Friday, September 26, 2008

Argh... frustration

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Lol... not really. I look angry in that picture don't I. xD

It was really bright and the sun was in my eyes... I was having dinner with my parents at Panda Express *yum* and got bored while they were talking.

- - -
I think I will be getting that yarn package today... it is less then an hour away and it 'left' the office this morning. So hopefully. I cannot wait to see it.
- - -
I finally have the Knit picks return packaged and ready to get sent out. I am going to the post office later when we take Socks to the vet for her appointment. I think she is due with her last set (3 total) of shots.
- - -
I also may have a few things to send out in regards to last swap people~ ;D <3 Then I need to finish packing up this swaps gifts and send them out also. I have enough stuff for 2 months so I just need to organize it all. :)
- - -
Frustration... is my homework. I am procrastinating right now in blogging (before it was playing WoW) in doing my health homework. Boo. However, this stuff is stupidly easy... and I don't know why I just do not finish it. It is always the hardest part for me to just get it started.
- - -
Braces off in less then a week (6 days).... and Blizzcon is in less then 3 weeks. Hurray! :D
I guess I should start writing, the sooner I get this done with I can then start playing wow and knitting~ xD

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