Tuesday, March 31, 2009

DSi Citywalk and Knitting Update

Went to Universal City Walk with Jimmy to the Gamestop to a DSi test event. Since Jimmy bought a lot of Nintendo games and registered them, so he reached a high membership status thing, so he got an invite to this event. So I was able to join him as his 'one guest'. :D

But we were able to walk around City Walk before we got in line, which was nice. :D This photo is where we were standing in line at the end of it. The Imax theatre is on the right and Hard Rock Cafe to the left of the photo.

Event started at 6pm, so we got in line at about 10 minutes before (there was like 4 ppl there). But we had to wait awhile, since the Nintendo Rep needed some extra time to set up. But it was a lot of fun, got some free swag and some cute photos printed from the DSi. We took most of the photos on Jimmy's Camera, so I will see about showing a few later.

Onto Knitting! :D
Finished the Toe Up Monkey, No purl socks~ :D They are not that 'snug' and I do not know if that is due to the pattern, or due to the issue that maybe I should have gone down to a US 1 vs US 2 needle.... but irregardless, I like how they came out. :)

These are the TV/Movie knitting socks I am doing, for myself. Same colorway as the socks I made for my Aunt Jennie. <3><;
- - 
School starts tomorrow... and today was the first day I was able to sleep in (till 9am)... such a bummer. Oh well.

I guess that is it for now... ttyl

Monday, March 30, 2009


Iphonesushi, originally uploaded by hsailormoon.

This photo was taken by Jimmy when we went to Sumo:Japanese Restaurant this past Saturday for dinner. He ordered the sushi, I tried it... as seen in the photo.

He picked smoked Salmon... and Yellow Tail... I think I was trying the yellow tail.... which was tolerable... I tried half of the smoked salmon... omfg... it tasted like the smell of a well used aquarium(I worked in one for a semester two years ago... yeah the smell is distinct.... especially the seaweed).

If ever in doubt order... just get the dumplings... I did and omg they were good! ;D
- - -
Finishing the toe up monkeys today... I am finishing the second cuff ribbing... and then will do the sew off binding and will be done! ^^*

One more day left of Spring Break... bummer... but then that means there is only 7 weeks left of the semester... I guess that is tolerable... then I will have a lovely long summer break! :D

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Oh Knit Picks

They are having a 40% off sock books! So that means 40% off this lovely!!! xD So I HAD to buy it~ Oh my gosh... knitting... it's a great hobby but also a pretty penny. xD

So I am excited that I am getting it, I was kinda like 'eh' on getting this book... but for that much of a price drop! Oh I had to! It was too good to pass up! :D I am excited!

I also bought 2 extra circular needles (for magic loop) for my sock knitting, I've been wanting to get some more. Then a set of locking stitch markers! :D

So yes... Thank you Knit Picks... and your amazing book sales!
Why do you do this to me?!

Lookie Here

My~ what could this possibly be?! 
<span class=

Why it is amazingly beautiful bfl sock yarn!!!!! xD I love it!
<span class=

Photos with flash. So pretty!!!
<span class=

Information of the yarn.
<span class=

Now the real challenge comes into play....

What will be the perfect pattern for it?! lol

- - -
Passed mt written test~ again. I also set up my driving test for next Friday in the morning. Iam excited and nervous at the same time, lol.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Geez. I need to post something!

I am on Spring Break, and I have 'tons of free time' to blog etc. I just haven't brought myself to do it. It's kind of like having stuff pile up at work (like paperwork) and you just don't want to start... but then it starts to build up... and it is a bigger pile of work then you had before, so you have 'more of a reason' not to want to start it?!?! Yeah... I started using this genius way of thinking towards the end of last week, in terms of blogging.

I have soooo much going on (and with knitting) and to put it onto one blog entry omg... yeah that would be kinda long. So lets do this in chunks~ (Haha I just realized I have this same mentality in regards to my homework... pshh this so makes sense now ;p)
- - -

So I guess... to start... 
Lets go to when Spring Break started... Thursday!~ 

I went to school reluctantly, wishing that I had played sick with a bad headache (which I did have all wednesday, but it went away thursday morning.. just my luck right~ ;p) and not gone. Well, I go to my first class (Geology and then the Lab)... CANCELLED! Right on the door! xD Both classes were cancelled! ^^* I even posted on facebook "Jesus loves me this I know, for he cancelled my last two classes before Spring Break" (get it... a play off of the 'for the bible told me so' song you would sing as a kid in church).

