Tuesday, April 14, 2009


batpack, originally uploaded by hsailormoon.

The photo was a battery pack that I Dad found underneath a fancy clock he bought at the thrift store. At first glace I thought, Oh, double A's taped together... but nope my Dad 'corrected' me in saying it was a different older battery pack.

But in the end... it was an 'older' battery pack... of curroded double A batteries! O.o;
- - -

How do curroded batteries relate to me?!

Yeah... that's my brain. Still holding it together... but ooooh there is fuzz at both ends. I honestly need 8 hours of sleep a night... and I got 6 hours last night, woke up early (4am) to get work done... and it is only 10 in the morning and I am beat. U.U;
- - -
At least I finished all my homework for today. i just need to remember to really study for Geology for these quizzes and everything.

I have such a busy week it is not even funny. Plus I have a lovely (expensive!!! $900) dentist visit... and apparently insurance does not cover the 'major work' of a crown... >.>;
Honestly. so Insurance is for the 'cheap'/'small' medical/dental coverage... Why does my mommy pay for it... Hell~ she is a federal employee! This insurance is for tha' feds! wtf! ;) In reality, my mom picked the medical insurance plan that is great for her medical/doctor visits but weak on the dental.
Oh I had a point. Dentist visit to get a crown (will probably take an hour ugh) placed on one of my back teeth on Thursday... after classes.

Then on Friday I have to go to the Museum of Tolerance (super fun! Exciting! Love the place) in LA... from 2-5pm... but then at 7pm I have to be back to campus (during rush hour o.o; I am so bringing my knitting) for a Gamma Beta Phi awards ceremony for them to give me a pen for my hours I volenteered for last semester.

u.u; Sleep will eventually fall in between these areas... hopefully. I do have one last Amp energy drink in the fridge... I will probably need that later this week.

Oh! I need to get back to paying some type of attention to my lecture. heh

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