Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Pre-Final Procrastination

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I have my Science Final today... at 8am.

It is 5:35am and I woke up at 2:30am.

I have to leave the house in about an hour... to get to school.
- - -

Then after my Science Final, I have to complete my Historian's Craft paper 16-25 pages.... I have three sections I have not written... and then the transitions. I am so glad we have been working on this paper all semester long.
- - -

Went to Solvang, CA this last Sunday, for Mother's Day. I was able to bring Jimmy with me! :D I bought cute things... (including a cat plushie~ which is adorable! ;D) and a book. Nothing that screams 'solvang/toursity'.

I do however am already planning on going back to Solvang with my Dad. The Garden shop that he wanted to go to was closed on Sundays... and the most amazing yarn and spinning store was closed by the time I got there (I missed it by like 15 minutes, it closed at 5pm). So sad. The Spinning store had like 6 amazing spinning wheels in the windows, I saw boxes of colored roving, shelves of yarn, etc! :( So sad.

I MUST GO BACK! ;D lol So that will be another day trip. :) I am excited, it was such a nice visit.
- - -

I should get back to studying/reviewing... I am half way through the material. *crosses fingers* Here is hoping I do well. :)

(even though, I have an A and if I were to literally skip the final I would have a B... I still want to do well... enough. :) bye)

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