So I just chilled and knitted in the library for the rest of that morning till Jimmy got off of work and we went off campus for lunch. Went to Tony's Pizza which is DELICIOUS~ that I even called for pick up for lunch today with Alex and I.


Then there is this new soda and candy shop right next door to this pizza place... It is awesome~ Jimmy and I were all giddy about the place. So we bought this 'fancy' (in my mind) japan soda thing~ It was worth the $$$ for the experience of the soda, would I buy a pack of it to drink regularly.... no... but it was a treat. (Mine is the strawberry one of course~, the gum was his, I bought liquorice of course)

Then I went home and Jimmy went to finish his last day of classes.

I think later that day I went with my Dad for a few errands... and I finally decided I HAVE TO mail out Jon's scarf!!!! I had it done for about 2 weeks... and he lives in Seattle... and there is a mailing office by my house... so I HAD to get it done.


So I took some snapshots of it before I mailed of course. It was a bit longer then he had thought, but he is 6.4'!!! Plus he told me he wanted it to go to his hips..... long... so I made it long... hehehe... yeah... he said he didnt mind it, but he noted how it stuck out longer then his jacket (when he tucked it in from the top).... and if I knew that he was going to wear it that way.... pshh I would have made it appropriate for that! ;p Ah well... I have plans to make him a second scarf later on... so I can get it right then. xP He did wear it and he said it was warmer then his other scarf (cashmere, where as mine was acrylic, I know not wool, but these scarfs are meant to be easy to wear/clean with the washing machine, so I like it). So that was good news.

- - -
Friday I went to Vons with my brother (we're best buddies now, lol we entertain each other when we're home... its great. It took us how many years to get along finally?! ;p) to get some 'supplies' for me to make FRIED RICE~~~

I made the white rice (which I thought I was super skilled, hahaha boil water and put rice in lol, but I was proud) on Thursday night. So I need to put the stuff together Friday... this is the end result:


It is Ok... not like the stuff I buy at the take out... but like... first batch... it wasnt un-eattable... I never cooked with this type of stuff... like soy sauce~I was so tempted to buy teriyaki sauce, because that sounds yummier to me. But I didn't.... so this is going to be a learn by experience with it. I did use half of a container of fried rice for an omelet on Saturday. 

I am just trying to figure out what to use white rice for as a staple ingredient for when I have non-stop classes on Tuesday, so I can eat something during the day~! Also its fun to make something~
- - -

I guess that is enough for now... I will have A TON of knitting stuff to post, including some lovely yarn pron for you to stare at~ xD I got my Junofiber Arts yarn... and OMG it is BEAUTIFUL! I am so excited! Plus I finished my pink socks (the pair) and I have some pretty good progress with the toe up monkey no purl socks (both are at the heel and I need to turn them tonight). Then I have another simple stockinette socks for tv/movie knitting. :D
- - -

Alright, I need to get started in studying for the DMV written test for my drivers permit for the THIRD time!!! So frustrating... but it is all my fault with each and every time I've had to re-take it. 

1st time... never cared to practice driving, literally never used it! (then my mom got in a car accident so I  wasn't eagger to get on the road myself), so that permit expired. 

A few years goes buy... I get fed up in being a back seat passenger in events with Jimmy and his friends... and I am sick of being 'nervous' (which is putting it lightly) in other peoples driving. So I took my permit test, passed of course yet again.... IT EXPIRED last FRIDAY!!!! ><; 

So instead of me calling the DMV to set up a Drivers test appointment (which was a goal for me to complete during spring break this week), I am instead having to schedule a written test again~ *sigh* ... and then I can schedule the driving test after I pass.... just Oi... seriously. 

