Tuesday, September 16, 2008

My turn

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... to waste time and fry my brain with the internets. ;p

Jimmy and I worked on homework together this morning.. from 9-10:30am. Then he had to go to class... my brain is dead... Also I am cold, so I snagged Jimmy's jacket right now for the day. I am really wearing a cute red top underneath the jacket. Oh those are the sun glasses I bought at Disneyland! :D I <3 them. (also they have nothing in relation to mickey mouse logo or anything, just pretty)

Then what is worse is that my right hand is swollen~~~ like super swollen where it is stiff and hurts to move my first two fingers. Like I have thin and bone-y hands (as you can see on my left hand) and to have my right hand look at chubby... is totally out of the norm. Even Jimmy noticed how 'weird' it looked. Lame I know.... It kinda itches.. but then it gets super warm. So I bought a cold pack from home to keep on my hand when I am not using it. (hint hint long lectures) But my hand is so stiff too... it's frustrating. We think it is 'cat scratch fever' in the sense that Socks, is less then a year old (which usually has this bacteria in their saliva) and she bitesssss and scratches all over my arms and hands... especially my hands. But we play with her so it is partially my fault too. Hopefully it goes away. I slept with a cold pack on my hand last night (top of the hand, is where it is stiff and swollen) and I took some aspirin and have my cold pack for today too. So yeah. Then I thought, awww I don't want to knit with my hand like this. Sooooo sad.

But I can readddddd about knitting~ ;D Until the swelling goes down... I can still knit, but I just don't like looking at my 'chubby' hand, oi.

Alright it is almost 11am... I have class at noon, I need to finish up this reading and take some notes and head to class. :)

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