Monday, September 15, 2008

Just one of those days.

SSPX1489, originally uploaded by hsailormoon.

Mondays... normally I do not care what day of the week it would be... but today... I am using the 'Omg It's Monday' excuse.

I AM SOOOO TIRED! I just got out of my last class for the day... and I am exhausted. I snagged a lemonade (minute maid) and chugged that... eh. But then I saw all these chicks with diet cokes~~~~~ there is caffeine in these things, that they even developed ones with out the caffeine. So I bought one of those... and it is sitting with me right now... and we are enjoying each other's company. You know Diet coke has a lot of insight on life and what not, like what he said earlier.... yeah... I am rambling stupid stuff right now.

I WASSSSS going to post some cute photos from yesterday and today... but nooooooo these computers on campus do not have a card reader which leaves me without uploading photos. Weak~~~ But when I get home I will upload the cute ones on my flicker and I blog from there now.

I can't think much else to write about... but oh! yes... the photo, it's Socks. With tonssss of dust/cobwebs all over her face. She had jumped on my desk and was cute so I was trying to get her attention with my fingers (which is why you see them, oops) and I caught her in mid lick! xD Crazy cute.

Ok. Mister Diet coke and I are going to sip away a few minutes and I am going to bust out my knitting soon and listen to some music. :)

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