Monday, September 22, 2008

Test completed

and I feel 'eh' with it... not in a I don't care sense... but in a 'I could have done better' aspect. Which is what is frustrating. I was thinking over and over again in my head of 'I should have studied more' while walking to class. Very frustrating, but I only have myself to blame. tisk tisk. Ah well... probably B-C range I think... unless I did better then I feel.
- - -
So there is this 'book swap' thing on campus. Since I finished The Historian, I thought I would turn it into this thing. So I will bring that book with me tomorrow... and drop it off... and I already picked up the one I want. :D


So... we will see how it goes. It is not like I neeeeedddd another book to read... but I like having a new one. This one is in great condition... and it was between this or the Blind Assassin.... and I checked reviews and this one faired better. :)

Oooo and Chuck is online so I get to watch the last for episodes of last season.... and the new season premiere too~

But... before I start engulfing myself with all these fun things (including my knitting... I am past the heel and am working on the gusset decreases). I need to organize my classwork due tomorrow and what not. bye :)

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