Sunday, April 20, 2008

I rarely have a place where I can just blog just to write stuff down... without being concerned of whom reads it.

I have several 'friends' that I do not wish for them to read certain things... that could get me into trouble.

My swap partner got her stuff and she loves it... I am so excited about it.

I want to finish this sock asap... so I could start another one... and another pattern... but then I have this book that I am with in livejournal that I want to finish reading~.

Never enough time... but I just get tired too.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Library = Whoa

So our school's new library is finally open... IT IS AMAZING! Seriously.

I think one of my favorite cute things are the half spheres on the round tables, that are outlets~ xD I am using it right now... very clever.

The library is fantastic~ Very impressive.

So what is going on with me kinda sorta...

So my knitting partner wanted legwarmers... and I thought 'oh that's easy~~ I can do that'... pshhh not really. If I do not have her legs here and try them on from time to time (especially if she wanted them tight on the top and losser on the bottom... ) I can't make it confindently enough to give to her... so I knit her a 'shawl' that she had made recently and loved (but was a swap gift for her other thing) but 'did not have the patience to make another one' but she liked it. So I threw it together and made it for her. I do however have one mistake in it... I need to look at it later in better lighting to figure out what I did wrong. But regardless it is done.

I am also knitting up a dishcloth or two for her package that are pretty... but the cotton yarn is PERFECT in holding water and staying cool, so when it gets hot in texas, she can get them wet and put then on her forehead/neck to keep cool. Or whatever she wants to do with them... that is what I am doing with mine ( the ones that had mistake here and there).

I am going to start doing my english flashcards.. I bought the blank ones with me today to do them.

Hehe, I was going to go to this coffee shop in Camarillo today, and do stuff since I have so much free time... now I am staying here on campus. <3 this library