At least it's not like I am needing to take these tests multiple times because I failed them~ I have passed all of them, every time. It is all due to... um... me not caring enough to drive... to get this driving test done sooner! xD Oh procrastination you have done me in again! ;D lol Enough rambling... I need to study the questions for the tests. Adios~

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Nom Nom Nom Twix and sock yarn~

So I finally have some photos to share~~~ nothing new... but stash knitting is always a nice surprise! ;D I have yet to figure out what patterns I want to use for my pretty pretty sock yarns... so I decided to go deep in my stash and use some of the 'cheaper' yarns for a new simple pattern. (when I cheap, I mean knit picks... and micheals sock yarn)
- - -

I started this sock last night~


I decided to take some photos of my sock knitting with the twix~ both so pretty~ ;D Half of it will go to Jimmy, he had to head to class 20 minutes ago. 


I decided to knit the No-Purl Monkeys sock pattern... but I wanted to do toe up~ so I kept the chart pattern the same... so instead of a normal cuff down monkey's lace pattern going in a / \ way... my lace pattern is going in the opposite way \ / . I like it~ ;D
- - -
Needle Size: US 2 (2.25 mm)
Yarn: Knit Picks Felici (old colorway, I forget the name, it's at home)
(The colors of the yarn is more true in the first photo, the second photo shows the stitches better in the pattern)
- - -

One more day... and then I have spring break! Thank goodness! I am ready for two weeks to just sleep in and relax... honestly~

Time to pick up the needles and keep knitting.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Incoming Mail

I don't have much to post at the moment. Now that does not mean I do not have knitting photos to take and put up of projects I have finished and started....

I just do not have those photos... nor the energy to post about them. I am super tired.

I will post this lovely eye-candy of sock yarn~ that is on its way from the lovely UK to my house in Sunny California.

It is Buffy Sock yarn- Superwash BFL in the colorway called Alchemy.

I saw this posted last week and just HAD~ to have it.... I am sooooo excited~ I need to finish my toe up sock asap (I turned the heel on it yesterday)... so I can get started with these yummy yarns I have been getting! xD

It is so difficult to find the 'just right' pattern for these gorgeous yarns! xD
- - -
Time to close my eyes for a bit longer... before class... I woke up at 4:30 this morning... so I only had about 5 hours or so of sleep... why am I such a dork and didn't go back to bed. ah well. bye for now.

Thursday, March 12, 2009



I seriously need to do this~ (link)

Today I am just in a funk.... and frustrated... and pouty... I don't like it.

Iam even done with classes for the week too! I should be happy... but I am not.

I think I have a piece of chocolate in my purse.... yes I do. Hopefully that helps. *pout*

Monday, March 9, 2009

Think one thing... then another

IMG_9214, originally uploaded by hsailormoon.

I had a wonderful weekend... I throughly enjoyed it.

Got to see Watchmen... good movie, I liked it, in Imax.

Jimmy came over, I got my lovely sock yarn (and intend to buy more come paycheck! xD) in the mail.

Was able to visit Aunt Jennie on Sunday. 

Bought a make up kit thingy~ which I am enjoying.

- - -
Getting ready for bed last night... realizing I have a paper/draft to write... and Nothing~

So I decide I can do it before the class... at 3:30pm... no problem, I can think then.

Won't be too hard... I have an easy week this week...

Then Monday rolls along... and the pile of stuff I have to get done for school just keeps getting bigger and bigger.

I thought one thing and it was flipped upside down... I am so tired... already. I need spring break to come asap.
(Photo taken on campus)

Friday, March 6, 2009

Sock yarn came!!!

Now... the daily OMGOMGOMGOMG 

Guess what came in the mail! xD SOCK YARN!!!!! 

It's from JunoFibreArts on Etsy (I linked her roving yesterday). Oh I have photos! So please... do not drool... because I already did...
Incomming photos:

So Jimmy and I were chilling today... watching tv on the dvr.... we watched the finales of America's Best Dance Crew on MTV... it was good~

Then my dad came home... WITH THE MAIL!
This came in the mail~ in a lovely pink package... with all this fancy 'customs' stuff on it~ Hmm... 
The sock yarn is sooooo pretty! I adore the purples, teals, blues, and greens... omg I love it!

