me to knit at Dodgers Stadium, along with my 3 by 1 rib sock pattern from Laura Chau's book (Cosmicpluto)) (rav link)

Then lastly, or recently cast on, I am knitting up a Button Tab Hat
(rav link)
in a skein I bought of Vanna's Choice yarn, a longgg time ago in a fushia colorway.


I cannot wait to finish it! I am to start the decreases soon on the hat... and maybe... just maybe, I will have knit a hat and will wear it! :D I have yet to knit a hat for myself, and do not feel like I am much of a 'hat person'... but we will see~ If not, I used up a skein of stash yarn and can give it to someone else~ :D It is really pretty.

Time to get started on this paper~ I have a night class at 6pm tonight, so I do not have all afternoon to finish this. :D

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