Friday, May 1, 2009

Knitting and Reading

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Now if only I could get away doing this in my classes, especially during lectures!

Then I wouldn't be so inclined to want to skip and just knit all day! ;D

Multi-tasking... it's great stuff. Back to work!
- - -

I am reading "Teach Like Your Hair's On Fire" for my Edu 320 class... we have to select our favorite quotes per chapter... and then write responces to them... and at the end reflect and write a summary.

Due Wednesday... but I have my HUGE History paper Final draft DUE Wednesday also... and that is going to kick my butt this week.

Along with a stupid Lecture Quiz for Geology on Tuesday....

One more week of classes... that's 4 days... and then Finals week... and I only have 1 actual Final Test out of all my classes... thank goodness.
- - -

Then come summer, I can knit and read the book's I've been wanting to read~~~~ like my World of Warcraft books~ Oh I love being a nerd~ ;D

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