Here are the back of the tags that came with it. I am totally keeping the tags... especially since they are both so well done! Beautiful.
Even Jimmy wanted to touch the yarn.
Jimmy was amazed in how soft this yarn was and instantly said 'Ooh! This feels nice.' and squished it... and then tried to un-wind it from the hank and I had to scold him not to do that really fast! I had yet to take photos! xD lol I <3>

But then... I don't have Jimmy around just for looks... even though he looks cute~ ;D I put him to work!
Couples that wind yarn together, stay together~ ;D

Then I tried to have Duo help me in the sock yarns cake 'photo shoot'... she wasn't as thrilled as I was. Ah well. Models these days. pshh~.

So here is the beautiful sock yarn cake! I adore it! I honestly cannot wait to start knitting with these! I am so excited! xD

But then before I forget! I finished my first toe up sock~
So I tried to have Duo help me 'model' this for me too... and she didn't have the time to. She was too busy, of course.


So here they are~ ;D Very cute... very comfy... Please excuse my sweats... I am already dressed for bed. But honestly! They FIT PERFECTLY! I am such a huge fan of toe up socks now! I already finished the toe increases of the second sock... xD It is like learing to knit socks all over again!
I really like the idea of not working a heel flap in this pattern... even with the gusset increases to form a 'heel flap' the fit is wonderful in the heel... I was able to work heel flaps and pick up stitches with no problem... but I prefer not to... and this is a fantastic alternative. :D
- - 
Ok time to go fondle some more yarn... and get some knittng done! :D Great day today, got to see Jimmy, received my sock yarn, got coffee at Coffee Bean, ate dinner with the parents and Jimmy... and more knitting~ ;D Life is good... oh wait... there is this thing called homework... darn, I knew there was a catch. ;p gnight. (Jimmy and I are off to see Watchman tomorrow... after I get my hair cut, thank goodness!)

I cant post fast enough

I seriously cannot post fast enough, to keep up with all the yarnie excitement. Oh knitting... you are wonderful~ especially with all the networking that it has. Knitting is a serious community. I never understood it when my boyfriend would talk about the 'DDR community' all the time, I thought it was kinda silly. Now I am all in love with and all over the knitting 'community'. Thank you interwebs... I love you.
- - -
Anyways~ Apparently my video is the MOST AMAZING thing on EARTH! TOTALLY! It is seriously up there, next to sliced bread... lol jk. But what is good is that my Norwegian Purl video is helping a lot of knitters out there... and enjoying the purling aspect of knitting. <3>

My video was posted on The Daily Chum, for the Lime & Violet Podcast... 
Love the podcast, love the chum, huge fan of it all. So when I submitted my video to Adminnie about the idea of them sharing it... I was replied back (from Adminnie ;D) of 'You. are. a. goddess' in excitement of this method... now if I could get the goddess title verses a docterate that would be so much better... and cheaper. ;p

Which as allowed a lot of hits on my video~ I checked how many I had before it was posted on the Chum... my view hits increased by over 1 thousand! InSaNe!! xD I am also getting questions repeated about how I do this or how I do that... so I may have to make a few more videos (I know I've said that before... but school has been so busy, so it may be awhile). But Iam thrilled by the responce I have been getting! :D I feel so lucky~

What is interesting too, is that my video is being cross posted by other knitting websites.... such as this one:
Whipup.net... I have never heard of this site before... but it seems amazing~ ;D It seems to be an all around hand crafting site (and I've gotten a lot of youtube hits from that site too! it can show you where your video is getting linked too and how often it's used) which is great because I am all in love with teh knitting and teh crocheting... but my mom bought me a small sewing machine... which I have been dieing to use... and no ideas what to do... so this might be a great source for inspirations for that too! ;D (along with teh kniting and crocheting.)
So yes! Thank you everyone who viewed my video, I am thrilled that everyone has liked it (thus far~ ;p) and am so happy that people are learning from it! :D Sharing is caring~ ;D <3333
- - -

Thursday, March 5, 2009

I wanna *whine*

I soooo want to learn how to spin yarn, idealy a spinning wheel... but yeah... college student... kinda don't have the funds to afford that type of crack~ But one could dream.

Photos are from an Etsy seller JunoFibreArts

I bought some sock yarn from her this week and am patiently (kinda sorta not really lol) waiting for it to come. Not like I have enough sock yarn already... but that's besides the point.

