Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Question of the Week #2

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Question of the Week #2

What ‘cold weather’ project are you looking forward to making the most the autumn?

- - -
I think the 'cold weather' project would be to one, finish my mother's shawl. I haven't really shown her what I am doing with it, but also I have had this on the needles for quite some time. I think I started towards the end of last semester. I think I am almost done... I am just not sure yet. Since it is a 'lace' pattern kinda sorta not really, it takes me some time.

But I do want to finish making one of these ( a shawl) for myself!~ Because wrapping myself with a blanket up to my shoulders is kind of troublesome. ;) I am not sure as to what type of shawl I would want... but that can be decided later. :D

- - -

Right now I am eager to get to lunch today! :D Jimmy and I are going to Tortillas again~. I do not have my Psy 345 class today (he had to go do something today) so Jimmy and I have time to get lunch together! :D He is working today though, so we have to keep it to an hour lunch, but that will be fine, it is right by his office. ^^* I am excited, I WANT THOSE CHIPPIES and the burritos~ xDDDD It is soooo good, heck even the leftovers were delicious~ ;D

My hand is getting less swollen... oh I need to take some more aspirin now, it's been four hours. Awww how cute a highschool college tour around campus. I wish I went on those trips when I was in high school. Yet it was never a question as to which school I would go to, CSUCI was the only one I applied to transfer too. I didn't want to go anywhere else. Leaving home wasn't that important to me and I liked that this was A LOT closer to home then CSUN. ;D

I SADLY do not have ANY KNITTING with me today. I left it all at home. The less use I use of my hand the better, in hopes of the swelling going down. However, I have a manga (.hackxxx) to read, along with 'Died in the Wool' (from my swap gifts! xD), the winter Knit Simple Winter 07/08 magazine too (it was on clearance at Joanns, and I snagged it, because I didn't start buying them till recently.)

ok time for lunch! XD

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