I want to learn how to use a drop spindle.... but like... I would need a whole new set of supplies for the most part, one being a drop spindle... I kinda like the drop/bottom ones... I think... the one you move across your leg to spin.
- - -
Enough whining about what I want~ for now. ;p
- - -
I submitted my norwegian purling video to the Daily Chum, on the idea of Jimmy suggesting it to me. xD I never thought of it. I am getting even more emails/comments etc about the video. :D I am happy about that. I am getting a lot of the same questions... so I may have to do some more videos explaining stuff. Also there are some videos that I have watched, to learn... and oh boy... I just want to re-do them. ;P
- - -
I will do a real post/update tomorrow... since I have tomorrow off... I am just really tired right now.  I am going to finish the ribbing on my toe up sock... and go to sleep... and that will be sock 1 completed and onto second sock! ;D I love tofutsies! :D

Now if I could only have Duo, with her laser vision... not just guard my yarn... from Socks.... but to  possibly knit... that would be amazing. Then I could spin yarn... and Duo can knit it... with her ... laser vision.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Pretty WoW figure!!! xD

Sooooo... I bought this a week or so ago... kinda forgot about it... because I had bought yarn last week (which totally takes over the brain).

Socks was excited about my package too... she actually was chewing the edges.

My WoW Figuring came in the mail!!! xDDD <3>
So~ I bought it. Alex had bought the Dranie Mage and that was soooo pretty omg... that I had kinda wanted the Priestess.... and bought it! xD

My figure is so much smaller then the dranie... but like in the game... that is the case... I was just hoping for it to be taller etc. But it is sooo pretty!

SEEEEE So pretty. The detail is sooo impressive Omg. I also loveee the shoes lol I would totally want a pair lol, I wouldn't care if I was another 4-5 inches taller~ xD

The bottom 'fabric' is so pretty in how it 'moves'. I also adore the wings! xD

Then there is a weapon/ax on the figure I didn't know about! xD Kinda creepy face... but still cool all around.

Then topic change... from WoW pretty-ness.... to Boy Cat! Yes, we call him Boy Cat.... because... he is not our cat, but kinda the male that roams around the neighborhood. Since we have 3 female kitties... he liked our house... then he would eat the cat food we would leave out for the cats during the day (until the chickens found out they could eat it too... now we dont leave food out... stupid chickens).

ANYWAYS. Boy Cat.... we have been letting him in the house at night, because it has been so cold and to give him a few hours rest of napping in the living room... plus he likes to meow/cry for attention, so we brush etc. Also, he gets banged up a lot for being a boy kitty... and they fight.

Well apparently Boy Cat... got really hurt during the night (because he was fine yesterday night) and is hopping around minus a functioning paw. :(((((( He is not walking at all on his front left paw (the one that is bent). Now granted we have seen this boy have blood on the ear, scratches, puss (yea ewww) and a whole lot of limping... but never where he would not walk on it. :(

So we kept him in the garage today... door closed... with food and litter box (god I hope he uses it ><:) so he can rest and see about getting better. :(((( We are hoping it not anything serious, beside a strained/pulled paw... because... kitties are expensiveeeee to fix legs at the vet. :( So we will see. I hope he better when I get home.

Other then that... LOOK AT THE PRETTY BOY CAT! xD He is so cute, he has rolled onto his back before and looked adorable.... he is such a boy~ ;D
- - -

Time to go back to my sock knitting and listening to the new Lime and Violet Podcast! xD

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Socks and smoothie

interupt, originally uploaded by hsailormoon.

So I finished my Geology lab quiz~ and that is all we had to do for the class.

I felt pretty proud of myself in figuring out this calculation thing we had to do for plotting the movement of a planet on this circular chart. I thought it was dividing but then I figured out it was multiplication... and after I turned in my quiz, I checked my notes and I was right! xD

So I think I did really well! So I decided I wanted a smoothie (called very berry)... and I could enjoy it for my now 30 minute break before my next class.

So I decided to take some photos of the progress I have made on the sock. I want to take some photos of it on, it doesn't look as freakishly long then. But then Jimmy came and visited me in the coffee shop and 'interrupted' my photo 'shoot'.

But now I actually have to wrap this up and head to class... and be bored. Ah well. :D

(side note: yes Jimmy is double jointed.... it creeps me out at times when he claps with one hand ><: uck lol but I still love him.)

Knitting on the brain

IMG_9380, originally uploaded by hsailormoon.

I was walking after class to the library... then I noticed the clouds...

and I swear!!! I TOTALLY see...

A lace-y pattern in those clouds... almost like a cheveron-y look to it.

Like side-way 'V's but with detailed work in the edges of the 'V's.
> > > > >

Please~~~~~ someone see it too... to prove I am not going crazy... much. xD
- - -
I didn't note that I am now finishing the leg portion of my toe-up sock... so that means that I had completed the heel.... yesterday~ and oooo to I like the fit and look of the heel flap/gusset in the toe- up pattern. :D

Monday, March 2, 2009

My weekend.

In three days.

Friday (there are no classes on Fridays):

I had to get the oil changed and the 4 belts replaced in my volvo (240 DL 1989).

My brother tagged along... and we prepared for at least an 1 hour and a 1/2 wait (turned out to be close to 2 and a 1/2 hours, there were 4 belts, when they thought there were 3 belts). So we bunkered down at Starbucks, by the BreakMasters.

Alex played Crono Trigger, on his Ds, and I brought my toe up sock knitting! :D
I made some progress.

Finished the day by a few more errands... went home... and chilled for the rest of the day. Very nice Friday.
- - -


I went to a BBQ event at Port Huneme Navy Base with my parents. My Mom's work was hosting the BBQ for the Coast Guard in passing some field test they had to do with a new ship that they are making.

Food was yummy.

The tour of the new ship was the real event~ (this is a small ship, especially on some of the ones I've been on).

saturday 5
I couldn't get the entire ship in one photo... so this is just the middle of it. 

This is the front of the ship... we were not allowed to take photos inside. I am facing the bridge, which is located at the black windows above me.
This is the close up of the 'gun' on the front of the ship. It can move a full 180 degrees and shoot I believe 2 shots in 5 seconds. They were testing it out that morning and had a few kinks to work out in it. The bottom square is the 'lens/camera' , the long black is the cannon, and then the gray circle is the radar for it. All automatic. Pretty impressive. It looks like something I would see out of 007 on the N64 (video game)

Then this guy was just an extra treat. Since were in the harbor on base... we got to see the dredging take place in the harbor. This guy was massive! It would go into the water and pull out excess sand collected at the bottom, then move it to the resovoir to the left of it. Then the left over sand and such would be dumped on the beach (where it came from lol), all to keep the harbor deep enough for the naval ships. It was fun to watch. I have video of it.

Then after the BBQ event, I went to see Slumdog Millionaire with Jimmy and his grandparents. Oh my goodnes... that movie... it is a great movie... but the harsh reality of it was aweful. I belive it deserved the 8 ocsars it won.
- - -


Went out with my brother... and I drove his new car... OMG it is soooo nice to drive. It is a wonderful mix between my mother's mini van and my volvo 'tank'/stationwagon. I adore driving his car around town.

We picked up Jimmy, and Matt (he wanted to come to), and went to church. I almost did not want to go, I wanted to keep driving.... I even took a 'scenic route' to the church lol.

(video of the sermon)

Went back to Jimmy's. I made lunch (grilled cheese and soup). Then Jimmy and I watched P.S. I Love You which is such a sadddd but heartfelt movie~ I liked it! I am so happy Jimmy has netflicks. :D

Later that afternoon, my parents brought me my car (they wanted to see how the belts were, when driving) and we went to do some errands (milk, etc). So I came home when it was dark, and was greeted with a lovely surprise!! :D

YARN CAME IN THE MAIL!!!!! :D (You know I have to tie some more knitting into this post! ;D)

It is from Yarnatopia Treasures from Etsy

The colorway is Artic Rose, it is a fingering weight (oh no another sock yarn! oh darn! ;p). Rayon Tencel blend in 600 yards!!! xDDDD Seriously major yardage there! :D

It is soooo pretty. I love it.
I am also excited because I have another etsy yarn purchase coming my way soon. :D My reasoning for more yarn... is that I just finished projects, so I 'deserve' it. lol

School has been/is stressful. Yarn/Knitting helps. <3